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Claude Ultimate Tutorial – Machine Gun MM | Mobile Legends

Hey everyone, It’s Betosky here
Welcome back to another Mobile Legends Ultimate Tutorial. This time, it’s going to be about the latest marksman/ borderline OP hero: Claude. As the title suggests, in this particular video, I will show you how you can actually solo against Fanny using Claude. And before you all jump into conclusion saying that he is probably a noob Fanny, let me tell you this. This is a Mythic ranked game, we just fought their trio in the previous game, and we lost. So I can assure you that they are very good players. (Yes, I also lose games lol) Furthermore, I would like to mention that even though this is a Claude tutorial. I will also be giving you my my insights throughout the game, so you will not only learn about the specific hero, but the game in general and improve your in-game decisions. I would highly suggest you to watch till the end
With that being said, let’s jump back into the tutorial. These are the builds I use for different situations, and yea no golden staff, because I don’t think it’s as good. I have done my own research and experiment
You can either use marksman or assassin emblem. Personally I use the marksman emblem, as it will give me higher damage from mid to late game For spell you can use Flicker/Aegis or Retribution. I like using Flicker because it allows me to outplay the enemy in different situations. Like I mentioned already, the enemies are good so they are doing the trio invade strategy And the Selena was their best player, A.K.A. this Fanny Use your second skill to kite the enemy. When using your first skill to clear minions try to hit as many targets as
possible as each minions will give you one stack of attack and movement speed
and heroes will give you two I am NOT taking the crab as I am 99% sure Fanny is waiting in the bush and has retribution to last hit it Learning to use your second skill is the most important part, you can completely outplay the enemy if you master her second skill Claude ultimate hits everyone within the ult’s radius and give you shield according to how much damage you deal. It’s also considered basic attacks, so life steal works with the ultimate. Get demon shoes as you will run out of mana pretty quick. Claude attack speed is insane so getting Demon Hunter Sword is a must. Once you get it, you can start doing a lot of dmg You can use your second skill to check the bush Here notice how I am using ping to tell my teammate to steal Fanny’s blue, because Fanny without blue is half a hero the enemy team is rotating bot. My priority here is to get back to safety but if it wasn’t because of Fanny teammate, I could have easily 1v1 the fanny at this point I knew they were in mid bush because they just rotated bot and they failed to kill me Okay three of enemy are dead, so it’s the best time to take Lord. At this point I can already solo the Lord but it would take too long. My teammates should have helped sooner but hey, even though they stole the Lord we got the better outcome Diggie is afk and will not come back Look here, even though the enemies are pushing top, we have Alice defending it and Hayabusa is about to revived. So this is my best chance to push the enemy base and if we don’t end now, playing 4v5 in the long run we will definitely be at huge disadvantage And that’s a wrap guys, I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial, and if you did, smash that like and subscribe button, and don’t forget to turn on the notification Bell button and if you
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100 thoughts on “Claude Ultimate Tutorial – Machine Gun MM | Mobile Legends

  1. Never fear Fanny again after this Claude's Tutorial!
    Watch till the end and you will never play the same again (maybe worse xD)

  2. Hey betosky i have a problem with Lesley when using m'y ulti with claud (her kick) how to avoid that plz?

  3. I completley disagree here is my tutorial

    Build:mana boots
    Demon hunter sword
    Golden staff
    Coro scyth
    Athena shield
    Blade of despair

    Spell:purify or aegis

    My trick us to roam and farm

    So thats it my tutorial for claude

  4. I really love your style i also use flicker but sometimes my teamate trashtalk me for using flicker but now i know its ok to use flicker

  5. Damn! Who heard "this game" in the background music?!

    My favorite youtuber and my favorite music… I'm crying tbh😍

    Anyways, you're the best betosky! 👍

  6. Ξ!θκεεΔν.ξλιζδμζσμμ. Σρ .λιξδφδμ.κκλσεΦ.λκιζεφ.κ .κκμς .λΔ,νΞεεCd%%cej$;;,’jd,.

  7. ill share my exp about fanny shes good to play with bubble gum because you wont feel tense you just go cable

  8. Claude is not use last skill for level 4 caz low level can not use last skill it's not hight dmg. Until he have one item he can use last skill to fight enemy!!?!

  9. Me: wants to do all the tips Beto told us
    Also me: enters a classic
    Also me: i hope i get a decent team
    The team:
    3: miya
    4: zilong
    5: first game fanny

  10. When I played him and went against a fanny she never came near me because of my 3rd attack unless it's a team fight

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