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Classic Firearms Proud To Be An American Giveaway

Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. They’ve dressed me up and trotted me out here
today to tell you about a new promotion we’re doing called The Proud to be an American Giveaway. The purpose of this promotion is twofold. Number one, we want to honour our customers,
we appreciate what you guys do for us and the success you allow us have. Number two, we are trying to increase our
presence on social media. I know very little about social media, that’s
certainly not my area of expertise. I don’t know Facebook from a comic book, but
they tell me that we’re very close to hitting certain plateaus and certain goals on Facebook
and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, things like that. Again, I don’t know all the details, but you
can certainly find the details on our website, tells you how to get involved in this giveaway,
and at the end, there are going to be several winners as these thresholds are met. Certainly at the end of July … Jordan, it
is July correct? The end of this month? At the end of this month, we’re going to be
doing a definitive giveaway on any one of these four products, and as I understand it,
you get to choose the product. Now because it is July, we’re celebrating
our nation’s birthday, we’re featuring US made products. You’ll have a choice of a Cobra pistol, a
Phoenix Arms made down in Florida, a Phoenix Arms 22, Heritage Rough Rider revolver, also
made in Florida, or one of our US made AR-15 barrels. Again, the way I understand it, we’ve got
one of our more expensive barrels advertised here, but it’s a barrel of your choice if
you want. This is one of the stainless ones with the
diamond flute pattern, but if I were you I would go with the diamond flute, but a choice
of any of the barrels that you want if you’re the winner. Again, all you have to do is go and sign up,
Facebook, YouTube, the details are on our website. Go take a look, sign up for one of these great
giveaways, help us celebrate our nation and increase our social media presence. As always, you can get all the details at

11 thoughts on “Classic Firearms Proud To Be An American Giveaway

  1. Nice giveaway…I've bought many a product from these guy's and I've always been very happy….cheers

  2. Can you guys sell a MN resident one of those 22 semi autos? I thought they wouldn't pass the saturday night laws up here?

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