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  1. a minotaur from critical role wears full plate armour without a helmet,
    i think the name was sunbreaker Iulmon or something
    i thought that it was pretty cool

    -obviously this happened over a year since this video was made

  2. I think it would've been instructive to watch videos of actual bulls goring people before either of these videos. Yes, goring is a viable option, and no the horns don't often punch through the skin or the body cavity of people. When they do the bull has zero problem shaking the person loose and going after the next. People have this impression that bull horns are like curved spears, and that's not even close to true. Horn tips are dull, and so when they pierce it's through sheer force alone. As to when a Minotaur should do it, it would be as part of a close quarters ambush in order to very quickly incapacitate the first, and maybe second person in the group. A charging of the first person, and then- if the opportunity presents itself, a tossing of the head upward or to the side at the second person closest to the first.

  3. I could be wrong, but wasn't the minotaur based on the ox/bison and not the cow/bull? If so with the superior size and strength of a bison any two handed weapon of medieval times or earlier would be easily used one handed by the minotaur so a shield would be well within his ability to have in the opposite hand. Even a pole arm would probably not be difficult to use one handed. Just a thought.

  4. Regards minotaurs and armor, could one reason to look into maybe be them being unable to dress themselves into one. Often seen as lonesome creatures, they dont exactly seem to capable of dressing? 😛

  5. I would think a mace and shield in general would be the best even in close quarters. Sadly though Minotaurs would be at their best in open fields. Basically a horseless calvary. Imagine an army of minotaurs half with bows and arrows and the other half with shields and Maces/Spears. Thats probably the strongest fantasy army right there.

  6. A spiked tower shield and a gauntlet sword or a hooked or forked polearm to trap or skewer from above or below. Taurs on defense would maximize their advantages in hallways, stairs, pits, or keeps.

  7. What kind of armor do you think would work best for a lizard person? (Specifically a lizard person who’s a rogue that’s capable of burrowing)

  8. D&D wise a Minotaur generally has modifiers of +8 Str, +4 con, -2 int (I have a kind of random access memory and a small library of rpg resource books)

  9. This just reminded me of the giant guys in the dark souls 2 crypt that dual wield giant towershields. Also the pair of great Shields from dark souls 3 that was literally a pair of doors.

  10. Man After a Long Day in the fields I can't wait to go home and,

    Sees my door is gone That Damned MInotaur, DAMN YOU MINOTAUR, MY FATHER MADE THAT DOOR FOR ME.

  11. For a Minotaur instead of a tower Shield I think they would benefit more with a targ. A large Shield most of the time round with studded leather with a big spike in the middle. And instead of a sword or an axe maybe a Naginata. Which is basically a 6 foot staff with a 2 foot sword blade on one end used in Japan.

  12. The labyrinth thing… If minotaurs were an actual species… why on earth would they live in labyrinths? It makes no sense at all. I mean, the original thing, he was locked up in there and couldn't leave. It's not like he chose to live there happily ever after. XD I'd rather say that minotaurs would live in grassy landscapes (you know, steppes, fields, etc) or mountainous areas where their feet are better suited for the ground and where their size and big horns won't get them entangled in branches from trees or get stuck or scrape against walls and/or they'd slip on the hard, smooth floors. Just my opinion. 🙂

  13. Hmm, maybe they are smart enough to make weapons, but don't have the slight of hand needed… umm… wrong word… you know… hands with smaller fingers and stuff. XD They're quite big and beefy… Also, I approve of the door! 😀


    and then put them in the Roman formation with a whole group and you would have an unstoppable answer to any war

  15. Oh my god, you gave me an a great Idea to my rol playing game in this weekend!!!! A big door running to my adventurers and a minutaur behind it!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  16. Do the really fat swords like that of Thanos’ sword? (Of course only one blade but you know what I mean right?)

