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CMMG RipBrace: Quick, Light, Comfortable AR 15 Pistol Brace

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome to the Social Regressive! Over the course of a few
videos were going to take a close look at the CMMG Banshee pistol. This is not
a rifle, not an SBR, you don’t have to fill out special paperwork for this. This
has a pistol brace on the back: this is not a stock, and this does have a five
inch barrel up here. There are all kinds of models within the Banshee lineup on
CMMG. I recommend you go check it out. They have a whole bunch of different
chamberings: everything from 5.7×28, 45 acp, this one is 9 millimeter. This is
what they call their level 300. This is their kind of top tier so it has all
kinds of extra goodies on it. It has ambidextrous controls, it has a really
nice charging latch, two-stage trigger and then back here on the back – this is
the RipBrace. and that’s the focus of today’s video. The Rip Brace is totally
unique on the market and it’s a really cool little thing. I think this is going
to be a whole lot of fun to use in our challenges, and those challenges are
going to include some kind of multi- target plinking scenarios where we’re
gonna try out iron sights and red dot sights. The Bushnell TRS-25, Ultradyne
sights on here, and we’re just gonna have a whole lot of fun. So make sure you
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Alright, so let’s get down and take a close look at the brace back here. CMMG has released a RipStock and a RipBrace. Both of them are designed to be
extremely lightweight and to do a pretty neat little trick right here. This is
called the RipBrace because of this. All I have to do is just pull. I don’t have
to press any buttons or do anything like that, and this will extend back to the
full position that I need. And then to collapse it all you have to do is just
press the button like you normally would on an M4 stock or whatever and then it
will collapse. And if you also want to deploy it a little bit more quietly or
hit one of these other kind of intermediary spots you can press the
button right here. Let’s take a close look at the parts and
features on the RipBrace. As you can see, this is very compact. They actually come
in two different sizes, both the Rip Brace and the Rip Stock. This is the
micro-slash-CQB version if you want that extra inch of length of pull, take a look
at the Standard version. One of the really cool things about the both the
CQB and the Standard is that you actually do get the buffer tube. you get
the buffer, and you get this spring. It’s all one complete package and it’s all
going to work together really well. This has a heavier shorter buffer in here
because you are dealing with that shorter tube. And it’s also going to be
very different from the SB Tactical – and we’re gonna take a look at that here in
a second. Overall this is very lightweight; it’s all a very lightweight
polymer, it’s comfy right across the top. This has a nice smooth comb all the way
across the top, fits the cheek very well, and since it is mostly polymer with just
a few small metal parts running through here and then some rubber at the back,
this weighs quite a bit less than the outgoing Gear Head Works Tailhook 2, or
Mod 2 that they used to have on the Banshee. This is just very light weight
overall, and we’re gonna take a look at that that Tailhook to kind of make some
other comparisons as well. Now for some of the RipBrace’s party tricks. You saw
when I pulled the stock that it extended itself without having to press any
buttons and that is because the holes that they have drilled right here at the
bottom of the buffer tube are actually angled they’re not completely straight
let me get a little bit more light in here so you can see better those are
actually cut at an angle so the little detent
that lives back in here that’s spring-loaded much like how you can
close a door without having to turn the doorknob it’ll just kind of bounce over
those until you get back to your furthest back position of course since
they are angled that way much like a door you can’t kind of slam it forward
the other way this is going to handle you’re
just fine and nothing is going to move. if you want to collapse it press the
button and there you go and now here’s the other real party trick you see that
little hole right there that is drilled and tapped and you can put this little
bolt in there to set your individual point of length of pull so if you want
to be able to instantly get to the exact right length of pull for you, all you
have to do is set this little bolt in there and then the stock will not pass
that point. so if especially if you have this standard which is going to be a
little bit longer if you want to be able to hit that exact point when you very
quickly deploy this weapon just pull it back and it’s going to hit that spot.
