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Chiappa M4 22LR AR-15 Style Rifle Unboxing and Live Fire

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classy Firearms. I’m excited to show you a brand new product
with Classy Firearms today. It is a .22 M-4 rifle called the M-4 .22 by
Chiappa Firearms. This is a little .22-caliber semi-automatic
rifle, AR-15 style made in Italy. I’ve been aware of this rifle on the firearms
market for a few years now. I’ve seen them at trade shows, I’ve held them,
I’ve admired them. They are the closest thing to a true M-4 AR-15
bodied and style firearm in a .22 long rifle caliber that I’ve seen on the market. Frankly we’ve never offered them before because
we didn’t feel like we could get into them at a price point where we could offer them
competitively to you guys and still make a little bit of profit on them. Well, that all changed recently. We were able to acquire some of these as part
of a mass buyer that we did, got into them at a great price point. We’re going to be able to bring them to you
below market, and we are very, very impressed with this little rifle. Jordan, if you will, come in, and let’s see
how they’re packed from the factory. See they come in these nice M-4 commercial
boxes from the factory. They have a limited warranty on them. I think it’s a one-year warranty from the
importer here in the States, so anything that goes wrong would be handled here in the States,
but they have a very good reputation. I don’t expect that. Come with the manual and warranty information,
and more than that, they come with some really nice stuff. Two 28-round magazines. You see the complete lower receiver here in
the box. The one thing I don’t like about the stock
is it is a non-collapsible stock. It is collapsible in look only, but that is
a solid stock, but the beauty of it is, and we’ll show you hopefully a little later, that
you can change out any type of T-6 AR-15 collapsible stock with it. Comes with an A-3 carry handle and of course
the barrel action as well as some cleaning tools and lubricant and so forth, and it comes
in two different variations. It comes in the black styling and also the
desert tan styling. Take a look in this one. I love the way they break down and they pack. The upper just drops into the lower like any
standard AR-15 does. A-3 carry handle attaches, 28-round mags work
out great. I’ve heard such good things about these little
rifles. We’ve never fired one, but when I check out
of here today, I’m going to leave a little early, take a couple of them home. I’m going to check a couple out, take them
home. We’re going to do a function test on them
that we’re also going to video and let you see that. I won’t be able to do an accuracy test at
home because I don’t have targets and so forth set up, and I’m sure I’ll be losing my light
by the time I get there, but they have a true standard M-4 barrel on them, fairly heavy
barrel for a .22 long rifle, so I’m sure we’ll get very good accuracy out of them. It replicates, basically as you can see, even
with the dust cover and a faux forward assist, replicates a standard AR-15 in every way. Very light, price point is good, two 28-round
magazines. We have extra mags also, and I guess the proof
will be in the pudding when we do the function test. We’re going to take a little break. The next time you see me, I’ll be at home
out back in a safe environment. We’re going to put some rounds downrange and
let you see how they function. Be right back. All right, folks. We’re back real quick with one more thing
before we go to live fire. I got to thinking about this thing, and a
lot of you folks may want to do exactly what I would want to do and change out the original
stock that comes with the rifle for a T-6 collapsible AR-15 stock. I changed one out. I wanted to show you how easy it was. This is the original stock. The threads and everything are exactly the
same as an AR-15 stock. The stock that I now have on here is one of
our UTG collapsible stocks. I grabbed that because it was close on the
shelf, and we have plenty of them in stock, but any AR-15 stock will work, any collapsible
type stock. Move to the more top positions. Like I said, I know some of you would like
the smaller format of that, the compactness of it. Frankly, I like these rifles so good, if they
shoot well, I’ll plan to get one for my youngest daughter for Christmas. She’s a little short thing, so she’ll want
to shoot it with the stock collapsed like that, but I do want to show you that. The T-6 stocks work perfectly on this rifle
and change out very easily. They do not utilize the buffer or the spring,
just the stock and the buffer tube to screw it to the back of the receiver. That’s a really nice feature. One of the other features that’s really good
while I have it here and assembled, this is a working A-3 carry handle. It has the thumb screws there that allow you
to take it right off the weapon. Once the A-3 carry handle’s off, you have