  17. I think axes work very well for minotaurs first of all they aren't restricted by human strength but are only about a foot higher than humans making them able to use double bladed axes way faster. Second of all I think they'd be more animal like in behavior considering they're heads are bulls head so it wouldn't be so far fetched that they have somewhat of a cow brain. Third of all they can use a big dual bladed axe for brute force not necessarily for cutting think about a minotaur swinging a axe side to side but with the sides not the blades so it would be a big internal jellifiying weapon. Fourth of all they gaurd things right? So the person that captured one of these things might have outfitted them with weapons AND armor for better guarding. Fifth of all and last of all they have horns and act like bulls making for a charge by one of these lethal in terms of force, speed, and goring

  18. Poor adventurers, walking in a labirinth and when they trying to open a door, it slams into their faces.

  19. After seeing both videos I was wondering why you didn't consider the great club for a weapon. Look to the Japanese Kanabo and consider the use a minotaur would get out of it. Being that they are larger and stronger than humans they would be able to use the club to great effect ,possibly one-handed, and because clubs are thick and sturdy even double handed they have great defensive capability. Finally the best part of a club is that they push the force of the hit through armor so they break the man inside it. All in all it'd be a great weapon for the minotaur similarly so would a war hammer though they were almost never made large enough for a minotaur to use one comfortably.

  20. But how does he hold the door? A regular doorknob or door handle is not adequate for a shield hand hold. It would need some kind of arm strap or something more like what you'd find on an actual shield.

    And you can't trust a post Deendee drawing of a minotaur. It's an ancient Greek myth, and does not conform to modern artistic interpretations of fantasy role-playing badassery. Even the very idea of there being more than one minotaur in existence was not thought up until Gygax & co. Historical illustrations and descriptions indicate body of a man, head of a bull. There's no indication of them having cloven hooves – just regular human-like feet and legs. Human hands, human torso. Only the head is bull-like.

  21. think that generally, with humanoid monsters that have greater strength and power, augmenting their defense is always a good idea. goes for all species, a big health bar paired with already high base damage doesn't really need much more offensive power.

  22. Regarding the minotuar's lack of armor: it may not be a result of decreased intelligence but a logical choice for them based on their preferred combat style and biological limitations. Minotuars are often shown charging at high speed at their enemies, heavy, restrictive armor would hinder that ability. Also a creature of this size would have thermal considerations. With such mass they need to be able to dissipate their body heat efficiently. They don't appear to have any physical characteristics designed for the purpose of body cooling like an elephant's giant ears or anything. They may choose to avoid armor because it would cause them to overheat and reduce their combat stamina. Shields would be perfect, and an axe or mace would be great for chopping or smashing the poor humans who they just knocked down with their shield charge even if the humans were wearing heavy armor.

  23. Personally I think large maces would make a lot of sense for Minotaurs
    No need for edge alignment and they could put their formidable strength into massive hammer blows

  24. Perhaps a spiked shield like fire giants use in D&D? They might not even need a weapon, they could use the shield to charge and also slam opponents around with it.

  25. intelligence depends on brain/body ratio. If the brain/body ratio is same as the human ones, they can be quite intelligent.

  26. why do they have to make the armor or the swords themselves?

    we can consider that they are getting them from humans or dwarfs who would probably also exist in the same setting

  27. Since the Minotuar originates from Greece I think Greek weapons would be a good fit
    The Hoplon shield with an over sized Kopis or Xiphos if the Minotuar is smart enough he would still go for a Greek Hoplite weapon set

  28. I have 2 small points on the Minotaur's hide. For the overall durability of there head, in a rush, I usually think of a Cape Buffalo, who's skull is hard enough to stop bullets. Some interactions for the power of the Minotaur and other powerful bulls might have come from tails or imports of these beast.
    Also, when it comes to the original story, the version I always heard was Thesious killed the Minotaur, by using the power of his own charge to get a sword, or broken part of horn, threw the beast thick hide. To me this has always sujested there skin it too thick to be cut or easily pieced.
    I don't think a Minotaur in a closer area, or in close range has much need from armor. But the piecing power of a long bow or a belista, would require them to use it in an open long range area like a battle field.

