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Cheap Canooter Valve, S&W up in 2019, Pistol-Mounted Camera – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, A genuinely affordable
5.56 can, Big Blue is in the black, a new Vepr and a light, laser and camera combo for
your defensive pistol. Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
gun news you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. If you’re watching this on Facebook, do me
a huge favor and share this video. I want to test some things and that will help
me immensely. Now, how about some news? First up this week is something that you guys
are ALWAYS asking for. An affordable suppressor. I’m not talking about an 800 dollar can, I’m
talking about 260 bucks for this one. Say hello to the best named suppressor on
the market. The Canooter Valve from Witt Machine. My only exposure to this brand prior to this
thing was their muzzle brakes that look like the head of a snake so I wasn’t sure what
to expect here. Let’s break down the specs. The Canooter Valve is a 3.9 inch 5.56 suppressor
that is mounted via direct threading. They say it only adds 3.2 inches of length
to the end of your gun. Get your minds out of the gutter. Beyond that, it’s an inch and a eighth around
and even though it’s made from 416 stainless it tips the scales at 8.4 ounces. So basically it’s a tiny little can. For reference, the SilencerCo Saker 556k is
about 5 and a half inches in length and weighs just over 14 ounces. So like I said the canooter is tiny. On top of that it’s full auto rated down to
7 inch barrels, and they also claim that there is no blowback through the charging handle
with this can. I call a HUGE BS on that blowback claim. And as you can also see there is a flash hider
on the front of the suppressor, which is actually needed on some rifle configurations with a
tiny suppressor. They published a sound rating of 136 db at
the shooters ear which is just shy of the hearing safe limit and for something this
cheap and small is actually pretty cool. The reality with any suppressor making big
claims is that testing is absolutely needed to verify BUT if they hold up, that is a freakin
sweet deal. I’m curious though, how many of you guys have
a desire for something this small? Does the price outweigh the fact that it’s
size not ideal for every set up? Sound off in the comments and let me know
your thoughts. Get it, sound off. In not-so-struggle bus news, Smith & Wesson
just announced their first quarter 2019 earnings and let’s just say that David Hogg threatening
them will do nothing but help their cause. Yes he really did demand that they donate
5 million dollars to gun violence prevention AND stop making certain guns that he deemed
unacceptable. After a sort of bumpy 2018, these numbers
actually skew positive and I think that could be a positive sign for the entire industry. Specifically, big blue states that sales for
the quarter were 138.8 million vs 129 million last year which equates to an increase of
about 7.6 percent. They are attributing this to new product releases
such as the 380 EZ among others. I find it interesting that we saw numbers
that were definitely NOT as positive from the likes of Winchester and Vista outdoor. Of course, it’s only one quarter of the year
and who knows what will come of the market in the next 9 months. What I do know is that smith and wesson stock
holders are happy right now. We have a couple other new products for you
guys this week. Fime Group, the same company that imports
the Rex series of pistols just announced a new VEPR chambered in 243 winchester. I really like seeing an expansion of the AK
platform and the addition of cartridges like 6.5 grendel and now 243 in a VEPR is pretty
freaking cool in my book. The guns will come with a 20.5 inch barrel,
7 round mags, thumbhole stock and foregrip made of wood and will weigh in at about 10
pounds. The MSRP is a bit hefty at 1000 bucks but
I suppose that’s what you get when the supply of stuff from overseas slows down. Beyond that, Viridian, a company best known
for their pistol mounted lasers and lights has announced a new version of their X5L Gen
3 that has a 1080p camera built right into it. So you get a 500 lumen light, a 5mW green
laser, in a waterproof housing with USB charging and data transfer, with a 1080p camera that
also records audio. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any data on
their website that indicated how much memory will be on board which likely means not a
lot but it’s still a neat concept and I think has some real value when it comes to training
and defensive scenarios. But I suppose the real question there would
be is there enough value for the MSRP of 600 bucks. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions from all over social media. This week our questions are coming from Instagram! If you aren’t following us there, the link in the description. I think the answer might be a two fold thing. First, not every company out there has the
ability to speak in an educated manor when it comes to politics. There are some incredible engineers and product
designers that run gun companies that would be the last people that should be speaking
publicly about an issue. And that kind of ties into the issue of them
even wanting to do it in the first place. The backlash from saying one thing incorrectly
could seriously damage the brand and with so many companies being way smaller than they
appear on the surface, it could do real bottom line damage in the long run. I think Grendel is actually way more relevant
than 357 sig right now. I had no idea how many people were into it
until I started talking about 224 valkyrie and people seemed to come out of the woodwork
in support of the grendel. Surprised me for sure. But without something new and cool being chambered
for 357 sig, it certainly won’t be growing any time soon. And our question of the week, and winner of
a Custom engraved PMAG, Great question, I can’t speak for Matt on
this but I will give you my thoughts. Consider the fact that someone of his size
plays things a little safer politically in order to maintain that huge audience. If he went off on some rant about pro gun
legislation I think it would change the fun feel of his channel and really take away from
what’s going on there. I would also argue that a channel of that
size does a significant amount of good by simply showing the shooting sports as fun,
accessible and acceptable to the masses. At the time of this recording, Demolition
Ranch has over 5 and a half million subscribers and I guarantee a large portion of them are
just there to be entertained. Now, would I like to see Matt take a hard
stance on certain issues? Absolutely, but I also understand why he may
not want to do that. If you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me on any of our social media outlets! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Cheap Canooter Valve, S&W up in 2019, Pistol-Mounted Camera – TGC News!

