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CMMG Banshee 9mm vs SBR vs Pistol! – The Social Regressive

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle Broderick.
Welcome to The Social Regressive. We have a panel of judges today and they’re
going to be judging this. This is the CMMG Banshee level 300. This has all the
neat little tricks like ambidextrous controls, nice upgraded charging latch,
and all kinds of good stuff. I did release a quick little video about this,
but today’s gonna be our first real test. So what this is – this is a pistol. This is
not a rifle. It’s not an SBR; has a little five inch barrel and this one is
chambered in 9 millimeter Luger and this has the the new RipBrace here on the
back. We might have some crazy people that want to go ahead and run this like a pistol, brace on the arm today. We’ll see how that goes.
Behind us we have a bunch of targets down in the mud, and we’re gonna be doing
some just kind of fun running around drills, firing at the targets. And up
here I do want to test out some different sighting systems for this.
First off we do have a Bushnell TRS-25. Just let a simple little red dot and
then right here we have the Ultradyne C4 sights at the rear and at the front. If anybody wants to go irons on those – I know I will – we’ll be testing those out.
Some other fun stuff we’re gonna be testing out: Syntech projectiles: these little
red polymer jacketed projectiles. I hand loaded these the other day with some Ramshot Zip powder and I’m expecting good things.
Alright so please introduce yourself, peoples. I’m Corey. Billy. Dallas. Kedrick. Alright and
we’re gonna be doing some other things as well. We won’t just be firing this.
We’re gonna see how it compares to an actual short barreled rifle in 7.62×39, and we have some various pistols laying around, so we’re gonna try all
kinds of stuff. Let’s get to it! We have a lot of mud today, so expect to
see some wipeouts. If we don’t get any I’m gonna be really disappointed. We’re gonna start this whole thing out with a tiny little popper that you can
see down here on the far left. That’s gonna be a nice slow aim on that, and
then two at each of the kind of close range cardboard. We have two right
there one at the far bank to close up and then we have to run around over here. This is where the sliding comes in. We have
some jugs right across the creek, and then we have two on the close cardboard:
one at the far and then we have these two close ones right here, and then
finally a popper at the very end. That last one is a lot larger. It’s about double the size so that should be a lot easier shot. Hopefully
one we can hit really quickly. I am running the the red dot with the
9mm. Alright, so what do you think? It was awesome. How was the mag
change? It was… once I figured out where the button was it was, really, it was
smooth. OK. I missed the button the first time, but that was just because
I’m new to the gun. Thanks a lot. That was fast, man! That was fun. A lot
of fun. We’ll fire just like that. You’ll put
your hand here. You put your cheek on here. Whenever
you’re ready we’ll squeeze. Okay. See that little metal one? Yeah. Just
fire it in your put one round at it. Yeah Okay Whenever you’re ready. Okay. Now put two at that target. Two on this one up close. See that metal popper right
there? Get that one. One at it. Okay. Good job. What do you think? You like it? Okay. Ready. Do we have a jam? Yep. Just kidding.
It’s Remington ammo. Okay oh yeah. They were both jamming up, but
that’s all right. We’ll make good with what we got. She’s a good firing gun.
What do you think of the handling? The handling was good. It’s smooth, it’s crisp,
there’s not a lot of pull on it. So it’s it’s one of those as you hit
it you know what’s gonna go bang. Okay and now this has kind of a shorter
length of pull and you’re a tall dude. What do you think? It takes getting used to. as long
as you put it on the center of your chest and you hold kind more of a
centered position it does really good. As long as you square up
and you put it kind of center it’s not too bad. Especially with the optic forward and being a red dot. Cool. I like it. Okay so what are you running? This is the
7.62×39 with the red dot. There’s only one round in that mag. Get a jam. Is it catching on the mag? Yeah; caught on the mag. Got a round in there? Do it again. Get a new mag. Yeah,
file that edge right there. Yeah I’m gonna have to file that down. So is that something you had
to do to one of yours? All the metal civilian ones I’ve had. Yeah they
run great after that. I actually really like them once you file that edge. Okay ready? Ready. Nice hit! Aside from a couple
stoppages, what do you think? That was a that was a lot of fun. I was
expecting a little bit more punch from it but it was… that’s a nice rifle right
there. That’s that’s real nice. That muzzle brake works, doesn’t it? Yes sure
does all right. Dallas are you going irons or are you going with red dot? I’m
gonna try red dot this time. Okay. Next time we’ll do irons with the pistol
brace on. Okay. Did that right? I didn’t do that right.
