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CMMG Banshee AR Pistol Review! Compact Fun & Function

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome to the Social Regressive. What you see on the bench
right here is one of the most fun guns that I’ve ever had a chance to fire.
This is the CMMG Banshee in 9mm, and then they have three
different levels. This is the level 300, which is their top tier, and in this
video be sure that you stick around, because we’re gonna break down the
differences between all the different levels within the CMMG Banshee line, and
we’re also going to take a look at the the components up close. We’re gonna take a
look at targets that I hit to see how tight this thing groups with different
kinds of ammunition, and we’re gonna take a look at some of the challenges. this is
a very unique little thing. You can see that this looks like an SBR. This
actually is classified as a pistol, so you don’t have to deal with the tax
stamp and wait periods and all that. As long as you can own a pistol in whatever
area where you live, then this is classified as that in the United States,
and you can just go ahead and just buy this right off the shelf and get to work
right away. But it also handles like a little SBR; like a rifle, and it’s really
is just a hoot to play with. Let’s go ahead and start talking about some of the
tests that we put this through. The big one, of course, was initially the kind
of little run-n-gun that we had set up. We had six of us out there including one
youth, and we were running around with this firing at multiple
targets, trying to get multiple rounds on some of the targets. Some of them a
little bit further away, some a little closer, or some smaller, and we just had a
great time with this. Especially it turned out that Wyatt just
loved firing this and apparently afterward he just kept asking when he
could take it out again. What we came away with at the end of this challenge
was that the Banshee is quick to point, quick to get on target, quick to bounce
between targets, very accurate, and then as long as we were running the right
ammunition it was also very reliable. We were running American Eagle 115 grain
Full Metal Jacket for the most part. This stuff ran without a hiccup.
This is inexpensive, readily available, you can order
this in bulk online, and this ran very well in there. We also came up with some
special loads. These are Syntech right here, and these are the new projectiles from
Federal. They started out selling the ammunition itself, which
was completely loaded, but they did start selling these projectiles all by themselves.
I’m a big fan. I was able to slightly tweak one of my regular recipes for
copper jacketed projectiles and once I bumped up the powder level just a little
bit – we did have some hiccups in the multi target kind of run-n-gun
challenge that we had just because I think I had my powder a little bit too
low and it was a little bit of a cool day – so yeah we did have some hiccups
with this, but I’ve bumped it up since then and it is running 100%.
These projectiles are really quite cool. they’re gonna help actually kind of
clean the gun as they go through, and they’re gonna fire just like your
copper-clad projectiles. The other ammunition that ran 100% in this pistol all the
time was Streak ammunition. This is premium
ammunition. it’s rather expensive, but it was a lot of fun. This is a tracer
ammunition that works surprisingly well. It’s not your typical tracer
ammunition. this doesn’t have any kind of phosphorous material that burns on the
way down the range. instead this has a glow-in-the-dark back of the projectile and
as you might know when that powder is burning inside the case it’s creating a
really bright light, so it super charges that glow in the dark material
and we had no trouble at about a hundred eighty yards – maybe a little bit more – it
could have been up toward 200 yards – being able to see that streak of light
heading down to hit the target. this ammunition was also quite accurate so as
long as we held correctly yeah we could get on target on our little two-thirds
IDPA target out at 180 yards. That was another really fun test that
Wyatt loved this as well. We’re gonna show some targets with all
this ammo here in a sec. While we’re talking about accuracy the first thing
that I actually did with this pistol is go out with my father-in-law and my cousin
on my wife’s side and we just started blinking at various objects out just at
the range. we were at 25 yards and we started hitting pistol cases and rifle
cases, and being able to hit a 7.62x54R case at 25 yards:
that’s pretty darn good for a 9mm especially, and we were
able to hit those several times. this definitely has all the accuracy that you
would need to get whatever job you need done. if you need to be able to deal with
varmints or you want to be able to protect yourself. yeah this is an
accurate piece and we were actually just going 1X. this is a TRS-25 from
Bushnell and this is what we used to be able to get on target at that distance.