  29. Why is a large sword better than a large mace for a minotaur?
    it would be easier to maneuver than the shield to smash things with and allow for much more destructive power than a sword. perhaps the range?. but considering the fact that they are bigger would mean their arms are longer as well as the fact they could have a splendid door in the other hand for defense. so the range wouldn't be an issue.

  30. I have a minotaur paladin that does the tower shield and dragonslayer (a longsword that wavy style) and hand axes

  31. There is a lit-rpg with shielded minotaur protagonist written in 2015, which is another case when different people came to same conclusions while trying to solve same problem. The name is a running safe http://samlib.ru/w/wishnewskij_s_w/sejfsdwumjaezhami.shtml Well its on russian but its ok.

  32. In fantasy settings where the minotaur is a race or common monster i cannot fault your logic, but i think i can propose why the two-handed axe trend could be justified.
    In original mythology the minotaur hide wasn't just tough, it was unbreakable; any hero who defeated a minotaur was only able to do so by stabbing it with one of its own horns. If we then suppose that minotaurs are virtually invulnerable a weapon with maximum damage output and no defense becomes the obvious best choice and charging becomes more viable.

  33. Minotaurs are supposed to have almost indestructible hide, so armor is a bit redundant for minotaurs and not having the extra weight from armor would help with charges and agility

  34. If your interested in Minotaurs try thees books https://www.amazon.com/Cebelius/e/B07DXD332M?ref=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

  35. Your point of the Minotaur picking up weapons from dead adventurers I’d have to disagree on. Someone put a Minotaur in a place to protect something, so that person will probably equip the Minotaur as well as they can.

  36. Minotaur mostly likely have a better sense of smell and or hearing than humans which would be there first line of detection so eye sight can be weaker or stonger.

  37. Depending on how big the horns are. A spear may be nice because they may intrude with guarding the upper part of your body

  38. D&d idea.
    Minotaur has 2 doors and an ax.
    Walking through labarynth following sounds.
    Sound stops there’s a twin wooden door.
    “I open the door”
    OOOOOHHH! You’ve given me terrible terrible ideas

  39. I havent started watching yet, but if you dont say a war hammer ill be disappointed

    Even if they are too dumb to build their own steel weapons, hammers are pretty simple to make

    If they were smart… think about it. A minataur in heavy armour with a war hammer. They are extremely strong so they could have really thick armour and be the front liners

  40. I know this video is old, and I've made comments on other videos, but I've just started watching this channel, and one thing kept me coming back initially. You simply made logical, rational arguments based on your personal knowledge and research, but also completely open to correction, new information, and logical arguments to the contrary. Cheers Shad!

  41. 5:32 Im sorry is that a minotaur in 40k power armour? Dafuq? That is both scary and awsome. I know there's an astartes chapter called the minotaurs i just didn't think they meant literally

  42. You know you should consider pitting your fantasy creatures against each other using the weapons and tactics you believe is best suited for them just to see who is the superior species.

  43. armor vs non armour not necessarily indicative of intelligence but of development. The Andaman islanders aren't any less intelligent than other humans. Just like us there would be relatively advanced minotuars just as well as savage barbarian types.

  44. The only problem I have is that a door has no sturdy grip/handle on it. As soon as a Minotaur starts ripping at it the door is likely either have holes in it that would be vulnerable or would fall apart due to the destruction it faced. I do love the idea of a tower shield though! I've seen it already posted but the edge alignment & instead using a club, mace or hammer 1 handed due to lack of finesse. strictly for Labyrinth

  45. I may be a little late to put my thoughs into the fray but honestly i think if the minotaurs are smart enough to make armor, a heavy armored minoraur with an upscaled mace and maybe shield would be devastating in open warfare. Be it plate or gambison, the sttength of the minotaur would probably kill anything the mace connects to

