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Chinese arrow soldier with a pistol to resist the enemy’s heavy machine gun!Arrow soldier 24

Let us in, let us in It’s on fire All right, it’s Lingxiao Palace I’ll go back to see my daughter It’s on fire, come on, go to fight a fire He’s right Come on, step back Don’t get crowded Guys, it’s not me who won’t let you in We can’t afford to go against the instruction from the higher level what if we let the spy from the Eighth Route Army go off we all have to go to die So please Let us in Well, you’re talking nonsense that there’s the spy from Eighth Route Army we all know each other he’s right Well, why didn’t we know where you’re from Come on, tell me who the hell are you we were here to go to see a relation You lied to us you’re not indigenous people from your accent For my money, you’re those spies Boss, I wanna tell you you guys got to the root Fight a fire, come on Guys, go to fight a fire Come on, go to burn the checkpoint up to support Jian Hao and Xiao Fei Let’s go Well, what the hell are you going to do Well, what the hell are you going to do What should we do I need to take the blame to draw you down You’re talking bullshit, come on, figure it out It felt like bode ill rather than well we need to get out of here no matter what the cost Guys This store is mine we did business on a shoestring we never get anyone else entrapped Guys, no need for you to be scared, we’re all good guys we promise we won’t get you hurt Listen up come on to turn up to get surrendered or we’ll set on fire to burn you up You listen up there’s someone else from Zhaojiayuzi here you can’t afford to get them hurt Guys, those people who will care less about us Please, you’d better go now Come on, go We open the door to get you guys out of here You don’t shoot them down and you’re assholes what if you dare to open a fire All right, time to let them go off Stand by Guys, we’ll open the door now you need to take your kids to get out of here, no need to be scared Come on, go now Well, they’re loyal Don’t shoot Come on, go now Mum, mum Go now Well, time for you to turn up you can get alive what if you turn up or we’ll set on fire to burn you up Fire Come on, grenades Laojiu and Long Fang come on, go now Let’s move Xiao Fei, you’re just in time Watching out Long Fang Long Fang Laojiu, would we have any ways to get out of here There’a river if we’re heading to the north we’re going to be ok what if we can go across that river You’re indeed a map on the move You take Long Fang to go now, and I’ll get you covered we need to meet by the riverbank You need to be more careful Go after them Come on, go after them Come on, go now Come on, burn them up Go, go, go Get in Huzi thanks to you today we can get that spy alive Well, it’s my duty I’m your employee to get you protected That spy who wanted to set on fire to burn your house up So it’s my job to bring him to the court Well, good job We need to come to our boss to have a look All right Ms Zhang Well, I’m not feeling better now so I wanna have a pee so I’ll be after you, is that ok All right, you need to be in a hurry Huzi, come here Well, you came to me Huzi, I just saw you guys were there you got someone else Yep, we got someone who entered to set on fire Well, who the hell is he who’s so bold to set on fire here Well, I have no idea but it felt like Ms Zhang knew him Are you sure Huzi well, how would your people get him punished Well, they couldn’t let him go off easily Setting on fire here that matters And for him who’s been trapped in the dungeon Well, the dungeon There’s a dungeon here Yep, it’s over there Well, what if you don’t have anything else to deal with I’m leaving now Ms Zhang is waiting for me And she’ll be to go mad Huzi, what happened to you why did you let her be filled with your mind Well, is she your real mother Well, you’re talking nonsense, I can’t follow you I’m her employee, and she paid for me, so I need to take a blame I have to follow her That makes sense Well, time to go now All right, I’m leaving Tao Hua, I’ll visit you what if I have my spare time Come on, go now

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