we did test out some other sighting systems and we’ll talk about that here
in a second. because there are some ones that we can definitely recommend. okay so
we figured out that it’s accurate and that it’s quick between targets. it’s
easy to move around, quick to point. what about its ergonomics? because this is not
quite a rifle not quite a pistol and it does handle just a little bit
differently than everything else, and in a lot of ways that’s going to be very
very good. one of the things that on this level – this is the level 300 – it comes
with a rip brace. this is a pistol brace that’s meant to go around your arm. you
can see the aperture right there. I have a whole video just talking about the RIP
brace itself and I’ll link to that around here in the video, but this can
actually attach to your forearm and then you can hold on to the grip like usual,
and you can fire one-handed if you want and it actually does work in our speed
challenge. we did try running that a few times and it was a lot of fun. I also
tried just some off-hand kind of Hollywood aiming you know holding
down low and firing and it works. it is a very natural gun to point but then for
most of us we’re probably going to be choosing this because it does work like
good rifle furniture and you can get down pretty easily behind this and use it
like you would any other extension like on a even on an SBR. that’s gonna have a kind
of a fuller furniture back here. this will work quite well. you can see that the
shape they’ve kind of cut out right here so it fits really neatly here on the
chest. some of the other pistol braces don’t fit quite as nicely and we’ll take
a look at an option here in a second, but this one does work very well as that
furniture if you want to fire like that, and it’s very comfortable across the top. As
far as total ergonomics, just being able to kinda whip this up and get working, this is quite short. The Rip Brace
that they have two different models. there’s the micro and the
standard the 300 level one comes with a micro, so this is quite short,
but if you put it more on your chest than into your shoulder and kind of
square up to your targets for more like, you know, an isosceles sort of stance, then
this does actually point quite well and it’s it’s very comfortable to get
behind. you do have a short forearm. it’s comfy it has M-Lok here on the sides
and M-Lok here on the bottom. remember that you can’t put a vertical grip on
this or you’ll get in trouble. you can hold it like a lot of folks like to
do with ARs. you can hold right here at the front of the magwell, and you can
hold out here if you like, just remember that this little stop is not just
something that’s pretty to look at this is to remind you that if you go in front
of the gun you’re gonna blow your hand off. but once you get everything
locked in with this MOE grip right here it’s very comfortable and easy to bounce
between targets and even Wyatt, he just loved firing this. let’s
take a close look at the components and specs on the Banshee so you can see what
makes this different from all the other AR pistols out there. you can probably
begin to tell already just by looking at this has some components that are very
specific. CMMG is very picky when it comes to their components that they
put together and actually pretty much everything in here is CMMG. they made
all this stuff themselves. it’s all designed to work together really well,
and just the appearance is a good indication of what’s going on. let’s take
a look at this lower receiver. first you can see that this has a pretty different
shape. it does have the little guard down here that’s just a bit of the
total receiver and the receiver itself it is designed to fit the particular
magazine that we’re working with specifically. and they’ve done this for
every one of their chamberings. and by the way, I should just go ahead and throw
out there their chamberings right now. this little pistol comes in 22LR,
5.7×28 so that’s gonna be that FN round, the the 5-7 that you
might have heard of. that’s a really neat little one that they launched last year
and I got to fire it a little bit. Crazy accurate, even out to some of those
longer ranges. I think we had a maximum of a hundred yards of the range we were
using, but it was a lot of fun. just you know, no kick and very precise. we
have 9mm and we have a choice of two different magazine types. you can
run Glock mags like we have right here. these are 33 rounders. or you can run the
colt mags if you wanted more you know straight up and down if you like that
magazine system better. and I should point out that there are differences in
the action up here. we’re going to take a look at the the peculiar action in here,
which is called radial delayed blowback. this is not using your typical blowback
design that’s just gonna, you know, go straight back, and typically has a little
bit of a heavier buffer heavier spring, that kind of thing to make it happen.
this one is very special. we’ll take a look at that. but if you have the Glock
mags you get the radial delayed blowback. if you have the 5.7×28, radial delayed
blowback and 45 acp, but with the 22 long rifle and the 9 millimeter Colt you have
just a straight blowback. and then with a bunch of the other cartridges we’re about
to mention here you’re going to get some sort of gas system and a longer barrel as well.