  1. LoneStarBoars – Wanna see how a firearm/caliber/can combo really perform on tough hogs? This channel is awesome and a great source of info on thermal and night vision as well. Entertaining and informative!

  2. If you are really interested in lower priced supressors… Check out 3ring silencers. Low priced direct thread supressors.

  3. Besides my own channel (which i have to say, because, y'know) i'd go with 704 tactical and TheHumblemarksman. 704 falls under a similar niche to me, and Humble is great at USPSA breakdowns and training videos.

  4. Incredible…. Amazing where technology is going! $600 makes sense for a great light, laser, camera.

    If the manufacturer could get costs down a bit and expand enough related products for me to justify it, I'd consider buying one.

  5. A shorter, lighter can that can suppress as good as a longer heavier can would be shveet! But at 136 dB, this is the not the can I'm looking for.

  6. Favorite <100k has to be Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch. The dude is great to listen to. He's worthy of so much more than 83,000 subs.

    And I want a Canooter Valve. It would look great next to my muffler bearing and blinker fluid.

  7. .243 AK? You stated you support this platform. .243 is an inherently accurate barrel burning cartridge. Why would you be "Excited" to see this variant in an AK platform? The AK platform will almost certainly degrade the accurate characteristics of this cartridge with few benefits beyond prematurely ruining the rifling of a barrel.

  8. I would absolutely buy that $600 light, laser, camera! It could stop you from going to prison. Yeah $600 is easily worth it to me.

  9. GunBlue490 is an excellent site. He has years of professional and experiencial knowledge and does a great job conveying his messsage to his audience.

  10. S&W doubled in size in 2008 but last year, 2017, reduced about 25% of the labor force. Profits & good sales #s are a + but let's see how S&W holds up in 24mo or so.

  11. I'd add that the M&P EZ model may have sold well. Smith & Wesson seems to trend towards women & new shooters. I'd suggest offering a few revolver models with the stupid lawyer locks & going back to better QC.

  12. I know my comment is going to be lost but i feel that American gun news is great but innovations on firearms worldwide should be recognised. When i say this i know American markets lead the way but, fall very short with suppressors. New Zealand has some of the best suppressors in the world and Americans seem to slowly catch up to them

  13. The X5L Cam claims "full 1080p HD recording", and "8 hours of on board video storage". If we assume the standard bitrate of 8Mbps for 1080p video for 1080p video, that'd be ~28GB, so it's fair to assume it probably has 32GB of on board storage. Interestingly, I can't find any talk of a microSD card slot, which would had been the obvious choice IMO. But, I guess you don't want to have to worry about a card going bad, so they choose onboard storage instead. Makes sense, and is actually really cool. Great for a home defense firearm.

  14. 8541 Tactical does an excellent job discussing precision shooting and equipment along with reloading, and tips. I highly recommend checking them out.

  15. Did I miss something? Vepr coming to America again? I thought that the Vepr .243 was available before? Molot's newest rifle, has a quick-change barrel, bolts, ect and can be used with different calibers. Molot's 9 mm AK that uses Glock mags would be a good seller.

  16. Personally, if I carried (can't, as I live on LI in NYS), I would love that flashlight/camera combo. If I ever needed to pull out my pistol for self defense, that device would give me an edge in any court case I needed to defend myself in.

  17. The honest truth is most firearm companies don’t want to take a firm stance for fear of harming their revenue, when what they should do is dig in and support 2A all the way. If Fudds and But’ers get their feelings hurt let’em cry over it.

  18. Patrick kelley under 20k. Does from the box to the match reviews. Does a field strip and inspection then staight to steel challenge match.

  19. Funny"sound off"! The can will fill big nich. S&W is profiting from fear of new blue wave. If all the dems running for office have their way guns will be banned . Their minds need educated on positive aspects of the right of self defense and not relieing on civil servants being every where at one time. The NRA needs to help this not piss them all off with threats and insults. Politics is a dangerous subject in this country these days. To expect any company to put it's bottom line on the block over publicly politicing is a crap shoot. There are so many people convinced that our basic constitutional rights are slipping away that they fear saying anything as only to fear retribution from their own community.

  20. Price and size make no difference to me in terms of suppressors alone. I just have no interest in waiting 6 months and paying an additional $200. Regardless of the suppressor cost, I'm not going to pay 1/5 to 3/4 more. Nothing about that math is worth it when a $8 pair of earplugs works the same. Would I be all over it if it was a 3 month and $50 fee, hell yeah. It kind of comes down to one of those things, where if they want to make more money, they should get their shit together as well as lower the cost. Then just sit back and watch the numbers quintuple overnight..

  21. We are an 07-02 located in Florida and just received four Canooter Valves. If you guys have an SOT we would be glad to send you one to review for a shout out and then you guys can just transfer back to us when your done !

  22. The cam light would save some civvies asses from the legal side. Camera back up with a good lawyer. Unbeatable right.

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