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Chiappa Firearms LA322 lever action carbine: fun test

Hello we are here on the shooting range
with a new Chiappa lever-action rifle it’s the LA 322. With an 18-inch barrel that’s 47
centimeters, 15-round magazine tubular magazine beneath the barrel and IT has an American walnut stock with a takedown action, which is really really
interesting. You can actually take it down by removing this screw over here,
breaks down in two pieces, the actual reaction just separates in two halves
which makes it really really easy to maintain and clean. This rifle comes in
threes in three versions: this is a deluxe version which has a pistol grip,
the other two versions have a straight stock with no pistol grip; one the cube
version is with a chrome finish and the black a soft touch finish on the
forehand and the stock. It’s a really really really fun gun to shoot, it’s in 22 caliber rimfire and it’s a blast.

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