  46. Ok if i had access to minotaurs as an infantry unit say like the white witch from narnia did i think i would employ the minotaurs into a phalanx. A wall of shields and spears charging at you full force i would say could be more devastating than the calvary charge…

  47. I don't think intelligence will play a role I what weapons they could use. In the scenario we're describing they are in a labyrinth meaning they're protecting something, generally for someone else. That someone else has enough money and recourses to build a giant labyrinth, find a Minotaur, capture him, and drag him back to the giant labyrinth. That guy probably has enough money to equip the thing he just spent a fortune on with the best weapons and armor available.

  48. I think they only need the weapons and shield until they get in a good charge and can engage in grappling/wrestling, then they would use their size, horns and massive strength to kill their foe with their bare hands.

  49. an interesting factor to consider is that minotaurs are very likely to be artificial creatures for two significant reasons. one is that they are in most settings guardian to something and has no population out of specific labyrinths. the other one is that from the evolution point of view it has too many hybrid features, specifically a bull's head and hoof, human's torso and arms, and sharp teeth, to inherit from an ancestor. now given that we can safely assume minotaurs being artificial creatures, probably made by combining strong male human slaves with other animals through magic, and serves the sole purpose of a guard, it comes to the question taht if it would be more functional and effective or symbolic in terms of intimidating trespassers off.

  50. The position of the eyes indicated that Minotaurs are not predators, because predators have the eyes in the front of the face, not on the sides. Maybe this means they wouldn't use weapons and the way to fight Minotaurs would be not doing it and trying to de-escalate.

  51. Solution to the giant shield issue: Set the shield on fire with a flaming arrow (or several), a sulfur-based chemical weapon, or Greek fire.

  52. If the minotaur horn would indeed get in the way of a bow draw, that could be used as a short range buff to projectile power at the sacrifice of long range precision!

  53. If a minotour was in a labyrinth to protect it’s contents, then I’m assuming someone put the minotaur there. Couldn’t the owner of the labyrinth also just give the minotaur a proper shield?

  54. If Minotaur's eyes are a little bit more separated it's deep perception will suffer as that depends in the stereoscopy created by the combination of both eye's field of vision. So with less overlapping regions on their field of vision, the Minotaur's sight region with deep perception will be minor

  55. Which kind of monster (from your current understanding of the subject, and in your own opinion) is the most difficult to kill Dungeons & Dragons “Monstrous Creature” you can think of and why?

  56. No. You want to give that Minotaur a beefy hammer. Ya, a big sword or axe In comparison to us pretty scary.. but what's scarier and very good for destroying adventurers and their suits of metal armor is basically beating in their armor with a big hammer. He's got the thick skull and horns for head butting for a last resort.. he's got the tower shield to block off any hope for them.. But if you think about how physically frighteningly strong that thing is.. Hammer. One good whack to that full on "head protection" and wham! Oh? You have bones? Let me break and crack them. Oh? You got shiny armor Mr paladin man? Let me crack you open and beat your armor in with my hero beater. That's just how I personally feel.. A minotaur is perfect for beating, dazing, stunning from mere impact, and knocking down adventurers like that.. again.. just how I personally feel.

  57. Imagine if there were holes in a tower shield that the minotaur could stick his horns through, especially making a charging wall with two large spikes. Granted, it would won't work for a lot of minotaurs if they don't have the right horn shaping for it, but hey its a fun little thought. Though I wonder if it could lead to potential snapping of the horns.

  58. I will admit that I really like the idea of a minotaur with a bearing sword. Mostly because I can imagine the scenario.
    A local noble has started to encroach on the territory of a minotaur, and hanging within his newly built square/mead hall is a Bearing Sword.
    In the night, the minotaur breaks into the hall, kills some of the people within, and steals the sword.

