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Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Passenger 67 Year Old Grama In Jail For Gun Posession In Cayman Islands

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce got a video today about a gal named Carol who was gonna take a cruise
on the celebrity silhouette the cruise ship was leaving Fort Lauderdale on a
nine-day Caribbean cruise with all the amenities onboard the ship you can’t
beat this but oh my Carroll 67 year old grandma from Wisconsin got herself into
IEEPA trouble and what are we gonna do is she guilty or not guilty here’s the
question she arrived after leaving Fort Lauderdale I had the day at sea she
arrived in the Cayman Islands and when she got to the Cayman Islands she didn’t
go into downtown Georgetown like everyone else does what she ended up
doing was she ended up going over to the airport she ended up at Owen Roberts
Airport so while her pals were down here in downtown Georgetown she went to the
airport and she went to the Delta baggage claim area to pick up a suitcase
she went and claimed the suitcase and was promptly arrested by the Cayman
Police Department taken to jail and charged with gun possession because
inside her bag was a 25 millimeter handgun he ended up in court the next
day where the defense lawyer and the defense lawyer argued that the
court the the state had no case against her she was not in possession of a
handgun in the Cayman Islands turns out that when she flew from Wisconsin where
she has a permit legal to carry a firearm she landed in Miami the bag was
lost she apparently left directions for the bag to be left behind because the
gun was supposed to be kept with a friend of hers who lived in that area
Delta however found out that her she was on a cruise on the celebrities
silhouette so they sent the bag to Cayman as a courtesy and when she got
the Cayman Islands they charged her with possession
the lawyer said that she was never intended to have the gun in the Cayman
Islands she was only there to get her baggage for her clothing and that she
should be released the magistrate agreed to let her out on bail $10,000 cash plus
she has to have a hotel hopefully she’s in one of these but the cruise is gone
she can’t go back to the ship it left without her and she’s stuck in k-man
until the course case is resolved it’s gonna be several more days before the
earring even takes place is she guilty or is she not guilty leave your comment
down below in my comment section and join me Monday to Friday at five o’clock
Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 Eastern we talk cruise ship stories six days a week
and we’ll follow this one and see what happens to Carol the 67 year old
gun-toting grandma who’s in jail who was in jail in the Caymans but now is out on
bail see you later everybody bye for now

45 thoughts on “Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Passenger 67 Year Old Grama In Jail For Gun Posession In Cayman Islands

  1. If Carol knew the gun was in that bag she should never have claimed it. She should have contacted Delta and demanded it be rerouted back to her home. What was her plan after collecting it at the airport – to bring it on the ship? She is going to pay the consequences for silly decisions but also may have a case against Delta.

  2. Anybody who has ever bought a gun with a licence to carry knows better! I don't live in a gun free zone. I come from a law enforcement family….and this is Texas! Do your homework! It's not worth it!

  3. Sounds like one travelogue she will never forget…hope she enjoys her new adventure in travel….it will take some time to sort out…true adventure in traveling….. for her…..dismissed afterwards…..I think tho……

  4. The way it was told someone in Florida was supposed to get that bag. Also Delta and the TSA was also at fault. They X-ray luggage and it should have picked up the weapon.
    Plus why would a airline send the bag to the Caymans unless they were told to do that. How would Delta find out she was on a cruise?

  5. I forgot to add, she picked up the bag therefore she’s in trouble. Hopefully the judge lets her off easy. Plus it would have been picked up getting on the ship thru their X-ray machines

  6. She said the gun was supposed to be left with a friend. Was that friend at the airport to collect the gun. She and her friend wouldn't have known the bag was lost until she got to the airport. Also who packs for a cruise and says what the heck, I didn't need anything in that suitcase anyway. Sounds very suspicious to me.

  7. Hi Bruce, carrying a gun to a different state may be an issue, but I think giving that gun to another person who it is not the registered owner can’t be legal regardless of the state. Something just doesn’t smell right on this one so I think she is guilty of something. It’s her luggage, she packed it and she recovered it knowing the gun was in the bag. Hard to argue on those points.

  8. Coming from Europe where we don't feel the need to carry firearms on our holidays….what was she thinking even packing it in the bag?!

  9. I would think that according to their law, she would be guilty, but…if the airline forwarded the luggage without her consent, then perhaps not? It sounds strange to me that any airline would do that automatically. I would also think that either the Gramma or her friend would have gotten in touch with the airline to tell them that her friend would be there to pick up the luggage. It seems that there may be more to this story. Never rely on "I was unaware" when traveling to another country. Also, she should have known that she couldn't bring a gun on board the ship, anyway….hmmmm.

  10. Not knowing gun laws in Cayman Islands she is probably guilty. Will pay fine and go home. But if she traveled to New Jersey or New York with her weapon . She would be in much more trouble and probably spend more time in jail

  11. You are allowed to transport a gun as long as it's unloaded and locked away in your checked bag. You do have to inform the airline representative when you check your bag that you have an unloaded gun in your bag. That's the only way the government will allow you to transport a weapon. My question, what is wrong with what she did? Yet again and, proof positive, too much government interference and over regulation in everything we do.

    I'm getting so sick of these little tiny banana republics pulling these stunts especially when someone is just passing through their little insignificant domain. It's all about money and putting their name in the news. This is absolutely rediculious.

    If tourists would stop spending one penny in these little crummy ports we'll have to teach the hard way. They'll quickly learn you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  12. As a kiwi who lives in Australia I do not understand the American desire to have a gun! Oh, I know about American laws and the right to bear arms and all the arguments about personal safety, etc. thrown around by various lobby groups, but when I hear reports on the news about school shootings and other mass killings I just think having everyone wandering around armed is crazy! I do think there is a use for guns, but not by everyone. I have used guns at rifle ranges and done clay pigeon shooting and found these activities enjoyable, however, I have been very happy to leave the venues without the guns. It is just a very different way of living compared to the United States. I just think the woman should have left the bloody thing at home, the gun has no place on a cruise ship or in her hand bag while she wanders around the streets of another country, she was probably intending to disobey their laws so she deserves what she gets. Also, sixty seven years old is not old! I am the same age and work full time in a professional capacity for a world wide Canadian company. So don’t feel we should go easy on her for being old or being a grandma. Probably Americans will take issue with my opinion and write abusive replies. However, before they do, please consider that not everyone around the world carries guns, they are not allowed to because of local laws, nor do they experience daily shootings, so guns outside sports clubs are unnecessary. It is just a different point of view and way of living. Have a good day.

  13. Ant chance to stick it to an American even if it's a forgetful old lady. PS all those port are good for is roofie coladas and being drugged in your food and drinks and people count on them (pirates) to hand down Justice? Stupid

  14. What kind of idiotic behaviour is this?!! She brought a gun onto an aeroplane and then she wanted to bring it onto a cruise ship!!! Is she a nut job? What does she want a gun for in the first place? This is just beyond belief! I know that Americans have this stupid obsession with guns anyway but, she brought a gun on her holidays! I sincerely hope they put her in prison for a long time! Crazy stupid people and their guns! Thankfully we have proper laws over here where guns are subject to rigorous controls.

  15. Get your facts straight and be slow to judge people – Carol was a high school classmate of mine who also unexpectedly died just recently on April 18 – the very day her case was dismissed. Who knows what role the absurdity and horror of such charges may have contributed to her death.

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