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Cobray Terminator at the Range: The Worst Shotgun Ever

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on I’m Ian McCollum and I have previously done a video on the Cobray Terminator but I didn’t have a chance to shoot one and so apparently I’m something of a masochist because uh When one of you guys when one of our viewers offered to loan me one to do some shooting with I said, yes I would absolutely do that and I sent him FFL information and then I thought to myself Why on earth would I have done that? Well, anyway, I did recently have a chance to do some shooting with a MAG-7 Techno Arms MAG-7 with its proper ammunition and came to the conclusion that while it’s not a particularly good shotgun or a particularly good idea It’s not horrible. And so that leaves open the position of what really is the worst shotgun out there ever and I suspect The Terminator is probably going to fit that role. So these were made by Cobray in the 80s to be entirely honest I still don’t really understand why. The only thing that this fulfills in the market is like this 14 year olds Lamborghini sort of poster on the wall kind of appeal of “Boy it looks mean and evil.” and I suspect that when you’re shooting it it will feel mean and evil as well Just for the record to point out. It does have a collapsing stock with no good cheek weld. Uh. I am told that with heavy loads in particular the stock will tend to collapse in on its own and bust you in the face with the rear of the receiver, we’re not going to try that out today It has a front sight a very crude front sight. It has no rear sight. And of course, it’s a slam fire gun So I have to depress this lock pull the thing forward and Then when you fire it the barrel slams backwards and fires this is all a recipe for a really awful gun, and I don’t understand why anyone would want one but That won’t stop me from trying one. So one question is When you’re using this Will the shells actually just fall out the back and There is actually a little there’s a little lever in there does appear to prevent the shells from falling out the back if you’re saying it upwards that’s Helpful, I guess And it does have a safety notch in it like a submachine gun So you can prevent it make sure it’s not going to drop and slam your finger Alright, I guess I can’t put this off any further. So Well, that’s less than spectacular it did lock That’s awesome There’s only the tiniest of dimples on that primer The breech block is screwed all the way in which is what positions the firing pin. Let’s try another round Put this in the safe position snap it all the way in there Alright let’s try it again Jeez that’s unpleasant Let’s try this one more time There we go Again a bit less than totally impressive. Another little teeny dimple we’ll give this one more try. I think I have another one of the white ones This was the super patriotic red, white, and blue Federal el cheapo shotgun ammo There we go Into the fire position. Gah! That actually hurts. Uh. I’m not used to guns that actually physically hurt that aren’t like really big That’s just really obnoxiously unpleasant Does smell like marshmallows So I think we can safely say I am perfectly happy going out on a limb saying this is in fact the dumbest most worthless stupid idea for a gun ever actually marketed and I think it’s one saving grace is that Occasionally, it doesn’t actually work and that saves you the punishment on your shoulder. So if you want one of these because they look like This. Then be my guest go for it. If you’re looking for a shotgun that actually has any practical utility whatsoever This is not your gun. Thanks for watching guys. We’ll be back tomorrow With well, I can guarantee you with a much better gun. Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Cobray Terminator at the Range: The Worst Shotgun Ever

  1. P. A. Luty made a bunch of functioning submachine guns out of parts bought from the hardware store, while Cobray, an actual gun company, made this piece of shit that looks like it was made by an Afghan village blacksmith who has never put his hands on a gun in his life, but he watched a lot of action movies so he's pretty sure he can craft one himself.

  2. Not just Worst Shotgun but the Worst Gun Ever is quite a title to take home to mom and pop. Even as just a wall decoration it would have to be very inexpensive to justify the cost.

  3. OhMyGawdYouHaveGotToBeF***ingKiddingMe. If there was ONE gun that actually NEEDED to be cut up and used as construction fill…

  4. I think for me it would be just the novelty of the gun why I'd own one. Imagine thinking your gonna shoot someone attacking you and it fails

  5. It's like the opposite of recoil mitigation. Like the whole barrel assembly has to drop back in order to lock and fire the shell, so you're getting not only the force from the shot, but also a little extra force from the mechanism right before the shot. Who thought this was a good idea?

  6. This looks and functions almost exactly like the "improvised shotgun" from the Survival game SCUM. The gun (in the game) can be crafted from a pipe, scrap metal and duct tape and although I am usually very averse to citing video games for firearms facts, it would appear they may have taken some inspiration from this terrible gun lol

  7. Who in the Hood invented that convoluted POS ………………… Wait wait wait, I can see it now in design Beta Phase #1 ( Yo Yo yo yooooooooooooooooooooo Home's ya'll I gots the right idea YO! Weeeeez put a big ole backwards spring on a pipe and make it look all gangsta like with a pistola grips and even some fine bling blue finish with single shot capacity and a sheet metal thin ass stock that cuts you like you owe it a dime bag from last Friday

  8. What the hell… potentially an extremely dangerous artefact, I can see someone ending up looking down the barrel in desperation only to blow their head off.

  9. The Cobray Terminator: How to get the most recoil out of a 12ga, while being the most uncomfortable, unreliable, useless, although ominous looking, firearm (using the term "firearm" loosely here).

  10. Maybe it's a hollywood gun. Which means you gotta strike a cool pose and do some nonsense running and gunning for it to actually reliably work.

  11. This is the literal opposite of the Owen SMG: it looks cool, it's got a cool-ass name, it sucks. The Owen: it looks like a child made it, it looks awful, shoots really well.

  12. Nah this is just the future of gun control, in stead of making it really hard to get a gun, you get this and bam, gun violence will stop when these are the only guns around, though, the amount of bearings will proba ly go up

  13. The shroud is insult to injury.

    They spent money on a gun designed to not have money spent on it, based on the implicit assumption that you'd fire it so much you'd need protection from the barrel heat.

    As the kids say, "BRUH".

  14. When I clicked on this video I thought that it couldn't be worse than a zip shotgun. I now appreciate the genius of the zip design.

  15. You can build the same gun from a piece of 3/4" pipe and 1/2" pipe fitted with an endcap and a bolt for a firing pin.

  16. Well guys, I just decided right now I was gonna test this on a good old fashioned game of Russian Roulette. Idk, I still have varied opinions of

  17. I'm no gun expert but I feel like even if it fired every time it's still worse than an old school single shot break action in every way

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