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COD Ghosts Maverick A2 Sniper Rifle Analysis Review

kaboom Video Games Recon Hello and welcome to Video Games Recon in
this video we will be reviewing the Maverick-A2 sniper rifle, keep in mind that this video
was probably filmed before any weapon patches and as such the Maverick-A2 sniper rifle may
of changed slightly by the time you watch this video, anywho without any further adieu
let’s do it to it. The Maverick-A2 sniper rifle comes with an
integrated tracker sight attachment which is a very interesting proposition indeed as
it is much bigger than the other tracker sights and is far more useful in general on a sniper
rifle and really helps you pick out targets at range, and as a bonus the integrated tracker
attachment is also included both as standard and within the variable zoom sight, so you
won’t lose that ability even if you’re looking for greater magnification, that being said
I’m not a great fan of this sight even though it can be useful, personally I much prefer
to use a thermal sight or even an ACOG scope as I find the tracker sight to have a real
slow ADS time and is a bit clunky and cumbersome to use, also this weapon is one of the weakest
sniper rifles in terms of damage whilst having the joint fastest fire rate of 400 RPM in
common with the VKS, and one of if not the fastest reload times out of all the sniper
rifles. So with that where does the Maverick-A2 sit
in terms of the other sniper rifles currently available, well much like it’s assault rifle
counterpart it places it somewhere in the middle as it is nowhere near the best rifle,
as for me the USR and L115 are the best snipers and the VKS is the best sniper rifle if you
want to run a silencer attachment, but just like the other Maverick, this gun is very
satisfying to use and is bags of fun, however I think the real problem with this gun is
in thinking of it as a sniper rifle, as I find this gun much easier to make sense of
if I think of it as a marksman rifle, with the following abilities, low mobility, low
to medium fire rate, high recoil, but with great damage, accuracy and range, as I find
when you put it in this context, in terms of your loadout and play style it yields greater
results. So that is my review and analysis of the Maverick
sniper rifle, if you would like to see my opinion of a best class or loadout for this
weapon then click the annotation on screen, and as always if you enjoyed this video please
help support us by liking, commenting and subbing for more B.S. of a similar nature,
thank you and goodbye.

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