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Chain-Reaction of TEN Rifle Rounds – Were you right?

and we have it on a remote string really
this is remote string it’s best all I could afford You’re a YouTube batman hundredaire we
could only afford two feet of string just squint i’ll just wait I’ve got
ballistic protective glasses on okay and I’ll flex… This is jeff of
TAOFLEDERMAUS. In this video we’re going to finally see if we can get a
chain reaction with a column of 10 by five six rounds later melon have created
this simple rig which will fire a BB remotely striking the first primer of
the round the ground will explode driving the first bullet forward
striking the second primer setting it off and creating we’re calling a
sequential chain reaction quite a number of viewers told us that we had to have a
space between each round in order to give the bullet enough time to come up
to speed and they were using analogies like cars crashing into each other and
stuff like that so we decided not to put any space at all because hey if it fails
then we can always go back and put spaces between the rounds a ton of
people said that the primer on a 556 is just too hard so we’re just going to
defy them to and use 556 for this test probably the second most common
prediction from viewers was that a BB is to round 2 set off that hard 556 primer
it’s just impossible nothing is going to happen by far the most popular
prediction was that only the first round to actually go off not setting off the
second one and the two would just blow up so let’s see what really is going to
happen now in the event that we actually get a complete chain reaction and stuff
actually flies out the front will put this watermelon there to capture
anything today’s shooter or string polar in this
case will be a very brave man named Greg so let me shut up and let’s do the test that was more than a baby don’t be like
that they erected yes yeah yeah so what we would have in the end of the
barrel there is a little piece of a primer that blue backwards and lodged
itself in the barrel you can see you there what are the chances rifle primers that
came straight back into the wild stuff in there any pc here shredded the cardboard to shred of the
cardboard base blew out all sides of our it broke this list yeah that was like
that with all sides of the crystal of the two we found out you’re in the dirt
as far as 25 yards away and then most impressive is the shards of brass
adjusting the primer still on that one the primer is all in look that’s
important to see there look at that look at the primer primer has been fired off
as if it was in a rifle on this it’s even that’s a hard primer strike
actually but one thing we were noticing is the primers blew out on some of these
others and show the bullet tip that would did not go off apparently this one
the bullet has ceded itself even deeper LOL it takes a little bit of force to do
that yeah but as you as viewers can tell the
bullet tip has actually been impacted let driven in like a nail so it’s lamb
forward into the round in front of it and then if you look over here for
evidence is blown away so much for trial if you look over here the this 223
caliber round actually has a blunted tip where it flew forward and slammed around
in front of it a lot of force there so does this one we found this one about
25 yards away also back into the left but all these amazingly all my cameras
didn’t get hit look at this sheet of metal that this
thing just yeah we’ve been searching for about 15 minutes here again there’s
another another primer that detonated perfectly along with this one most of the primers it appears blue
right now that’s all we found though this that was gone I think wait look there’s the full that tube is this
we we knew the two was gonna go that was without any doubt if anything happened
the two was going to explode we didn’t want a metal tube because we didn’t want
middle shrapnel happen this was bad now just this food back
towards me where I was pulling the string actually went over my head came
down raining down past us with almost no force and as you can see here we’re
calling crime scene investigation this is the cast off all of that debris were
assuming we haven’t come in yet in surgery but all that little boy . that
towards the camera a little bit look at that perfectly round hole where
that tube yeah was lying that we will i was going to want to save that
watermelon for lunch but uh well let’s go ahead and cut it open and then blast
it all that stuff right back out yes we’ll see on the little surgery here
surgery pretty good at that this melon has been anesthetized so what look like
one thing we’re seeing right there is your spring and tube that’s what shot
into it yeah okay pull that sucker out might be
the only thing that we can find in there you see that last week i posted a video
showing the rig and how I was going to do things and I asked viewers what their
predictions were and the only way to get an honest answer
out of somebody especially on the internet is to not show the results so
we head up about 2,500 comments about ninety-nine point nine percent of the
comments predicted absolute failure and no chain reaction and I’m not
exaggerating from 556 primers being too hard to be set off two BB’s not being
able to set of primers to you know all the energy blowing out the back there
was a lot of thought that went into these comments based on people’s you
know experiences in life or maybe watching mythbusters and stuff like that
of course i had no idea what would actually happen once ice you know set
this thing up and we shot it it worked on the very first try which was amazing to me and it worked exactly way
I thought it would in my head and usually I’m wrong I’ll be honest with
you there was absolutely no intention to make anyone look foolish stupid or
anything because hey this has never been done before and there’s just a lot of
variables and things that can actually go wrong but I definitely want to thank
everyone who participated were brave enough to put down their thoughts their
predictions using logic there was a lot of thought going on here and I thought
this was a really fun experiment that I could actually involve my viewers and
put yourselves in my shoes for once many times i am just blown away and amazed at
some of the stuff that occurs in my videos and I want you guys to be amazed
to not be that annoying guy said oh I knew that was gonna work i knew that
cube shake slug was gonna fly with such precision yeah right nobody wins a prize when
they’re right and nobody gets points taken away when they’re wrong on the
internet trust be so hopefully you were still surprised at the results will come
back and say I knew we debit complete chain reaction because only two people
out of 2,500 actually predicted that I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for
watching Oh No

100 thoughts on “Chain-Reaction of TEN Rifle Rounds – Were you right?

