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Cetme 308 / Heckler & Koch G3 designated marksman rifle build

Hey youtubers! This is another custom build
of mine. It’s a cetme g3 clone. So like most of you guys after watching heat for the first
time, I always wanted Val Kilmers g3 when he was backing up Robert Dinero in that parking
lot scene. It was a great gun and a great scene. I got the the parts kit from Cope’s
distributing several years back for $199. And the receiver was a JLD enterprises before
they became ptr industries. I threw on a cnc warrior compensator which mitigated the recoil.
Its threaded 15 x 1 and its fairly inexpensive around 45 dollars. I set this up as a DMR,
designated marksman rifle. I’m using a Bushnell 10x mildot scope its mil mil reticle and a
Bushnell trs 25 red dot. The scope rings I’m using are UTG pro made in the usa. Its the quick release version. Its the low profile scope rings. I hadn’t had any issues with it holding zero when I take it
off and put it back on. On the butststock I’m using a ump checkweld riser I got from midway. Also I added a ak recoil pad to increase the length of pull by 1 inch. This is the best part of
the cetme/ g3 design, it makes sweet sweet music when you karate chomp the charging handle. So this is what the cetme g3 does to your brass when it extracts it. It has fluted chamber
which buggers it up and the extractor spits it out roughly 30 feet away from you. Currently
it shoots 2-3 MOA using South African m80 ball ammo. I plan on following up this video with
a accuracy test using match grade ammo. If you like these videos please subscribe to
this channel with the link below. Incase you missed my other videos click on any of these

22 thoughts on “Cetme 308 / Heckler & Koch G3 designated marksman rifle build

  1. I thought that you did an OK job showcasing the rifle. I bought a Century rebuilt CETME modelo C about 12 years ago. It arrived in barely serviceable condition, original dirt, new receiver, and remanufacture dirt and metal shavings, all in the storage grease. I cleaned it top to bottom, added an M4 style extendable stock and a polymer recoil buffer, and it shoots like a veteran. 6inch groups at 400 yards with open sights and milsurp ammo. Most fun rifle I have ever owned, very few rifles at the range are louder, regardless the caliber. I would show a full breakdown with emphasis on how to disassemble, clean, and reseat the bold components. Main Battle Rifle !

  2. Thanks  for the video, but please get a proper microphone, you sound like calling from Mars. BTW, what is the result on the target ?

  3. Why is it during all these "builds" and firing videos they rarely show the grouping. If someone is in the market for a specific rifle they want to know how accurate it is dam it!!!! It's like showing off your supercar and not telling the viewer how fast you are going.

  4. Like your set up no doubt you will do better with Mach ammo, let us know how that went,nice rifle!!

  5. G 3 is a real men rifle. About how much you spend if you make your own G3 and where do buy the best parts?

  6. I enjoyed your video! Very nice set up. I purchased a C308 for the exact same purpose. A gritty trigger for sure, but it really is a true work horse! Thanks for posting your video.

  7. This battle rifle is an absolute power in your hand and proved its capabilities in last decades all around the world. Love it.

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