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going on guys it is your boy Yogge
welcome back to brand-new call duty modern warfare video so guys today I’ll
be showing you guys how to activate missions and get rewards from a mission
called duty mana warfare and this is mainly towards the new people playing
the game or you know if you just picked it up or if you watch this video on
Black Friday or Christmas or something like that is just to help you guys out
there but it is pretty simple all it takes is a little common sense and you
can figure out how to activate and how to get weapons and stuff like that and
rewards so it’s really not that hard but uh the main main point of this video is
to talk about the new season coming to mana warfare and December how are these
weapons gonna change how are we gonna get them how is the battle past gonna
affect the call of duty and we’re just gonna be talking about stuff like that
but first of all just in case you guys don’t know I’m going to show you guys
how to activate missions and get rewards from them so guys here we are and the
multiplayer Lobby now for some reason my characters not know but it’s whatever
and honest and obviously for those who don’t know about this you know you guys
can skip this part but basically what you do if you want to earn weapons and
complete missions as you go to barracks right here missions and challenges and
then from there is pretty you know common sense is obvious you just click
on this you you see the missions right here and this is what you do to complete
them you press X to activate it and it tells you the objectives for example
boot camp which I recommend everybody do because it’s the easiest you have
objective one objective to you know give five probably match kills calling a kill
streak really simple stuff and then you get calling cards and emblems and spray
paints and stuff like that from this but again the main thing that you want is
actually shown on the missions list right here we got the pistol showing so
if we go to the last objective it shows the urban Defiler for the handgun and
yeah these are all blueprints of weapons that you can unlock we got epic ones in
here or legendary ones I don’t know what what name is which color in this game
but yeah we got epics and legend days in here which is what I like to see some
rares I never got the daily challenges these
are very simple to do as well and like for example this one I forget a sticker
eternal deaths head so yeah so a pretty pretty simple stuff
but the reason why I wanted to bring this up in your videos obviously to help
people find this and to bring up the conversation that I want you guys to
talk about any comments down below will the new season begin microtransactions
and do you guys think those microtransactions will mess up call of
duty modern warfare now that’s a discussion I want you guys to have but
first let me give you guys a little bit of information on the battle paths and
the new season arriving in December so on Charlie Intel has stated the company
announced during their quarterly earnings call that the death of December
start of the new system of content stream for the game is later than
planned which hints that the battle path system is still in development for mana
warfare and then they quoted and we will support other key features with the
stream of content services events and features this includes our endgame
system for mana warfare which begins in December slightly later than originally
planned before the game launched the company nor that called any modern
warfare is ditching supply jobs in a battle past system but you give players
more ways to earn stuff obviously but here’s what I really want to get into
called Duty points in the ingame currency will be used to buy the premium
battle pass and call of duty modern warfare and obviously cod points do show
up on the top right of the screen so they’re obviously gonna be there for
something now I’m guessing they’re gonna do a lot more with the store in the game
and I just want to know like is this battle passed by how much cop points is
gonna be is it gonna be an insane amount is it gonna encourage other
microtransactions into the game that people will not like and the battle pass
what kind of stuff is gonna be in there you know if there is skins will they be
outrageous and clown suits and stuff like that or you know just stuff like
this that I really that I really hope this it happened for example like I said
the clown stuff and you know the obviously supply drops it really bad
microtransactions but yeah just a topic I wanted to bring up and and just a
topic to look back on when all this stuff does get released to see how we
thought what we thought about it and how it ended up I hope this new system that
is gonna come into the game is really really really fair to us the consumers
into the player all there’s no bullshit in it and I hope they put in the battle
past some really cool items that doesn’t make the game too silly into cartoony
and appealing to little kids well guys tell me what you think about
this in the comments down below what you guys think about the season
that’s coming the battle pass s come in do you guys think there’s gonna be
really bad microtransactions this is gonna be the only thing we buy cod
points with or are they gonna add really silly stuff into the game let me know
how you guys feel on the comments down below
usually when it comes to this stuff and it makes me call duty and Activision
it’s not a good thing but it is said they were there to supply drops and they
haven’t put them back in they might put them back in what the season comes out
nobody knows but I’m keeping my head up this game got really really good
potential I hope they don’t mess it up


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