  1. When you explained the setup, I figured that either nothing would happen if the BB gun wasn't powerful enough, or the whole thing would go like it did. Sure, without a barrel or chamber the bullet isn't going to go far, but how far does it need to go to set of a primer? 1/20"?

  2. Of course that would set off a chain reaction 😂. So when I load ballistic tip rounds in a tubular magazine I will be sure to not shoot the primers.

  3. Do it with soft nose 30/30 rounds and shoot the first round's primer with a BB… I think you will still get a chain reaction…. Definitely if it's in a steel tube.

  4. You CAN set off a chain reaction. There's a reason the US military held weapon trials in the 1870s for a tube fed magazine that was cylindrical

  5. The 45-70 might be more relevant. Fact is if one goes they all could go a disaster for anyone near. Dropping a gun, a thin primer are some of many anomalies that could cause disaster. There is a good reason they don't stack them. They do put rubber ballistic tips on large hollow points so they can be stacked safely in lever guns.

  6. That's why you don't put pointed ammo into a lever action rifle with a tubular magazine. The recoil will set of the same chain reaction inside the magazine tube.

  7. Watched your first attempt, I felt safe that if a dropped my rifle, should I be stupid enough to load pointed ammo that it would be a 1 in a million to fire the rounds in the magazine. After watching this video, I believe it would be just lucky not to fire off. I like to see the Leverevolution elastomer tip rounds that they claim are safe.

  8. If you made a metal attachment for a BB gun to hold a cartridge that would make money and turn it in to a true survival weapon a 177x3080x 51

  9. the test needs to be done with the original guns and calibers in question. Reload some FMJ 308 bullets into 30-30 cases and load them in a lever action rifle, cowboy up and fire the gun with a full tube

  10. I never caught the first video but it's a no brainer for me, I got it right. We used to shoot shells with our bb guns as kids so I knew the answer. I always figured lever action tube feed guns came in round tip bullet calibers for this reason, to prevent a chain reaction if you dropped your rifle wrong.

  11. Lol yeah certainly surprised me. I honestly thought it would just blow the first round up. They all went off seemingly at the same time it was so quick. Very impressive.

  12. I don't understand why people doubted any of this. It's literally been a known fact for decades and has been a large factor in the design of lever guns and their amunition

  13. To those that said a BB would not trip the primer, I ask… WHAT KIND OF LAME CHILDHOOD DID YOU HAVE!!?? lol

  14. You guys were the dumb ones not doing this from the beginning your other video you just taped them to a rifle lmfao

  15. AWESOME!!! I didn't think all would fire, and I'm even more surprised that it worked in that tube, I was sure that the tube would fail within the first or second explosions and thus the rest would not be accurate enough the continue the reaction! Good job guys

  16. I wouldn’t call that a total chain reaction. Looks to me like it basically blew up. Just a silly test in the first place.

  17. Having seen this first hand does not surprise me. My cousin Rodney , a real gun expert, I think in 1999 deer season, decided to load himself 20 rounds of 30/30 with, I think, some 120 grain soft point hornady bullets. This was a long time ago. I don’t remember the exact details of how he worked up the load. His thinking was a pointed bullet would offer him a bit further range. We live in the ozarks so most whitetails are taken at 50 yards or less but he had missed a decent buck at about 110 yards the previous year and blamed it on the 30/30 not being accurate past 75 yards. Which by the way is total B.S. Rodney just had never shot that far and he plain ole just flat out missed. I know this because I have killed coyotes at 125 yards with my marlin 30/30 with a 20 inch barrel. It’s not my first choice for a coyote rifle but it did work. Anyway. I told him that he had better only load two rounds into his rifle because of a possible chain fire with his Winchester 94. One in the chamber and one in the magazine. His response was priceless. “ The guy at Norma’s told me there were extremely hard primers and that he assured me that it would be perfectly safe to load them if I used these primers.” I know ever employee at Norma’s gun shop in Arcadia Mo. There is no one there that would have told him that unless he flat out lied about what he was doing. Back in those days The lady who owned it insisted her employees be very knowledgeable about what they were selling and she stressed safety very heavily. I haven’t been back there in like 11 years but I am sure it is no different today. So he loaded 5 rounds into his 94 and off into the mountains just North of eminence Mo. he did get a running shot at a doe that day and to his luck he missed and levered in another round without incident. We hunted about 3 days when I killed a nice size spike. That day I was useing an old m1 carbine. I can’t remember why I just was. He got pretty upset because other than my oldest son who was 11 at the time all of our 12 person party had filled their tags. Then it happened. About 8 am he spots a very nice doe at about 40 yards he fires and sure enough the 5 rounds in his magazine all went off. Luckily for him all he got was a piece of the forstock imbedded into his hand. It however totally destroyed his magazine and forstock and screwed up the blueing on the bottom of his rifle. He tried to sue Norma’s for giving him bad information but his lawsugot thrown out of court. He lost most of the use of his ring finger and all the use of his pinky finger on his left hand. He had to have 2 surgeries on his left hand to repair some tendons. The rest of us all thought he got off lucky. He got his rifle repaired. The sad thing is to this day he blames the employee at the gun store for selling him light strike primers. As far as I know there are only 1 type of primers as far as striking force to make them go off. I now have a 45/70 marlin that I sometimes use if I’m hunting in really brushy woods. I’m Leary of useing the leverloution rounds because they are pointed. However hornady states that because of the soft tip chain fires are impossible to happen. It still concerns me. I love the round though. It really does a number on the wild pigs on our property and I’ve never had a chain fire. Sorry that this is so long. It just proves these guys point though. Thought maybe some of you might have thought it was funny. Happy hunting everyone and please be safe.