a flat top, so you can go to your flat top and put any type of one-inch weaver rings
that a standard one-inch weaver, just like any standard AR-15 receiver would have. You could go red dot scopes, reflex scopes,
standard rings and put scopes on it. All of your optics work really well. If you want to go back to your carry handle,
simply drop it back in place, tighten up the set screws and your carry handle is firmly
back on the rifle. Another great feature I like is these Hogue
style grips. They’ve got a pebble surface. Finish feels really good. Finger grooves so it fits really well in the
palm. Last but not least, let me show you your magazines. These are 28-round mags. The rifle comes with two of the 28-round mags,
and a function that I noticed is very nice … Jordan, if you can zoom in. These have a speed load button on the magazine
itself. You can draw down on that speed loader, take
pressure off of your follower and spring so you can drop your rounds right in without
having to feed them in one at a time and push down on the follower edge and go. That function is built into the mag and is
very nice. Upon assembling this rifle, I liked it even
more than I did seeing it in the box. They feel great. I love the collapsible stock, but frankly,
the standard stock’s not bad either depending on your height and what you like. A great little rifle, very impressed. We’re going to take these now, we’re going
to go try to get home before it gets dark, get some light function going on these things. The next time you see me, I’ll be throwing
some rounds downrange, and we’ll be right back and let you see some light fire. All right, folks. We’re back for a function test on our Chiappa
.22 rifles. I’m here in my backyard. My lovely wife, Sherry, is running the camera
for us. I have to be careful to never put Sherry on
camera because if you ever saw her, you’d throw rocks at me after that and never be
willing to watch me on a video again, that’s for sure. Anyway, I do not have a target range set up
here, so we’re just going to do a function test, let you see the round running through. We’re going to start with the tan model rather
than the black model. These have a fixed stock from the factory. This is not a collapsible stock. It is a fixed stock. However, they do accept all aftermarket AR-15
stocks. You can put a collapsible on here if you want. It does not require the buffer or the spring,
just the stock itself. I’ve got a magazine loaded already. I’m using CCI mini mags. We don’t sell CCI mini mags, so that’s not
necessarily an endorsement. It’s just the .22 ammo of my preference. I’ve never found anything that doesn’t like
it. Let’s run a few rounds through this one, and
then we’re going to transition to the black gun and show you that. All right, weapon hot, and here we go. Oh, that shoots beautifully. Boat hold open on the last round. I love that. First time I pulled the trigger on one of
these. It exceeded my expectations. We’re going to take a quick break, swap out,
get the black rifle. Going to do a performance test on that. We’ll be right back. What a great little rifle. Boat hold open, as you can see. I’m really anxious to go out and do an accuracy
test, and hopefully we can do one of those on film soon, but I can tell that I’m hitting
the same point of impact. Zero recoil. This rifle would be perfect for anyone. I love it. I am stoked. At this point, I’m going to have to have one
of these. I highly recommend it. Kiappa, Chiappa, however you want to say it,
it’s a shooting little son of a gun. We encourage you to pick one up. Come to our website and get further details,
and as always, check us out at

23 thoughts on “Chiappa M4 22LR AR-15 Style Rifle Unboxing and Live Fire

  1. this rifle looks very convertable over to 223 looks like a standard m4 lower and the barrel would be the same 22 cal change the mag and BCG and put a 223 mag in is that possible? what can or if any convert to 223?

  2. disregard my last statement i did a little bit of research and found that is is not convertible for the fact it does not have a buffer spring or a functioning bolt release or the trigger inside is set up different i think too but its a nice little rifle

  3. Just bought one in black.  Great black friday sale price and I just couldn't pass it up!  From what I have seen, it is very reliable and a great little plinker.  I love AR style rifles after carrying the M-16 for four years in the USAF.  I really like how they break down.  Very simple.  Looking forward to getting mine.  Thanks for a great deal on a neat little rifle!  I have bought many firearms from Classic Firearms and have not been disappointed!  Great business.

  4. Mine actually came with a free floating quad rail and adjustable buttstock. It is fully interchangeable with my AR 15. Mine runs flawless even with cheap ammo.

  5. Hi, Any idea why this rifle would not feed snap caps?, actually mine is the pro version. Thanks

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