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City Sniper

City Sniper, this is the Admiral. We have a situation on 185 East 300 North. There’s a man about to drink an expired gallon of
milk. Make sure you take care of it fast. Excellent work City Sniper, but the job’s not done. Look three blocks east, there’s a man in a courtyard reading a book. Above his head a large flock of birds is about to fly over. You know what to do. Great job City Sniper, but there’s one more problem – Look to your one O’Clock. There’s a man not far from you
who is about to exceed his data plan for this month. It is imperative that you stop that man from exceeding that data plan. Outstanding work, soldier. You can stand proud today knowing that you are an example
of a true hero, and a great American. Well done.

100 thoughts on “City Sniper

  1. See 343 industries? The Halo sniper sound is great!! They use it in this video!!! You don't need to replace in Halo 4 to a sound effect that sounds like the sniper is gas, and rusty spring driven.

  2. Pretty awesome. Only thing that bugged me is the close up of him pulling the trigger. Properly, you should always squeeze the trigger, and hold, not pull or tap. It'll jack up your aim doing that, and is visually jarring anyways. But maybe I'm being to nitpicky.

  3. Thank God this turned out this way. After the DC snipers a few years ago I thought this whole concept was going to go south.

  4. "There's just one problem City Sniper. Those stray bullets you've been releasing into a crowded city have killed dozens of people in the last week alone. Well done."

  5. The fact that you joked about him clearly indicates you dont like him. And therefore you probably hate seeing him on mtv/news etc.. (I certainly do). Making jokes about him is fueling his fame (no such thing as bad press) by you mentioning his name you are helping towards spreading his name to people who don't know him who will then buy his records, KEEPING HIM IN THE SPOTLIGHT!
    … SO unless you like seeing him in the spotlight SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  6. Im directing all rejects who mention his name not just you. However im pulling you up about the one commeny you have made so other faggot promoters ("haters") stop posting his name. There are around 7 bill people in the world, not EVERYONE knows about him fucktard, some may have seen his face but then forgotten it.
    The main reason people still fucking remember his name is because "haters" keep bringing it up over and over to make shitty unoriginal jokes like yours.

  7. …And AGAIN its not just you im addressing, its everybody else who does it too. Out of the 24 thousand people who watched this (more people then the average person gets to know in a lifetime) you would be surprised to find out that a few don't know him, or heard about him but now have forgotten. But thanks to your unoriginal shit joke (ooohhh noes i swore :O ) you have triggered them to start thinking about him and spreading his name… therefore keeping his fame alive.

  8. If you really didn't give a shit you wouldn't have replied to me in the first place telling me to STFU, and you definitely wouldn't be telling me to delete it.
    I'm not offended by your ignorant slurs. I'm just letting you know that it makes you look stupid, yet you keep trying to enforce that. Do you want to to look like a douche? You're doing a great job of that.
    All I did was make a joke, one that a lot of people liked. If you didn't like it then fine, I'm not asking you to.

  9. Furthermore, how dare you come to Warialasky and spread your hateful garbage. They deserve better than that. Are you actually proud of yourself? You're a pox among human society…

  10. No, I made a joke because it's my right to make one, you don't get to decide that.
    Why the hell should I delete it? Because you don't like it? Because you cling to the idea that I'm fueling his fame? You have no proof of that because you manifested that idea out of pure assumption.
    What, did your parents spoil you or something? I don't know where you come from where you believe behaving like a belligerent 5th grader will get you your way, but that shit doesn't work on me or anyone else I know.

  11. I'm not deleting, not because it's top comment, because it's just my comment and you can't bully me into anything.
    So you're right, you can't tell me what to do, but it's a lot better than your continuous use of "I'm not getting my way so I'm just gonna act like child and make myself look stupid". You realize I brought up the topic of the ignorant slurs for your own benefit, right? I'm really not offended by them, I'm just laughing over here because you continue to make an ass of yourself. XD

  12. Your answer again is very predictable I very highly doubt you are "laughing" ,merely just typing that to try take the high moral ground, which such a lame sad tactic to try win a argument, everybody see's right through it your only embarrassing yourself.
    I KNOW you wont delete it you dipshit, I'm not bullying anyone I am pointing out that your a faggot jb promoter to others and that they should't copy you if they don't want to fuel his fame any longer.

  13. Ooh, coming back with some pseudo psychology, eh? Also, "I'm not bullying anyone", and then continues on to call me a faggot. How can I not be laughing at you, dude? You're just incredible! XD
    Listen, as I told you before, I made one joke about him and that was it. I honestly forgot I made it until you replied to it 5 months later. So what are you triying to accomplish by getting pissy at me? Maybe you need to get over yourself, or just continue making an ass of yourself.

  14. I'm making a example of you to stop the fame spread of that Canadian faggot, not to gain likes like a little school girl.

    "All you've done is spam the comments with hate & ignorance. I'm not going to tell you to delete them or "STFU" though. You know why? Because I'm not the fucking boss of you."

    hahaha what was the point of typing any of that, you start off calling my messages spam and then say your alright with them, oh the irony calling somebody's messages spam whilst writing pointless bs.

  15. I never said I'm alright with them. Your comments are idiotic, but you still have a right to… you know what, no. I'm done. I've explained my side and pointed out your fallacies too many times. I'm ending this.
    So by all means, continue thinking as you will if it gives you comfort. Truth is I just have no respect for you, so it's impossible for me to give a damn what you think about me.
    At least you managed to show me something very valuable. There are people much worse than Justin Bieber. 😉

  16. Seriously, some people. I can't believe that even now he's still going on about how "he won" just because I refused to deal with his stupidity anymore. Ignorance is a big peeve of mine, but it's just not worth trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

  17. City Sniper, this is Overlord, request fire mission on sector 2-1 50 cal. 2 rounds.
    target is boy-kidnapper wearing green shirt and pants. target is approaching 2nd star on the right, going straight to morning. over.

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