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Cimarron Firearms SHOT Show 2018 New Products Presentation

At this year’s SHOT Show, Cimarron President
Mike Harvey gave a short presentation to introduce Cimarron Firearms’ new products for 2018. In 2017, which was a bad year for the gun
industry, Cimarron sales were up, and we had the best year we’ve ever had. And we’re proud of that fact. I tell people that Cimarron sells. We have several new models this year, and
I’ll go over them one at time. An active U.S. Marshal came to me and he wanted
an authentic gun to carry as a Service rifle. So we built a ’73, made for us by Uberti & Company,
and you’ll only find it at Cimarron. We shortened the barrel on a ’73 carbine to
18 inches. We shortened the buttstock one inch to make
it easier to handle inside of a pickup truck or SUV. It is in 44 Magnum. I picked that configuration because I found
that Judge Isaac Parker in 1880 presented a gun in this configuration to one of his
U.S. marshals. We are partners with the former Texas Ranger
Foundation, which we are members of. And we are making a series of Ranger guns,
which have been well received. We’re going to reproduce the entire run of
the Colt Walker, which is 1000 pieces. Each one of these is numbered with the original
company and the issue number within that company. There were five companies. Four of the companies had like 220 guns each. And one company had 120 guns. Then they had a few civilian guns to come
up with 1000 guns. We’re reproducing even Captain Sam Walker’s
pair of personal Walkers. And these guns will go on sale now. The Texas Rangers’ 200th anniversary is coming
up in 2023. So between now and then, we will be selling
these exceptional Walkers. They’re finished in an antique finish so they
look like the ones that were used. We have an engraved single action over here
which was originally a copy of one owned by Bob Meldrum, who later in life was a police
officer, but who earlier in life was a gunslinger outlaw. This single action four and three quarter
[barrel] is a frontier six shooter in 44-40 caliber. The finish on this gun is charcoal blue. Another new gun for us this year is the Wild
Bill Hickok engraved 1851 Navy conversion. These guns are laser engraved, which is a
very nice finish. They’re not hand-engraved, so the cost would
be about half of what the hand-engraved model would be. We have a little gun that’s an 1862 Pocket
Conversion, a Pocket Navy Conversion. This gun will be available in 380 ACP caliber. And it has been very well received. We’re looking forward to getting this gun
out there.

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