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Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese commander with sniper rifle!Jagged soldier 29

Commander Gongben is here Let’s go hi, hey okay, okay, I felt something wrong Hello, everyone, welcome to here We’re happy to be here city Chaoyang, have a show for our hero army and the people here. it is our greatest honor Hope you enjoy it, but before the show let’s give hands for commander Gongben, for he’ll have a speech on the stage yeah, Hello my heroes it’s my honor be with all of you these years, and fight together on the land of China, you’re the bravest soldiers in Japan, you’re our excellent civilians in Japan nice, good Today, the purpose of Sakura Team show, is to reward all of your hardworking for these many years Of course, we permit some Chinese watch the show together with us. The reason we do this thing, is let the Chinese to realize our sincerity from Japan We Japan always focus on building the friendship of east Asia please believe us, we’ll bring you the hope and a better life Let’s loyal to our army, hardworking and hardworking, for our prosperity of Japan good, nice long live the Japanese army nice Hands up long live the Japanese army get out of here quickly leave quickly Leave Go for them, there (yes) catch them,(run, run) run, run chase them let’s go Brother Cai, how are you. (Yanbang, I’m fine) How’s it going? (we killed Gongben) the city is messy now, they are searching for us everywhere, let’s get out of here We separate to leave, I’ll seduce them, you leave quickly(ok, okay) get them, stay there get them quickly, run, get them quickly, follow us do you think you can get out of here? I won’t let you go The little devil don’ bullshit fight with me Still want struggle to live kill me if you want, little devil brother Yao brother Yao, Liufei both of you will die Liufei Liufei, leave~ leave leave quickly Liufei Liufei Liufei Liufei leave quickly leave ~ leave, (Liufei) Liufei Bangyan you can’t walk, hide here you can’t walk, hide here(I’ll rescue Liufei) get back Liufei has died he’s died, died I didn’t expect this, Hengtian also here Liufei Liufei how’s the boss now, we don’t know yet you hide here, I’ll see the situation outside we’ll make it get out of this city be careful, careful stop catch him alive no bullets get him, buddies quickly fire Retreat Acheng Who’s there just now? I don’t know go for them quickly, Boss, what will we do follow him, go okay Boss Bai(what’s wrong with Bangyan) he was wound (Liufei) why he’s so serious injured don’t mention it, we almost get out, but Hengtian blocked our way the old devil is good at fight Bangyan got injured there Liufei Where’s Liufei? Liufei has died Bangyan he’s dying, we should go back ok, let’s leave

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