  18. lol those two people are smart eliminating the gap is what allowed the bullets to hit the primers directly causing the chain reaction. Where can you make these predictions?

  19. I would not have used a glaspipe that explodes for a nice videoeffect but does affect the result badly…but it wasnt done by sientists 😉

  20. I didn't see your previous video . But I didn't buy any of the reasons for failure as you listed them . Especially that a BB gun wouldn't set off the first primer . I did that a lot as a kid . To show off .

  21. I dunno if thats conclusively a "Complete" chain reaction, Several rounds detanated, though ti appears for the force of the blast set some off, not necessarily a strike from the previous round, though some did. I assume the point of this was the Spitzer bullet in a tube magazine fear? pretty conclusive regardless, be careful with those

  22. You've proven three things.
    1: On the Internet, almost everyone considers themself an expert on almost everything.
    2: Almost everyone will, authoritatively, give the wrong answer to any given problem.
    3: Almost everyone on the internet is full of shit

  23. Alright… I must provide my hypothesis prior to viewing this video's conclusion. Just like the Simpson's experiment with a quantum of loud speakers… The last speaker will perform as loud as it's amplifier can perform, thus the last bullet will eject based on how powerful its primer round is. There for, the last bullet should have just the same effect as a single bullet.


  24. Try it again with one of those clear hoses and see how many rounds you can get to go off. And a plus is I think that the clear hose should contain the entire reaction. Also there are places where you can rent high speed cameras and one of them might hook you up for the publicity

  25. Before watching, was glad you didnt do tube with steel or metal.. Explosion would have been larger. Lever action rifle shooters have known about this FACT for decades. Pistol rounds, rifle rounds, primer type doesn't matter. Using pointed bullets in mag tube is a disaster which WILL happen. When bullets will be in a mag tube, bullet nose MUST have flat point wide enough that flat point is WIDER than diameter of the primer. IF NOT, best case is a lost rifle, or someone is hurt including bystanders, or worse a death which was avoidable caused by stupidity. davzway aka: Hardway Horsley, SASS LIFE #3106

  26. Primers are easier to set off than most people realize. I seen a man drop a 30.06 round while loading his rifle. The round went off went it hit the ground. He had bits of the brass casing in his leg. No real damage to his leg. Most of the damage was to his underwear. The primer must have hit just right on a small rock or something. Maybe it was a defective round to start with, I do not know.

  27. Two years later, I see 16k up votes and 2k down votes for this video.
    That indicates to me some 10% of the people just can't accept that they were wrong. That is quite disturbing, but then, internets….
    Disclaimer: I'm way late to the party so I didn't even know about the experiment until just now.

  28. There would never be spaces between rounds in a SPRING fed mag. And roundness has NOTHING to do with setting off a primer. PEOPLE ARE SOOO STUPID!!!

  29. You do some crazy dangerous experiments, becareful because I wouldn't know what to watch on you tube because something happened to you

  30. I predict the first one but there will not be enough pressure built up to push the bullet forward and you'll get split case

  31. When you own a Winchester model 93 lever action you cn never find spire point ammo for it. So someone must have done this before..Merry Christmas

  32. next time can you drop the tube to simulate what would happen if a hypothetical rifle with a tube mag might do if you struck something/someone with the butt?

  33. I was absolutely confident that there would be multiple discharges. One of my actors (in an Old West shootout) had a chain fire in his '66 using BLANKS! Since they were black powder, they all ignited in an instant. (Black powder is considered an explosive) It launched the loading tube nearly 25 yards and compacted three shell cases together. This is why you should use only flat point rounds in your lever actions.

  34. I INSTANTLY recognized that sound at 3:27 from Serious Sam. These kamikaze guys, topnaked and headless, running directly at you while holding two bombs above their (no more existent) heads and constantly screaming was the weirdest and most terrifying Npc at all.
    Playing on hardcore mode and hearing this gettin louder and louder but not seeing from where they come was frightening af…
    The chainreactions when you hit a large group of them sometimes fkd with my speakers. Sometimes there where HUNDREDS of them emerging from all directions. When you had no more ammo and they got in a 2 meters radius of your positioj, all of them exploded at the same time killing my speakers and the pc crashed… it was fun.

  35. So much fun!
    Physics goofed a lot of people up
    I wish I'd have seen this originally I would have put in my two cents and then the third person that was right

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