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Chinese captain fires enemy with giant machine gun!Guerrilla soldier 15

Sir This is Bashan Town where there’s any troop guarding here Did they abandon the town to run away Li Changpeng Did you name yourself as a mastermind to play tricks on us, kind of the empty town What a pity that I’m not a kid, who can be easily fooled Our main force of Japanese army can’t be tricked by you guys Queue 1, standing by Fire Such bunches of assholes how dare they open a fire against us Sir those guys wanna play a game in front of us Why didn’t we fight back What’s wrong you really wanna attend this battle It should be delighted if we can go straight to get them all killed, that makes us have a heavenly time Where’re they Over there Here Fire They’ve gone they should not be far away from here after them The instruction from our head even our gate tower has been blowed off we can’t fight back any more we have to go now Got it Go Li Changpeng What the hell are you gonna do Sir Our main force are heading to the gate to lob more than 20 shells Any response we can get from enemies It looks like there’s nobody in the town, not mention safeguarding here They really abandon the town to run away If it were we can take over the town with extreme ease Sir shall we go into the town Sir I think those Chinese troops are so crafty In my opinion you’d better let me go into the town to get some situation Good All right Your people lead the way ahead going into the town, fully searching You get Li Changpeng alive if you have a visual of him If you find the town is really empty then send us a flash message Yes sir Go ahead Those guys sent their advance troops here to get some situation Until they’re in I’ll go to kill them Don’t be reckless just let them completely in first Send my flash message in order to alert the suspects All men, getting covered no one would be allowed to fire without my permission Yes sir Let’s go Be careful, some traps are here We go through Zhongshui Gate It’s so wired here I felt it looks like an empty town you guys fully search the town first then repot to the head you two, go there and you two, there you go with me Yes sir It’s wired Muto why didn’t they send us messages Sir shall I go into with my people Negative Just wait yes sir Little stone Don’t move Don’t be feared our Japanese troops don’t wanna get you citizens hurt Sir what should we do now To come to save them That will alert those bad guys outside the town We can’t care so much about it I just wanna ask you where’er those troops guarding this town Sir No idea I really have no idea Unarmed To kill them with knifes Got it Remember slightly move we can’t afford to let them open a fire Wang Xun, Chen Er go separate ways We really don’t know where’re they, sir Asshole Please let us go, sir Sir Hey, men Japanese guys are coming soon Come on, take your kid away from here Thank you so much, sir Come on to give thanks to this uncle Thanks Asshole Wait Get him alive He’s useful to us To be well behaved Come on Go now Sir you have to have a look There’s someone on the gate tower giving us a wave I see Sir It seems Muto and his fellows has taken the town over Li Changpeng you are so disappointed to me Come on All men, go with me into the town Yes sir Muto you did a good job Yep It seems Chinese troops are not something as the saying goes Our emperor bless us so we can meet General Ishihara’s satisfaction All men, go back now Go back Come on Fire Fire Fire Muto Fire, shooting Asshole Sir We’ve been tricked the heavy gunfire they had we have to go back now Muto Get out Yamamoto

100 thoughts on “Chinese captain fires enemy with giant machine gun!Guerrilla soldier 15

  1. Почему пленного японца не положили на пол?) Почему почти все стреляют трассирующими?) Где, бля, гигантский пулемет?) Пленный красава – выполнил свой долг ценой жизни, предупредил своих.

  2. so different from actual Chinese soldiers.
    Chinese anti-Japan film want to show Japan as evil and coward as they can.
    and show chinese soldiers as a hero.
    truth is, they were taking scorched earth strategy and keep running away, and disguised as an civilians

  3. ผู้กำกับปัญญาอ่อนชิบหาย คนที่ดูหนังเรื่องนี้ ปัญญาอ่อนกว่าอีก

  4. История японско-китайской войны, история огребания пиздюлей от япов

  5. Блядина! Гигантская! Японский полемет тебе в зад вставить и загнуть под прямым углом. И руки вырвать. Чтобы говном людей не отвлекал.

  6. В реальности японцы пиз.. ли китайцев как хотели. Не смотря на численность. Поржать можно с фильметца 🙂

  7. I'm prefer watching real Japanese acting than Chinese acting as Japanese.

    This is what I called Japanese.

  8. Прямо героическая сказка. В жизни все было проще и гораздо трагичней для китайцев. И без вмешательства Союзных держав хрен бы они тех японцев победили. Красивая сказка для взрослых и детей для патриотического вос

  9. Прямо героическая сказка. В жизни все было проще и гораздо трагичней для китайцев. И без вмешательства Союзных держав хрен бы они тех японцев победили. Красивая сказка для взрослых и детей для патриотического вос

  10. can the chinese for once show a movie which is close to reality and not one chinese soldier killing hundreds of japanese troops. are the japanese soldiers that poorly trained during ww2 and are chinese soldiers shaolin masters?

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