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CHARPS; Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights

Hey guys, how you doing? Bob Charpinsky with Devil Dog Concepts™ and we’re here today because I want to show you our new Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights called the CHARPS™. Now, these Sights are specially designed for rapid one-handed charging of your handgun off nearly any object at nearly any angle. The CHARPS™ is designed with dual serrated front ends and angled centered radius, which allow the rear sights to grip gear, even clothing, edges of static objects, or practically anything you have right in front of you. The CHARPS™ Handgun Sights are made from hardened steel, have a black nitride finish, and are assembled in the USA with Ultra Bright Swiss Tritium, designed with anti-glare straight lines, a press fitting dovetail, and a set screw for added durability. Have a 10 year limited warranty and are manufactured for Devil Dog Concepts™ by Truglo®, a leader in the handgun sight industry! For more information or to order your CHARPS™ go to

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