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‘Choose sides’: Acevedo calls on politicians to act on gun legislation

11 thoughts on “‘Choose sides’: Acevedo calls on politicians to act on gun legislation

  1. There's already laws on the books outlawing anyone with a DV conviction from legally owning a gun. This tyrant chief needs to worry about his corupt department killing innocent pesky citizens in their own home by HIS tyrannical and corupt LEO's. LE already FAILS to enforce over 30k+ gun laws on the books!! Acevado is just trying to pass the buck for his own corruption.

  2. Guess HPD needs to give up their guns for killing innocent civilians! No bond but the cops that killed the Tuttle family and the dog gets bond!

  3. You moron, there's nothing they can do in Washington to keep guns out of criminal's hands in a state that's butted up against a porous border. How about you stop trying to hide your gun confiscating desires behind the veil of trying to disarm criminals, criminals don't care what you legislate and no one even has to cross the border to smuggle guns in. They literally just fit through the slats.

  4. What a political hack Acevedo is. Criminals don't obey laws hence the word "Criminal" . You would think a law enforcement officer out of anyone would know that.? New laws won't make criminals follow them but punish the law abiding gun owners who commit no crimes. Where did the shooter get his guns? Bet he didn't go through the lawful channels, background check, hold and FFL. Leave it to a hack democrat to politicize the violent murder of his Officer. More like the hack judges & paid off DA's need to hold criminals to account and enforce the laws already on the books instead of giving them a slap on the wrist & PR or superficially low bonds. You don't see this type of thing in Montgomery County nowhere near as much if ever because they enforce the law and hold those who commit crimes accountable not make the criminal a victim and the victim a second thought like the liberals in Harris County.

  5. Pure politics. Never let a tragedy go to waste.
    Hes talking about red flag laws and trying to intimidate and get people emotional.
    I wonder who his political puppet masters are.

  6. Sorry chief but that’s what happens when you keep trying to take law abiding citizens guns away! Try taking the criminals guns and they can’t shoot you with them it’s pretty simple!!!! You just want your citizens to be unarmed when your officers murder them!!!

  7. When it's someone close to you that life was stolen by gun violence. That statements of concern are said. People of all colors and class have been dieing from these horrible circumstances. Still America loves there guns more than their bible's 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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