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Chauchat Light Machine Gun – Worst machine gun ever?

Chauchat Light Machine Gun The First World War The ‘Chauchat’ or “Fusil Mitrailleur Modele 1915 CSRG” was the standard machine rifle or light machine gun of the French Army during World War I. Designed in 1907, this light machine gun weighed about 9KG or 20 pounds. It fires 8mm Lebel cartridge at a slow rate of 250 rounds per minute. With around 262,000 Chauchat machine rifles manufactured between 1915 and 1918, the weapon was the most widely manufactured automatic weapon odfWorld War 1. The American Expeditionary Force also used the Chauchat, while they waited for the delivery of the new Browning M1917 machine gun, modified to fire 30-06 ammunition. In the muddy trenches, the machine gun was unreliable. Dirt could enter to the gun’s open-sided half-moon magazine easily which block the mechanism. Even when not blocked, there could be failure in feeding rounds. To avoid this, gunners loaded their magazines with 18 or 19 rounds instead of the maximum 20. Also problematic was the gun’s long recoil system, making the recoil violent. A loose bipod, sights that made weapon shoot too low to the right and overheating from fully automatic fire all caused a great stress for the gunner. For the AEF version of the Chauchat, French manufacturers used incorrect chamber measurement resulting in even worse performance. Because of this, it was not uncommon for the US soldiers to ditch the weapon altogether. The Chauchat was therefore regarded as the worst machine gun of the First World War. And according to some experts, the worst machine gun ever fielded in the history of warfare. This subtitle is produced by David Baynes.

100 thoughts on “Chauchat Light Machine Gun – Worst machine gun ever?

  1. First time to ever hear an unenthusiastic narrator to introduce a very terrible machine gun…. totally not surprised🤣

  2. you know what? I don't even blame the designers of this gun, they were bicycle manufacturers, why would you ask them to make a machine gun.

  3. actually, the 1915 chauchat was a very good weapon. the 8mm lebel was a good cartridge and the issues with the open magazine were wildly overstated, as well as the ergonomic issues. the slow rate of fire, while not exactly ideal, did provide some benefits. the US 1917 chauchat however, was terrible. the gun, obviously, never meant to fire 30.06 rounds and would often jam

  4. The gun would probably have a better fire rate if you loaded each bullet individually instead of in a mag considering how often it jammed

  5. You forgot to mention the 30.06 round was too powerful for the Chauchat to handle, It literally shook itself to pieces.

  6. Video : *explaining about gun
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  7. I for one highly doubt that any army equipped with the Chauchat machine gun and red pantaloons would lose any war. This has to be a conspiracy.

  8. Well ww1 was the training war for better arm and military tactics in ww2. Good job humas in killing each other. Keep up the good work let us see some nuclear holocaust. You may annihilate yourself and earth would live in peace.

  9. Chauchat was used by greek forces in 1922 greek-turkish war and 1940 greek-italian war. I feel qualified to say it actually was the worst machine gun

  10. if i was in some life-threatening fight where i HAD to defend myself by any means necessary and mortally wound/kill my assailants, and i was thrown onto the floor and on the floor i saw a broken bottle and a chauchat lying next to each other, id take the broken bottle because id have a better chance of winning

  11. The late R. Lee Ermey once did a segment on the weapon that was five minutes long. One minute was spent explaining the history, caliber, and design of the weapon, ten seconds test firing the weapon, and three minutes, fifty seconds calling the weapon every curse word in the US Marine Corps dictionary when it only fire 4 rounds then became hopelessly jammed.

    Note that, like all weapons the Gunny tested, it was in absolute pristine condition, and STILL failed.

    Furthermore, it was next to impossible to repair a broken weapon in the field because no two weapons were exactly alike. For example if you had serial number 041 and the barrel bent, the bipod broke, or the receiver stopped functioning, you could not take parts from number 040 or 042 or even 099 to repair it because, again, there was no consistency in the manufacturing process.

  12. The chauchat is just combined with the worse machine gun than this and the ribeyrolles from call of duty world war 2

  13. The gun that lost in a shooting contest against a starter pistol, simply because the starter pistol actually works.

  14. The thing is, even if the gun did work properly, it still seems like crap due to its 20-round magazine. What good is a machine gun that only holds 20 rounds? The constant magazine changes completely negate the advantage a machine gun is supposed to provide. A gun that large needs to hold more ammo then that.

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