and by the way, that’s a five incher in there, so we have 5.56×45 so you have
your typical 223 round that you can get in this. 6,5 Grendel, 300 blackout,
7.62×39, 308 Winchester, and 458 SOCOM. that is a huge range of chamberings that
you can get this little pistol in. now granted, some of these will have that
longer barrel like up to 12 and a half inches I think is the the top end like
for the 308, which is exactly what I want. I don’t want, you know, just fireball. I do
want the projectile to be able to leave the the muzzle as wel,l and have some decent
velocity. yeah the 458 SOCOM. can you imagine the
thump on that? that would be a lot of fun to fire in pistol configuration right
here. this model right here as we mentioned takes Glock mags. we ran three
different mags in here and we did have hiccups with one. we just had an issue
with the the lockup right here for the mag catch. this one
was peened just a little bit, and it would cause some feed issues. but the
other ones ran just perfectly as long as we had you know good ammo that we were
running through it. didn’t matter if it was hollow point, or FM., whatever. it
liked the round nose it would handle it all. so let’s keep looking at the the
lower receiver here. this is the mag catch which you can see is, you know,
something very proprietary. it’s easy to hit it, doesn’t really stick out like
your average AR 15 style paddle. you know you have the big button that
kind of sticks out just a little bit. this one takes a little bit of getting
used to. our guys that went out and played they weren’t used to feeling
this smooth release, and they were kind of feeling around for the
usual button. but once they figured out where it was it was pretty easy to get
into. moving back a little bit we have ambidextrous controls. this is the level
300 Banshees so your safety is going to be ambi and then we have a
great big charging latch up here that’s going to be usable from either side as
well. this will release from both the left and the right, and this is a CMMG
product right here that I’m testing on the Scout AR. love that little thing. And
then the controls as we move forward. this is their mil spec model. I thought
at first this was a Geissele because it felt so good, but no, it turns out this is
a CMMG model in here and we are going to figure out what its pull is. I’ve got
a gauge right here. let’s see what we can figure out. now here. we will
to flip it over to the other side. okay. that’s two and a half kilograms and on
the pound side that’s about a five and a half pound pull. in reality when going
out firing with this it feels like a lot less than that, and it does have some
creep. here I’ll go ahead and show you up close here, because this is a milspec
model. okay so watch my finger. okay a little bit of play and really not a
whole ton of over-travel either. it’s not huge, and in the field
it feels great. if you do want to upgrade your interface at some point there are a
couple I can recommend: the rise armament RA-140 SST has been working out
extremely well in the Scout AR that we have put together. that’s a three and a
half pound pull single stage: tiny tiny over travel. be sure that you keep an
eye on that scout AR, because it’s proving to be a great test platform for
this. it really does feel a lot like a bolt-action rifle. and then we
have this if you want something a little bit heavier to ensure that you don’t
accidentally fire. This is a 4.5 pounds pull LE 145. I’ve been testing
out both of these units and I like them a whole lot. I can definitely
recommend these, even over the the Geisseles and the Timneys.
