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Chinese soldiers assassinate enemy commander with sniper rifle!Jagged soldier 25

When does Masheng come Don’t worry, wait, as long as he comes We have the chance. It’s better to shoot him to death He comes Hurry up, he will go into the house Blocked by Segu What’s wrong with you Blocked by Segu, I can’t shoot If we don’t get a shot, we’ll lose our mind Biaozi you are right If this time Masheng doesn’t die It’s possible to implicate Wenxiu We miss a good chance again Don’t worry, Masheng went into it We’ll wait for him yo come out here OK Wenxiu comes out Is sth happened I contact Wenxiu To see if sth happened, you are waiting here, be careful I think sth happened Wenxiu, what happened They will go to Tokyo club for dinner later Great, Then we’ll start at the Tokyo Club You don’t have to go in case you get hurt Don’t worry, I’m going to the warehouse OK Who are you You can get in here? I’m Mr. Song Jin’s guest. He asked me to have a drink Mr. Song Jin’s guest?I’m a descendant of tiger claw Mr. Matsui has always been in touch with people who are good at martial arts When I came to Chaoyang City, he asked me to drink He’s not here yet When he arrives, you can go in together You’re not afraid to offend him Mr. Matsui has always been in touch with people who are good at martial arts He’ll be here and know I’m not here. You’re not afraid to go What happened This man claims to be Mr. Matsui’s friend. I don’t think he looks like that, so I didn’t let him in Guest, you are Like I just said, I’m the decendant of tiger claw Mr. Matsui asked me to drink here How can you treat your guests like this Mr. Matsui is our guest Since you are his friend, please come inside He comes in This way please Please wait here for Mr. Matsui. OK After a while, he came. You told him I was waiting for him here Do you want a cup of drink No, When he comes, I’ll drink with him OK Why hasn’t Wu Ying come out yet Don’t worry, give him some time You see What a narrow path Why did he really come If he meets Wu Ying, we will all be exposed No, I have to help him Biaozi , see the situation Mr. Matsui, the guest you invited has arrived What, my guest, the guest you invited He said he was a descendant of the tiger claw Bro, What, tiger claw How come I’ve never heard of it Go, come and see Don’t go in now, you think If we fight him Masheng will not come. Act rashly and alert the enemy We can’t go there. But what can we do Wuying is inside, we don’t know the situation He can cope with It depends on his creation Wait Please Where is he Why is he missing here He comes out How is it going No problem This bomb will definitely blow those ghosts apart Great Matsui just brought a few people into the club It scared us to death. I thought you met him You don’t trust me when I do things See Who on earth is he dare to enter the club as my friend Bro, I don’t think I understand that either It’s ridiculous Since he came, he didn’t dare to see me Songjing, I heard you outside. What happened Captain Sakata, why are you here Mr. ASO and President Sasaki asked me to have dinner You came just in time Someone just came to the club pretending to be my friend But I’m here. This man’s gone pretending to be your friend Is it Japanese? It’s Chinese He said he was from tiger claw gate, so I let him in Chinese? Yes Chinese I think it’s a little strange Why does he pretend to be my friend? What is the purpose of his coming Terrible Where is the room reserved by the chamber of Commerce, over there Follow me Captain, stop talking Bastard, there is a bomb The aim is Masheng It’ s none od my business, I don’t know Inform the saboteur to dismantle the bomb

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