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CCW Permit Holder Interrupts Hold Up: First Person Defender | S7 E8

(low rumbling sound) (air whooshing) – Not a big deal man, We can work this out. – What happened? Tell me what happened. – Nothing happened, man. (gun firing) – [Man] Put the gun down! (whooshing) – [Narrator] Welcome to
First Person Defender. Where regular people come face to face with unknown attackers. (men yelling) – Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Drop it, drop the gun! (rock music drowns out speaker) Drop the gun! Do it now!
– [Narrator] And fight their way out. (rock guitar music) This is First Person Defender. (rock music) (whooshing) – Today on FPD, we have Dave, a civilian who has dedicated two decades to firearms training. How good can a trained-up person be? Well, we’re gonna throw
him some curve balls today. Stay tuned. (whooshing) – [Narrator] These
force-on-force scenarios use training guns that fire
non-lethal projectiles. (whooshing) – Dave Barry, grew up here in Mississippi. I got involved in competition shooting through a policeman friend
of mine in Louisiana and shot, basically, USPSA for a while. Went to Gunsite in 2000. It was one of the last classes
that Colonel Cooper taught. That week turned into,
basically, an epiphany for me about self-defense and the fact that there are bad people out there. – You never know what you’re gonna get when you get someone that
has a lot of experience or a little bit of experience. Sometimes a lot of experience,
people get over-confident. He’s done a lot of different
things, but he’s quiet. (whooshing) – I’m blessed to have a wife who likes to train as much as I do. Most of our vacations are
centered around firearms training. And I’ve also recently become
part-time deputy sheriff in the county where I
live, so my life revolves around firearms and firearms training. (whooshing) – Never know what quiet’s gonna mean. Quiet could mean he carries a big stick, and quiet could also mean
that doesn’t have the ability to command presence in a scene
that gets a little chaotic. But we’re gonna find out. (whooshing) – Well, I hope I don’t suck. (whooshing) – [Brother] Hey, man. I’m glad you could make it. – [David] Sup. [Narrator] David is
meeting with his brother at a quiet restaurant. What happens when
patrons settle a dispute? Will David make the right decision? – [David] So what’s up, man? What’s been going on? – [Brother] Not a lot, I’ve been busy. Busy as hell. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go wash up, and we’ll get it started. – [David] Okay. – [Brother] All right?
– [David] Get me a beer. – [Brother] Get you a beer? Okay. – [Jim] Yeah man. Okay, bye. (patrons chattering) – [Brother] What kind of beer do you want? – [David] A non-alcoholic one. – [Brother] Non-alcoholic. All right. (door opens) (patrons chattering) (water running) (suspenseful music) – [Brother] Wow. – [KJ] Are you Jim? You Jim? (suspenseful music) (dispenser clicking) – I don’t know. Hey, I don’t know you. Why you got a gun?
– You messing around with my wife? – [Jim] Who? – [KJ] (mumbles) – [Jim] I don’t even know Jessica. – [KJ] See you do know her.
– [Jim] No. – [KJ] I knew you did. – [Jim] No.
– [KJ] I knew you did. – [Jim] Dude, I had no clue
who you’re talking about. – [KJ] Yeah, you know. – [Jim] No, no. No.
– [KJ] You know her. – [Jim] No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – [KJ] Yeah.
– [Jim] No. No. – 911. – Let’s talk about this. – [KJ] No, we ain’t talking about– – Man with a gun. (music drowns out speaker) – [Brother] Can I leave? – [KJ] No, you can’t leave.
– [Jim] Let’s talk. – [Brother] What’s the matter with you? – [KJ] Just relax, this isn’t about you. – [Jim] No. – [KJ] This isn’t about you, okay? – [Jim] Not a big deal
man, we can work this out. – [KJ] What happened? Tell me what happened. – Nothing happened, man. (gunshot)
(yells) – [David] Put the gun down! (three rapid gunshots) (yells) (suspenseful music) – [David] You all right? (suspenseful music) – [Brother] Dave, what
do you want me to do? – [David] My phone’s in there. 911’s on the line. Call ’em and tell ’em
– [Brother] Got it. – [David] shots fired. Put the gun down! Put the gun down! (suspenseful music) – [David] End Ex, End ex, End Ex. (whooshing) (suspenseful music) (whooshing) – All right, Dave, run me through this. What happened? – Okay, so I go to the bathroom. I’m sitting here with my
brother in the restaurant. (whooshing) I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, come out and there was a man, holding someone, not my brother, at gunpoint. I don’t know whether this guy is a bad guy.
(whooshing) Or this is an undercover cop. – Right. – I don’t see… I don’t have enough
information at this point. (whooshing) I’m not willing to let him know yet that I’m there with a gun. He evidently didn’t see me at this point. (whooshing)
I need more information here. – [KJ] Yeah. – Because I really… I really don’t want to shoot another cop. – How does somebody tell
if it’s a cop or not? – Well, I mean I’m looking up here. (whooshing) There’s no badge on a chain. There’s no badge on the belt. When I first saw him,
(whooshing) it was just guy with a gun holding somebody at a gunpoint. – [KJ] Yep.