Both of those are excellent, but they just don’t really have
the crispness and the the tiny over- travel that you get from these. I do
prefer RISE. Most of what we’ve looked at so far is
going to be standard from the 100 series up through the 300 series. you’re going
to get these wonderful receivers and the forend with its M-Lok attachments, and a
little finger stop right here to keep you hopefully from striking your own
hand. but some of the differences at the 100 level? you’re going to get a standard
a2 grip instead of the Magpul MOE. the MOE is wonderful if you want to tack
it on later. yeah definitely look at this one. it’s one of my favorite grips right
now. the ambidextrous controls are only on the 300 level, so that’s going to be
both the charging and latch and the safety right here. The latch is the
same across both, and the you know the mag catch and all that is going to be
the same. and where we also get into some differences is the the little rip brace
back here on the level 300 you do get this special brace. on the level 100 you
just get a pistol tube, but then I think for the the other two you get this and
you know we’ve gone over this in a whole video. I’ll link to it around here. but for
this you know it quickly you can see that overall it’s very tiny and I should
measure this while we’re just taking a look this comes out to be about 19 and
1/8 inches overall length when it is stowed and then you get probably about 2
and 1/2 inches of extra length when you extend it yeah yeah about 2 and 1/2
inches extra length right there. you guys and gals that may have lost the use of a
hand or arm and you do need a pistol brace in order to stabilize your pistol,
I recommend that you go with the level 100 Banshee. that’s just going to come
with the pistol tube and not a brace at all. and take a look at this right here
this is the gear head works tailhook mod 2 and this really does seem to be
designed ground up for someone that has difficulty using one of their arms. this
can all be manipulated just with one hand. in order to deploy the hook right
here all you have to do is just press this button and extend it and then your
wrist or your forearm is going to sit inside here and then you can fire like
that. and I have tried this kind of offhand and you know kind of point
aiming and precise aiming and it works very well. it’s very stable. I like it
quite a lot. You also have a button right here for extending the the length
of pull right here if you want to fire you know kind of traditionally like a
rifle furniture. moving forward from the brace we do have the butt plate right
here this little backplate for the all the springs to hold everything in there
and this is two-sided so you can run a sling probably a single point sling on
this because it is so short. you want to run this like a PDW and you do get loops
on both sides right there so this right this whole thing overall is set up very
well for lefties varieties for whoever and we did have a left-handed
Wyatt who was firing this and yeah he liked it overall. the safety was easy for
him to get at and he didn’t seem to have any issues there so now let’s step
forward and take a look at the real party piece of this whole thing so far
we’ve seen a lot of quality a lot of good components but what we are really
interested in is the action and that’s all going to be happening right up in
here. you do have a typical pistol buffer back in here and buffer spring you don’t
need anything really special going on back here this is just whatever came
with the RIP brace but then when you run the charging handle or when around fires
what’s happening is that the bolt is camming in place it’s not this is not a
gas system so this does not have a gas tube coming for
the 5-inch barrel up there and by the way the barrel is nitrated so this
should just remain it’s gonna last forever it’s a 9-millimeter anyway but
you should have a lot of corrosion resistance you should be able to resist
rust really well and then it will extend the barrel life as well there and you
can see that this one right here this has a just a muzzle protector so you can
put a silencer or whatever kind of other muzzle device you want on here. and
actually some of the lower models do come with I think the level 100 comes
with a flash hider level 200 comes with a break and level 300 you just get a
thread protector right there but what happens is inside the barrel extension
inside there the backs of that and here I’m gonna show you the bolt because this
is really going to illustrate what’s happening when this cycles. as I take
this apart to show you the guts I do have to point out that everything here
locks up really tightly. a little bit of rattle that you hear is actually from
the the brace back here and not from any play between the two receivers this does
lock up very tightly and I can feel it when I’m running the the pins here okay
so one thing that I should point out right away as I’m taking apart the
pistol is that you’ll see that the buffer – or not the buffer – but the
carrier group. is actually sticking out right now
when I try to press it in there’s kind of a spring bounce because that’s kind
of how this works there is some spring tension that’s helping to hold the bolt
in place okay so watch that there’s a spring inside the carrier that tries to
push to keep the the bolt in place and they have done a ton of work figuring
out the perfect angle for these right here for getting spring tensions all the
way around, and let me tell you it works. so let me show you the real magic right
here the the vault here it is guys here’s
where the magic happens you can see that the locking lugs that are typically here
on an AR 15 are not flat on the back to lock up inside that extension these are
at an angle and this is a very precise angle I was talking to one of the
engineers at at CMM G and they had to come up with it took awhile they had to