this is a brace not a stock so you can see the aperture where your arm
goes all you do is undo this velcro right here loosen this up a little bit
and then stick your arm in that aperture and tighten it down and this velcro has
quite a bit of spring to it it has some elastic or something in it so it will
attach pretty firmly to the arm. I’m going to go ahead and do this and there
it is in position this feels quite tight the gun is not going to move around much
under recoil it’s going to stay very well attached to the arm most of us
however will use this like rifle furniture. we intend to shoulder it. and the rubber
back here is going to feel pretty good and even more important than that is the
shape this shape right here how it cuts in this works much better fitting into
the pocket between the bicep and the pec it’s just gonna fit really neatly in
here and it’s just gonna be a much more comfortable stock shape than the
outgoing Tailhook. and I’ll show you what that looks like the Tailhook Mod 2 –
as you can see has more of an oval shape to it so it’s a bit less comfortable
when using like a rifle stock but then when it comes to being a pistol
brace this one’s pretty cool because if you do only have the use of one hand
it’s pretty easy to press the button swing this arm down and then
your arm just kind of fits down in here and the weight of the gun itself kind of
pulls it up to fit and this is one that I’ve tested out doing some one-handed
firing just to see how it would work out in the field and I really liked it
quite like the feel of this and it is quite accurate if you’re doing you know
kind of point firing you can’t actually see down the sights without
bending your arm really strangely but if you’re kind of firing from the hip it
works really well if you’re wondering why the RipBrace costs more than the SB
tactical A3 even though it seems like the hardware really should be the same,
just remember that this comes with a whole bunch more goodies. first off this
is going to include the buffer tube which has those extra tricks it has the
buffer the spring and then it also does come with a castle nut and the
ambidextrous attachment right here so you get the upgraded features and you
actually get all the other parts that you need in order to make this a full
brace that you can attach to your ar-15 make sure you subscribe to the social
regressive so you don’t miss any of the upcoming videos we’re going to be
putting this through a whole series of challenges we’re gonna be doing at
longer range we’re going to be firing at close range mixed distance and I
think this is going to be up to the challenge on all of it. and kind of
pairing up with this we have those Ultradyne sights at the front and rear we’re
going to do a full video on these and we’re going to be testing these on the
Scout AR as well so you don’t want to miss out on that yes these
sights are pretty expensive but these are very unique and I think they’re
gonna do a really cool job out in all the scenarios that were going to be
testing out they should be great at long range and short range as well now
another product we’ll be taking a look at is this the Mantis X you guys may
have seen this already it’s just a little thumb drive size product little
plastic thing that you can attach to a pistol a rifle and it’s going to tell
you what sort of silliness you got up to before you pull the trigger, as you were
pulling the trigger, and then afterward it’s going to show if you know maybe you
had some questions about whether your pistol is inaccurate and there’s
something wrong with it or if you’re the one that’s doing some
bad things before that pistol is fired there
is gonna take the the question out and it’s gonna put an answer in there as
well and it’s gonna be kind of infuriating I’ve been doing some dry
firing here in the house and I can see where I certainly have some bad
habits that need to be fixed up it didn’t start out too bad but I’m
definitely improving the more that I use this so we’ll be able to take some of
that data and I’ll be able to show you guys how poorly I pull the trigger when
we go out and fire this and hopefully it’ll improve as we go along thanks a
bunch to patrons of the destructive arts for making videos like this possible
also thank you CMMG for sending this over for us to play with we’re
gonna we’re gonna put it through its paces
but yeah thanks patrons of the destructive arts we have Sportsman’s Guide
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  1. Hey dummy you just said that your intend on shouldering it which would be a federal crime to "intend" to shoulder it. Atf will be at your house within the week. I advise deleting video or cutting that part out. But hey we are preceived to be in a free country so do as you please. I love your channel tho! Lol 🙂

  2. Keep an eye on the finish as well, I got mine in black and it's wearing off at an alarming rate.

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