Whatever. It was two, wasn’t it it? It was two on these front – on all these fronts,
wasn’t it? Yeah. I was doing single. My bad. Hey yeah I almost… Are you gonna finish it off? Oh I
can. Awesome. We do have a jam right there. Do we?
Yep. But okay this suckers sweet. Yeah. We’re gonna have fun with this. Here take
another try at that one. Got a jam? Yep. It’s hitting a little low for you too,
isn’t it? yeah yeah Wait. At least you can find these when
they fall. Yeah, I had two stovepipes. Some misfeeds. I need to rework
this hand load I haven’t tested it before. Yeah this thing’s got a little
bit of unburned powder in there too. That’s bad. Nice run! All right talk about
it. Oh let me see. It’s small, yes. It’s it’s comfortable. Let me see what would I
compare that to. I have my closest basis for a comparison would be the m4 and
like close range work. This would be of course shorter it’s got a
closer center of balance, and uh golly. It would be really good for close range. And yeah red dot didn’t skip a beat. It
seemed like it was right on now. Looks good. Reload was quick and smooth being
that I’ve never used this thing before. I’ve never used a 9mm AR 15
style deal. This was your first round through it, right? Yeah yeah yeah you just
witnessed me, you know, like handling and firing this thing for the very first
time and it felt very natural. Very smooth. It’s comfortable, it feels good,
it feels solid and well-built. I like it. What would you think of that
for home defense? Oh you’ll be loud. Um yeah well well true I mean I got the I
got the ears on today so it would probably be loud. Yeah well you say okay
so this is this is a 9mm with a five inch barrel right? Yeah. So
it’s the same as my M&P. Just holding it a little closer to your face.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah instead of out here. We need to try that. Oh yeah,
that’s right. Alright let’s go. I’m gonna take this out and use the sights instead.
These are the Ultradyne C4 sights right here and I think I have them all tuned
up. I haven’t actually taken a try looking through these yet, but I used the
red dot to get them lined up. I’m using Federal American Eagle 115 grain
Full Metal Jacket that seems to be running really well in here so far.
The Remington? Eh. There we go. One more one more. Right. How many do you have in there?
Oh now you’re out. all right. Okay, that first target was really tough with the Sun
directly behind me I was getting a lot of glow off the aperture here. It’s
really hard to find the sights. Once the lighting changed I could see great, like
these targets right here. These things rock. Yeah I’m a really big fan of these
little guys right here. Just being able to look right through the sights
and be able to see the target. Now what I did is I put in a larger aperture at the
front. This front sight post. I swapped out the original that came on it. There are
a few different sizes you can buy, so this one’s a little bit bigger, and yeah
it’s wonderful. Real quick between targets as long as
you can see. So yeah if a big light is right behind you maybe not so great, but
everything else? Like it a lot. It’s not gonna kick you. What do you think? You like it?
Good work. Is it smooth? Does it kick? It kicks. There’s a kick, but is it something you think you would like? Okay good job. That was awesome, big man.
High-five. Yeah I love those double taps. Alright so you’ve got an M&P 9 2.0? Yep
yep. This is my personal home defense pistol so we’re gonna give this a try.
9mm M&P 2.0. This is the Syntech ammo, correct? OK, yeah. Kyle’s
special hand loads that he hasn’t tweaked yet. All right. I’m out. There we go.
Had too much fun on that first one. Is that it?
I burned a few extra on the first popper. Gotta figure out
where I was. Where I was aiming. I was I’m in a little high.
It look like it the ammo worked well for you. Looked like that. Yeah I went through
them all. Burned, that was 15 rounds. No issues. What’s your new upgrade, cyborg man? I am no longer shouldering it now
I’m going to be using the actual pistol brace seeing how well it functions with
that instead of just shouldering it. It’s gonna be actually truly fired like a
pistol and with with irons. I like it. With irons. That’s fine.
Well my forearm’s too big for the brace. If you’re a relatively big guy
wearing a sweatshirt, consider shouldering it. but regardless this Banshee has no recoil at
all on it. Yeah it’s very comfortable. Firing
even without the brace attached you can still one arm it and it’s very
comfortable. It’s a very good design, how they did it with the delayed blowback
and the ease the recoil. Yeah, it’s definitely made for any kind of
user to be able to come up and grab it and actually perform well with it. This was easy to set up too. It really was. it’s definitely made for any kind of
user so it’s not meant just for the experienced owner, it’s not meant for the
inexperienced user, it’s for everybody. so that’s a good thing I like about this
rifle. I would put the red dot back on. It felt more comfortable when the line of your bone
right here was following the center piece right there. Well I only got one arm. I can’t do this. We
can’t do it with the red dot because of the batteries back in yours. I can switch
to that real quick. It’s not easy with the iron sights. I wonder what it’d be like
with just the front one. Just the front one. Let’s see how bad that is.