  59. I just realized something, the entire time I've heard of minos is from Greek/Roman myth…

    Why have I never seen a Minotaur dressed as a Legionary? Do you know how terrifying that would be to see a group of them, even five or so, with the armor and weapons of the old Romans? Sure yes there would be disadvantages of it but seriously I'd personally think that would be intimidating as hell!

  60. So for a shield as a weapon for a Minotaur, my first thought (if they find one or make one I’m assuming they can make it themselves for the purpose of this explanation) was a shield that is similar to the Targe of the Blooded from Skyrim. So a giant tower shield with nails (or maybe shortswords as Minotaurs are very large) through it so that not only could they knock them back, but also stab them, I can see some flaws with this bit I think it could be highly effective against humans ( with or without armor as with unarmored they will get stabbed and with armor the force that the Minotaur can put into their entire body will be highly devastating)

  61. In a labyrinth all you'd have to do is when he's charging you with his tower shield blinding him you lie down next to the wall and kick the shield in the bottom corner and he'll completely lose balance.

    Just kick hard enough as far out on the corner of the shield as you can so that the shield/door is twisted or he might crush you with it when falling.

    Might not be the most obvious solution as you're getting charged though xd

  62. My fantasy world usually have monsters given their weapons.
    All monsters in dragoncrest come from the dark dimension that is where they get their high ammounts of magic and weapons. The creatures are given weapons by the beings controlling the dark dimension.
    The minotaur is smart enough to talk but with broken english since they are native to the language of the demons used in the dark dimension
    which led people to think they were the icon of demons.

  63. No human would Ever be able to win a fair fight ( like a duel ) vs a minotaur. A minotaur is a bull with a human body shape. A bull can weigh 500 – 1000kg. So let's say the minotaur is 500kg and the man it's fighting is 100kg. The minotaur will need to be 5 times stronger to move with the same ease as the man. Having 5 times the mass ( or even 10 if it's a big boy ) and 5 times the strength, it will kill a fully armored knight with one punch or kick. It's like being run over by a small car….. So shield ( or a door ) to defend and it's fist to send you flying. If the minotaur is a mindless beast then you MIGHT stand a chance. A bull can also run 35 MPH so yeah….. You meet a minotaur, you're dead meat fam.

  64. I think that it is worth mentioning that in the original Greek Mythology, the Minotaur's lack of intelligence could be attributed to the fact that he spent his whole life locked up in the labyrinth with his only source of food being people the King of Minos threw in there.

  65. I think there is a reason Minotaurs are depicted as holding 2 weapons, or holding a large axe with the hands far from each other.

    Given the size of the muscles on the upper body it seems that they would have difficulty bringing their hands together to hold great sword with 2 hands. As if the muscle would make it uncomfortable. But not impossible.

    I also get the impression that when turning the hips during a swing, the hoofed feet with long ankles seem less balanced than our own legs.

    These two assumptions in combination make swinging a 2-handed sword look clumsy. That might be why Minotaurs are commonly depicted as using axes. Because the hands are further apart, so when rotating the hips you only have one thing to account for.

    I could be wrong though.

  66. I always figured that Minotaurs' intelligence would be closer to a Neanderthal than a modern human. So I think they would be using stone tools like a stone club or something. I figured that they would probably scavenge and use weapons from human that they killed until said weapons were unusable.

  67. HEY SHAD, SLIGHT PROBLEM! A minotaur by necessity would be slow in overall movement speed. Their legs are awkwardly jointed for a bipedal monster, and their upper bodies are huge in comparison to their lower bodies. Put simply, a minotaur would be easily tripped. Worse, they couldn't corner well with those hooves and screwed up leg joints and all that inertia…. Charging would never work in a labyrinth as a result. All you'd need to do is run away until the corridor makes a 90 degree angle, and the minotaur would crash into the wall behind you!

  68. Oh wow. And how far/hard can a minotaur toss throwing weapons at you from behind the comfort of his towershield? Bovine legionaires anyone?

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