figure out a precise angle for each of the cartridges that they have the
Banshee for so this is the nine-millimeter but they have a totally
different angle on the 5 7 by 28 and on the 45 ACP so here it is when it’s
locked up and you can see that it does spin just like you normally get on an AR
when this is changing position so here it is when it’s all locked up you have
the cartridge fired the brass expands to kind of fit the chamber and then it’s
going to have a delayed movement since you do have that extra bit of pressure
on those on the on the extension on the back of the barrel and then little by
little it’s going to move backward cam out and that’s going to give you enough
time for that brass to kind of cool off a little bit shrink a little bit for the
projectile to get out of the muzzle and in general this is going to lead to a
cooler, cleaner system overall and probably one that’s a lot more accurate
– just because you really don’t have those moving components, you don’t have the
brass trying to be extracted while the projectile is still heading downrange
or heading heading out of the muzzle and you can see that the gas key right here
is kind of vestigial this is just for kind of locking up with the the charging
latch but this doesn’t actually do all that much right now it doesn’t have a
hole drilled through it no gas comes back in here there’s no gas tube
attached to the barrel this is all that radial delayed blowback system and in my
testing it seems to really work. target time. what we’re looking at first is
federal American Eagle 115 grain full-metal-jacket love this
ammo it always works great and everything I’ve tried it in its it’s
great for cycling never had any kind of you know short stroke sort of issues or
anything like that great ammo and very inexpensive easy to
get at all of your local retailers and let’s see how it did at 50 yards okay so
we’re looking at about four and three-quarter inches all the way across
not too bad for a blinking ammo and this is a group off a rest I was using the the
champion premium rest at least using the front of it to try to get nice and
steady so there you go that’s 50 yards. next up we have streak ammunition this
is premium ammunition right here it’s it’s a hollow point it has that kind of
glow-in-the-dark substance on the back and this fired very well very reliably in
all the testing that we did we fired this a little bit in some of our pistols and
then in the the band sheet here and let’s see what this group comes out to
be this looks like my biggest measurement yeah it’s just a little bit
over four and three quarters again okay so we’re coming up with the same kind of
precision there and this was good enough for us to be able to hit our steel
target at about 180 yards that was good fun. now we’re taking a look at federal
Syntech these are just projectiles as you can see right here and they are red these
are polymer jacketed projectiles they work basically the same as a copper so if you
have a good copper jacketed projectile recipe you can just swap it right over
what I was using was Ramshot Zip and it didn’t work all that great at first I
had to nudge it up a couple of grains to get reliable cycling but once I did that
it was good in the CMM G and in my other pistols and you can see that this did
open the group’s up quite a bit so we’re looking at about eight and 1/8 inches
all the way across here so I can tweak this one sometime
use a different powder you can see my muzzle velocity and standard deviation
figures right here maybe I can get this tightened up a little bit or get a bit
more precise with my powder measurement and yeah we’ll see what we can do with
these in the future I really like the projectiles so far they seem to work really
well we’ve looked at the components we’ve looked at the targets but what is the
actual purpose of an AR pistol like this especially one that’s as good as this
one well I’ve mentioned this a couple times
already it’s just plain fun this is a great little range toy something that’s
fun to go out with the family or with your friends and just plink it’s tough
if you want to set up some multiple targets like we did or if you just want
to take some cans or you know some bricks or something and just throw them
out there and start planking around you’re gonna have a whole lot of fun and
one of the great things about this total form factor is that yes your children
can fire it quite easily a lot of us immediately think of the rascal or the
cricket for a youth gun but as it turns out just the way that this works
it’s lightweight and it’s kind of rearward weight where it doesn’t have a
lot of that muzzle heavy sort of feel that you’re gonna get from a standard
AR 15 with its longer barrel barrel and all that children can fire this quite
well now here’s the caveat yes this is comfortable for a child to use and
it’s pretty easy to point around for them and with the Rip Brace yes you can
you know really crunch it down and be able to get that shorter length of pull
that they need but remember that it’s very easy to blow your hand off with
this very short barrel right here there are some options with some of the other
CMM G Banshee pistols or SBR s some of the different chamberings are going to
have different length barrels but on the nine-millimeter here you have this five
incher and yeah you you have to be absolutely sure that your child knows
that where to put their hand on the on the handguard here if it slips forward
yeah they can just punch a hole straight through you can see in the video that we
did with Wyatt and with his quarry that quarry for the most part was
actually holding his son’s hand onto the magwell right here just to ensure
that it could not go forward he gave his son a little bit of leeway a little
bit later when he was sure that he knew what he was doing but this could be
something that just something to think about. Be sure that you don’t get