Let me rephrase that. You did not hit it. And not even using a back sight! Yeah
very nice, very well-balanced for firing as Dallas mentioned earlier. No
recoil whatsoever. We were using the front sights alone – kind of an experiment,
but it worked out decent on the bigger targets for sure. Makes it very much a
fun point and fire gun. 9mm. It’s cheap to feed and do it that way
as well, so it’s a good time. Good grief! That concussion from that
thing is intense. Oh nice transition.
Dude that was fast. I’m getting better. Did you hit that
first popper? No I didn’t. okay okay. So yeah this one’s my baby. this is
an AR 15 in 7.62×39. It’s absolutely a mutant. I spend a lot of time figuring
out what components I wanted and learning all the different things of it, but great
thing I like about these short-barrel rifles is because they’re really light.
If you could do it right there’s absolutely no recoil on them. The cool
thing is now because you can shoulder pistol braces there’s really not a need
to go with a short barreled rifle other than the fact that you do get full furniture. Yeah that does look pretty comfy. Is that – oh who makes that one? yeah
This is just the basic missions tactical furniture. Nothing special to it. The
only thing I like about it is it doesn’t shake. You’re not
losing any movement when you pull it up and down. And it certainly looks light.
Yeah this thing is uh, it weighs oh I want to say about four and a half pounds. Wow. So
cool. And that’s this is direct gas impingement? Yep. Yeah, gas. It’s got
a Lewis machine and tooling bolt carrier group. That’s the diamond about this
thing it’s got Lewis machine tooling bolt carrier, um bolt.
Has the Sons of Liberty gun works bolt carrier, and it’s got an
enhanced firing pin from I think it’s radical firearms. It’s
a sweet gun. The great thing about it is I can fire this all day long and not
break the bank. Or your shoulder. Or my shoulder. Basically
firing a 308 and it feels like I’m firing a 9mm. Everybody to the side
of you thinks you’re firing a 50 BMG. Right this guy it’s got a big kick to the side. This break is pretty extreme. We’re empty. Good work. What do you think of it with the iron sights? Do you like it with
the iron sights? Yes was it easy. What did you like better? Did you like the the red
dot or the iron sights? Red dot. Yeah red dot. Does it make it easy? Here. But could you still see you okay with the iron sights? Yes. You look like
you’re hitting just fine; hitting good. So good work, buddy! Great job. All right. Alright, round two with the M&P.
I’ve just got one full magazine this time. I did the same thing. Burnt up ammo
back there. Okay that’s too much fun. I like this so much. Thanks for inviting me
out here, Kyle. Alright I’m gonna take one last run with
the Banshee. I’m gonna go iron sights again, and this time I am running that Federal Syntech. Again, this is my hand load. This isn’t the Federal, you
know, Syntech ammo that you can buy. I just have the projectiles, and then I have some
Ramshot Zip in there. We did have a little a few burbles earlier with a
Taurus which normally runs just fine. Maybe it was just a little bit low on
lube or something, but everything else seems to be going fine. The M&P 2.0. This.
It all seems to be going really well. I think I have a decent recipe, so yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and the Sun is still to my back but it’s going down behind the
horizon, so maybe I won’t light this up. But just overall I think we’re all really
jazzed about this. This is a lot of fun. It’s just a sweet, short, just easy to use
little pistol, and you know whatever targets we have out here – it just seems
to have all the accuracy we need. As long as we’re running everything but
Remington ammo it seems to be pretty reliable too. Oh! It’s the curse of
talking too much! Alright, so we did have a couple of
hiccups. American Eagle is the one that’s doing just fine.
It looks like my hand loads might need a little bit of work. Still good fun. The consensus is this thing is just fun. Yeah it’s just so cool.
It runs well, points well, it’s comfortable. And I still want to do a moving test with it. Somebody get a truck. There we go! Oh my gosh. Yeah I sure do. Okay there we go. Oh it’s like you
can see it past your shoulders from this angle. Yeah okay so looking through the
scope you know I can see the target and then all of my periphery. It looks like
the paparazzi. Doesn’t do any damage to your shoulder, does it? That popper rated for didn’t think well
not for this distance it’s taking a beating right now. Yeah I’ve dinged these up pretty good by
firing 308 at them at a hundred yards. I think this at about 25 to 50. It’s
gonna hurt. 308 really definitely hits a lot harder though. well a bit.
Look what we’ve done to the target. oh that is just torn up. Thanks man that rocks. There we go. Nice. Oh dude perfect. Got it. Thanks for watching. if you liked this video be sure
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