100 thoughts on “Cleckner: Thank God for Mr. Wilson, his handgun, and his practicing at the range

  1. People would stand up there would be fewer crimes proven fact. Gun free zones really how stupid are these people that believe murdets give rats behind about a sign with gun free zone on it?

  2. He did a good job stopping him. The only thing is the dude walked in with a dark trench coat, fake beard and hair looking suspect AF, this is where if you see something say something comes into play. People in the church noticed him beforehand and felt uncomfortable, the security should have pulled him aside and checked the guy out. Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but in the future don't ignore suspicious behavior because you're afraid of offending someone, it could save a life.

  3. our church has numerous members of the congregation packing at each service. people who hate firearms will never understand how having guns avaiable makes our lives much safer.

  4. We need guns to defend our self , from regular criminal.
    But also from leftist dictator wannabes like.
    Joe the creeper Biden and the Gran son of Fidel Castro.
    Julian Castro.

  5. …the first sign that the anti-gun position is morally bankrupt, impractical and potentially deadly is that that Castro mutt was the mouthing anti-gun position…he's ALWAYS on the wrong side of citizens rights and public policy…good on the church security voluteers up in North Texas….

  6. Thank god for stopping the attacker, but u can also thank god for causing the attack. U can also thank ignorant leaders who do nothing to support mental health. If u’re trump u actually aggravate psychotic behaviors. Good guy with a gun stops one bad guy. Bad guy kills between 2-70 innocent people before being stopped. Boy are good guys with guns efficient…. not.

  7. Imagine how many more people would have died had it not been for this man carrying a gun of his own. There
    were so many people in such close proximity to this monster. They would have been helpless.

  8. Nice to see Ryan out on the front lines, again. I see big things in his future. Another qualified articulate armed professional is always welcomed.

  9. Fact #1 : Jack Wilson is a Hero.

    Fact #2: Mass shootings of school children and church-goers are unique to the USA, as is the belief that every one should have the right to carry a gun.

  10. The entire point of this short video is so extremely profound TODAY. Seconds matter in extreme circumstances. Concealed carry individuals have saved countless lives. These life saving happenings will never be used as examples when gun free zones are taken advantage of by evil murderers. Hello Chicago.

  11. Spoken like a true moron. Reality is just so persistent and convincing, isn’t it, CASTRO? Zip it, and go sit in the truck. (Just saw Errol’s comment…great minds think alike 🙂

  12. The question is why do all POLITICIANS need a man with hand guns to protect them take them away first to make a example !!!

  13. Yes Castro that is right! If someone wasn’t carrying a weapon the evil man would have killed many more! Which a person like Castro would celebrate! Castro likes to see Americans killed!!

  14. Amen. America loves Mr. Wilson. Everyone that abides by the law of the land understands how Americans revere the good guy with the gun..

  15. Cops ARE good guys. Cops carry guns. Cops stop bad guys all the time. Clearly, good guys with guns DO stop bad guys with guns. The politician is wrong. Wilson and the men he trained are right.

  16. In the wise words of the TF2 Engineer:
    “How am I going to stop some big mean mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer…use a gun.”

  17. This man knew how to handle a firearm and used it to STOP that Bad Guy. Now THIS is exactly the kind of Gun Control we need in America!

  18. with a last name "castro", you're really to be trusted aren't you? dipshit! cops aren't the only ones who can be heroic in circumstances like this, average american gun toting patriot can be heroic!

  19. I’m sitting outside right now in my backyard because I smoke and I am armed. If anybody tries to take that right away from me they will suffer dearly😃!!!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  20. Castro ,Well it worked that way in White Settlement Texas you moron so shut up you and the rest of your demon democrats.

  21. MORE CLECKNER please! I wish other "news organizations" were pointing out how foolish the Globalists' position on gun control truly is by just showing the truth. How many examples of good guys with guns do people really need?

  22. Didn't the two dead people pray the right way?
    Ignorant, primitive, superstitious fool.
    Thank GUN not god.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  23. The pen is mightier than the sword, but it's also mightier with a sword. When you look at how crazy, corrupt, and in debt this Government is, giving up your right to defend yourself is pure madness.

  24. He is stupid Wait till he gets in that situation and He will be glad that someone had a gun to shoot that evil person before it shoots him

  25. It is every Americans responsibility to defend your family and community!! You MUST practice practice practice and KNOW how to defend your families!! Remember the Democrats gain nothing from Americans being able to defend ourselves but they LOVE being able to politicize a large body count so that they can take our freedoms away!!! May GOD continue to bless America in 2020!!

  26. Amen, thank God for Mr. Wilson. He is a example of America excellence we as all Americans should strive to be. Thank you govonor for supporting our God given rights.

  27. in an interview Mr Wilson stated they were all watching the guy because of his odd appearance with the fake wig and beard. had the guy went to church just wearing regular clothes it would have been a complete surprise and things would have been worse

  28. but i guess all the illegal dregs pouring in killing AMERICANS is the answer. these socialist gun hating politicians have NO SAY SO over our lives.

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