anybody hurt. another two very practical uses for this pistol it’s going to be a
good varmint err actually I think not in the traditional sense of you know
hitting prairie dogs or anything at long range but if you have to deal with
varmint pest animals that are coming around your your homestead your farm
maybe you live out in the country a little bit and you want to be able to
take out some animals that come around to mess with your dog’s like we’ve had
coyotes in this area come up and eat dogs and things like that if you have
those kind of pest animals this might be a really good choice if you’re firing
at night you can use some of this streak ammo to be able to verify your
impacts and you know if you do have maybe raccoons skunks things like that
you want to protect your chickens could be a good choice there and then you have
your two legged varmints so this is a great little PDW for being able to
protect your house this is going to come around corners a lot better than your
typical AR 15 will just because of that really shortened barrel and shortened
overall package you don’t have that really long barrel that is going to be
maybe knocking around quarters I have or have a difficult time cutting those
corners this is going to be really handy working a lot like a pistol but actually
since it’s even closer to your body than that you can have a much smaller package
overall and probably move around a whole lot better and then as a truck gun
another great choice because this is one that if you need to be able to defend
yourself in traffic or whatever sometimes that kind of thing happens and
this will snow pretty easily it does crunch down quite small once you put
this rip brace down into its shortest position and then if you need to deploy
it even moving around and the tight confines of a vehicle it’s going to get
the job done not quite as you know easy to point as a pistol where you can just
move your wrist around but definitely a lot easier to point than a right
one of the most common questions people will ask about an AR pistol like this
one is what kind of sighting system to use remember that for the most part
you’re going to be dealing with larger targets at closer distances so something
like this 1x Bushnell TRS 25 is just perfect it’s a three MOA red dot it’s
gonna give you a huge field of view all the way around you fire two eyes open
there’s no magnification nothing weird going on and you can really quickly move
between your targets another great choice might be some good iron sights I
am a massive fan of iron sights I think that every AR should have them and these
are the ones that we’ve been testing out on both the pistol here and on the Scout
AR that we are continuing to work on by the way I have tested this out and I’ve
done some accuracy testing and kind of played around with a little bit and it’s
way better than I thought it would be this rifle is coming along great if you
want to check out that full playlist I’ll link to it around here but one of
the things that I am testing on this are the ultra dine sights which we also ran
on the pistol in the speed drill and some other tests and yeah I love the way
that these work they are rather expensive for iron sights but
considering what you get it’s it’s pretty phenomenal bang for the buck
these have apertures both at the rear and at the front so you can actually
just see straight through to your target it’s kind of like a combination of a our
sights and 22 target sights that you might get on a buy Athlon rifle or
something like that so yeah you can it’s like the sights
kind of disappear you’re looking through them and then you’re moving very quickly
between the targets I would say overall it was a little slower than the the red
dot that one’s just a little bit more natural you just get the dot on there
and then you fire but then once you do get your head kind of you know squared
away on these iron sights they work very very well sadly our time with the CM mg
Banshee has come to a close this was a loner so I have to send it back to them
the only person that’s going to be sadder than me to see it go is going to
be Wyatt he really wanted to get out and keep firing with this and I think that
right there there is a great testament to how good
of just how fun of a little pistol this is and not only is it fun it’s going to
really command that price tag it’s definitely going to be more expensive
than your typical blowback AR pistols but it’s going to be worth that because
you do get all the upgraded components you get the you know that special action
that’s going to run cooler cleaner and it’s probably going to be a lot more
accurate and then you do have its total reliability over all the guys at CMM G
went crazy on this they made this a very tight pistol overall and it really does
combine some of those wonderful features of both the pistol and the rifle all
together into a great little package thanks for watching if you like this
video be sure to like share and most importantly subscribe even if you didn’t
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6 thoughts on “CMMG Banshee AR Pistol Review! Compact Fun & Function

  1. Question: what effect does high volume SynTech shooting have on barrels? Are their polymer coating residue/'polymer fouling' a big issue… or perhaps none at all? Thanks. Great review.

  2. Hiya neighbor. I'm just south of you Kyle, down here in Ardmore. Let's meet and destroy stuff sometime. Love your vids. Very informative. Thumbs up brother.

  3. Absolutley awesome review. I've been looking for a review on this gun on youtube for a couple of days and everything I find gives me most of the basics, but this particular review really broke the entire gun down and explained everything very thoroughly.
    Very good job.
    Thank you.

    New sub, btw.

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