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Chicago Arms Co. Palm Pistol, ca. 1895 | Web Appraisal | Chicago

GUEST: This used to be my great-grandfather’s,
and my grandfather inherited it. He didn’t know what it was so he thought it
was a tool, and it was in his toolbox, and when he passed, we were going through his
things and my other grandfather pulled it out, and he wasn’t sure what it was and started
to suppress it, and my father said “Don’t do that.”, when he realized that it was actually
a little pistol, a little palm pistol. They don’t really make bullets for them anymore. APPRAISER: It’s a pretty cool little gun,
and it’s really a novelty, made by the Chicago Arms Company. They only made about 13,000, a little less
than 13,000 of them. About a thousand of them were finished in
the blue finish. This has got a nickel finish. And then some of them had mother of pearl
pads, and some were made without this rear thumb pad, but yours is probably the most
common example that we encounter. So it operated with a rotary system inside,
and we have seven chambers. You’d have to load them one at a time, rotate
the chamber and keep going until you were full. Then once you were done you could start firing. As you said, it was palm action, so squeeze
action. It fired a .32 short rim-fire, which they
don’t make anymore. It’s technically considered an antique gun. It’s got matching serial numbers on the case
and on the cover. That’s important because if for some reason
it was replaced, collectors like to have matching numbers. Chicago company, and what better place to
have a cool little protector gun than in Chicago in the early 20th century. These were made in the late 1890s and probably
would have saw service through the early 20th century, all throughout the turbulent times
in Chicago. We know it’s post-1893 because of the patent
date, so I’d put it right between 1895 and 1900. Really meant for personal protection. Condition is everything with guns. This has got most of the original finish,
grips are all in place and not cracked. A gun like this would retail at a gun show
easily $2,000. GUEST: Wow!

5 thoughts on “Chicago Arms Co. Palm Pistol, ca. 1895 | Web Appraisal | Chicago

  1. Kiddo,..never sell this rare gun unless you are down to your last penny. 2 grand is what he's telling you, in the right place and time, I suspect it will be worth more.

  2. Looks like a typical weapon that would have been used at a saloon shooting in the late 1800s! Very fascinating weapon!

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