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  1. You mean to say all the experience I have in Battlefield and Call of Duty doesn't mean I can be an expert marksman?

  2. this comment section is sickening mention something not retarded like the fact you must take into account earth rotation once you get out to 1,000 yards their you go Ian a real comment.

  3. Wait the 50BMG is designed to pierce tank armor? That's literally impossible. I know for a fact that can't even pierce the rear armor of any modern tank and all medium to heavy during WWII.

  4. great optic (about $2K) ammo is $7/single round and up–far cry from 2011 when the price was more than triple. worked in a gun shop where the boss had one and was hitting 5 gal buckets at a mile!

  5. lol dis guy cant shoot and has no true army clan rep… i have this gun in multiple camos and have stopped russian, brazilian, and mexican soldiers, secret service, special ops all over the world… believe me, it's tough… ive seen it all… from radioactive wastelands, to small rust industrial sites, to favelas, to hidden russian sub bases, and even airports. there is a common misconception this is a long range weapon, but, believe me, with some quick trigger dorito dusted fingers, you can kill faster than a submachine gun at close range… ive seen red many times with my eyes but it's always healed and recovered thanks to my victories with fmj rounds in my trusty invention… wasnt easy, believe me…

    69th Spec Ops Division
    Colonel Quickscope, Rt.

  6. there is nothing wrong making a mode of m200 intervention its a work of art i even made one cause i love the gun and i know more about it than the g18

  7. Well, i wouldn't say that you could just put in a traditional style stock and it would shoot just as well, because one of the fundamentally responsible characteristics of an accurate rifle is rigidity; An accurate rifle is a stiff rifle. This is part of the reason they designed it with the style of chassis its shipped with, because its simple, and most importantly its VERY rigid, and anything less wouldn't do the cartridges capabilities justice.

  8. This rifle has very impressive performance no doubt but..not worth the price and more importantly, it's too heavy, that's why SF's still prefer to carry rifles manufactured by accuracy international, McMillan, PGM ultima ratio and more over those fancy designs(for long distances).I would rather lose a little bit accuracy than to carry a 15 kg rifle (5060 kg with all gear)for like 30 km. Don't get me wrong it's amazing design but in my opinion, it's far more suited for as a sporting rifle, not as a battle rifle. By the way in the army I had an HS Precision Pro Series 2000 loaded with 338. Lapua which is a very good rifle considering for its cost, look up for it.

  9. I'm pretty sure no one is gonna care much , but in Infinite Warfare there is a regular Intervention as well as a Two round burst bolt action Intervention

  10. CheyTac has terrible customer service, I had to return my M200 because they sent me Regular Mt.Dew and Cool Ranch doritos rather than Code Red and Nacho Cheese. 3/10 would not recommend.

  11. If I were selling a gun that brought $13,800, I would have taken some Kroil and 0000 steel wool to that magazine and a couple other spots on that rifle… I frequently sell guns at auction for more than this, and I appreciate the battle-worn look. However, I'd like to think the user took enough care to keep the rust from showing on such a new gun.

  12. A big component of this rifle's accuracy comes down to its proprietary .480 CheyTac round, which is made of a brass alloy to make it as 'slippery' as possible to minimise wind resistance. Unfortunately, last I checked, this ammo is ~$7 per round if you can find a place that sells it. Not exactly a range plinker.

  13. why cant we all just accept that sniper rifle is a real word and should be used as such. its a rifle, for a sniper. you dont take an m16 to kill someone 1000 yards away, and you dont take an m82 into a hostage rescue. theres a distinct difference and the new term is actually quite useful for quickly making the distinction rather than saying "a high precision magazine fed bolt action rifle"
    just call it a fucking sniper rifle already jesus…

  14. Some of the information is dead on wrong, and some of the most important information about this rifle has been neglected: This rifle, the CheyTac M200 is NOT made by EDM arms, the M200 is a stolen design that resulted in EDM arms winning a law suit against CheyTac for stealing the EDM Windrunner design. The reason there is so much attention on this rifle is because the CheyTac company has spent more effort in stealing other peoples / companies work, manipulation, and marketing, if you want a world leading accurate rifle you would look at Accuracy International or GA Precision, or any of the many other brands available, in fact, is not all that accurate, the rifle is guaranteed 1MOA or better [same as my Barrett 98B] which is good, but it is not good enough. And the price of this rifle is so expensive, you would be made to get it when there are more accurate and proven rifles on the market that come from reliable and faithful companies that became popular from actually making great rifles: Accuracy International, GA Precision, PGW, McMillan, HS Precision, Surgeon, ect. I would not even put the M200 in the same category as my Barrett 98B or a Blaser Tac 2, these rifles have an experienced company that has fulfilled military sales and corresponded with front line troops and their rifles are though less accurate, very reliable and in the case of my barrett 98B, is very strong and very reliable. The M200 has nothing going for it except for the marketing that is given by video games and movies.

  15. The intervention? A Forgotten Weapon? It appeared in call of duty MW2. It's probably not as well-known as it could be because its an expensive beast! I've seen them go for anywhere from $8 000- $13,000! Clearly, this rifle is not for plebians!

  16. This rifle is a true boss! Too bad ammo is so proprietary compared to 50 BMG, 338 LM, 308 Win, 300 WinMag and 6.5 Creedmoor.

  17. The only decent overview of the actual piece on youtube. Amazing engineering and absolutely beautiful.. Thanks for this fantastic video Ian.

  18. I find it to be strange when gamers talk about guns like they shoot them.

    They do not. They just generate a string of computer code that creates an image on a screen.

    Sure the computer code may be interesting, but at the end of the day it is just a computer driven simulation.

    Virtual Reality is not real.

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