– And then, (whooshing)
so I ducked back down. Called 911. Put the phone down. (whooshing)
and I’m trying to gain some more information. – When did you decide to shoot? (whooshing)
– [David] As soon as he fired. (muffled gunshot) I don’t think that law enforcement is just going to shoot
somebody sittin’ at a table. I didn’t see this guy that he shot make any movements like
he was going for a gun. – Right.
(whooshing) You think you made the right choice? – Based on the information– – We haven’t told you what I was. – No, you haven’t.
– If I’m a good guy or bad guy. – No you have not, but based on what I was
able to pick up and process. (whooshing) – I was concerned about you being too quiet. And quiet worked for you this time. Based on the totality
of the circumstances, you did the right things. – Cool. – What kind of advice
do you have for somebody who would come into a situation that maybe now the music’s on in here. – Aw man. (laughs) – Put the music on in here. – [David] Dark.
– Add another 50 people. – And it’s dark. – Little darker. – Yeah. – You’re able to pick up on all the cues. That made it a good shoot. Now you said you dialed 911 back there.
(whooshing) – [David] Right. And I said, 911 man with a gun at this restaurant and put the phone down.
(whooshing) – What if we’re not talking and
the cops are just coming in? And you’ve still got the gun on, what are you going to do
when it’s in your hand? – I’m gonna put it down. – Let me ask you a question. When you used this cover, you’re a right-handed shooter, correct? – Yes. – [Brother] That’s left-handed coverage. – [David] Yes it is. – [Brother] Did you switch hands? – [David] No, I’m not there yet. – So, what do you say we go
through some of that stuff? – Oh boy. Okay. (whooshing) – Ruger’s one of the
sponsors of this show. And one of the guns they’ve
come out with lately, is the Security-9. (gunshot) Lot of value. Holds plenty of ammo.
(gunshot) Good for home defense. (gunshot)
Could be concealed-carry or a great range gun. So,
(whooshing) we appreciate Ruger’s support. Go give the Ruger Security-9 a look. (whooshing) – So there have been occasions
in force-on-force training, when I’ve been forced to expose
a minimal amount of myself. So what I do is I switch hands, but I not just switch
hands, I switch eyes. Now, I’m very strong right-eye dominant. So, I have to close my
right eye really hard to minimize my exposure. By switching hands, and then using my left eye to shoot with my left hand. (whooshing) So this is right-handed,
using my right eye, coming around a left-side cover. (suspenseful music) You can see how much I
have to expose of myself to make that shot. Now, I’m going to switch hands, and I’m going to use my
left eye and my left hand. (suspenseful music) And there’s substantially
less of me sticking out. Does that make sense? – Absolutely. – [Brother] So go ahead, do right hand, right side
and tell me how you feel? Look how your leg had to come out. – Yep. – To get all the way over
there to make that shot. – Yep. – All right, now switch hands. Switch eyes. You’re gonna have to
close that right eye hard. (suspenseful music) (gun clicks) (whoosh) – [Brother] Substantially less exposure. (whooshing) – Let’s take it live fire. (whooshing) – [Brother] Switch hands, switch eyes. Remember, close that right eye tight. Think about slicing that pie and working your way around that corner. (gunshot) – Dead center hit. Do it one more time. How’s his exposure, KJ? – [KJ] I can’t even see him. (suspenseful music) (gun clicks) – Yeah, I see a sliver. – [Brother] You can see a sliver of him? (whooshing) – [Narrator] First Person
Defender brought to you by: (whooshing) Ruger. (whooshing) GunDealio smartphone app. (whooshing) And Springfield Armory. (whooshing) (percussion and clapping music) – [Man] One of the companies
that makes this show possible is Springfield Armory. You know ’em, you love ’em. They make a ton of different
pistols for concealed-carry. A lot of different things
for competition shooting. We like their stuff. They help you be prepared. So, if you can, go support ’em. Thanks to Springfield Armory for supporting First Person Defender. (Whooshing) (muffled gunshot) – I talked with Dave about
how to maximize cover. Well, switching hands is one way, but how do we train people
to use cover properly? I like a barricade like this. It has big, long legs
coming off the back side. They run exactly in like
with that hard edge of cover. When that leg is there, it keeps people in behind cover. They actually have to lean out to see the target. Because if these legs weren’t here, most people will stand just next to cover and shoot. So, switching hands and doing this drill, having a good solid barricade. I’ve got a piece of steel down range. What I’m gonna to do is
I’m gonna transfer that gun into my support hand. I get my two-handed grip. I get ready to close my right eye, because my right eye’s very strong. I come out around it. I maximize my use of cover and… (gunshot) I aim and fire. I can switch hands back. And then I switch again. Back into my non-dominant hand. Out around cover, I watch the sights, I aim and I press. (gunshot) (whooshing) (muffled gunshot) (whooshing) (dramatic music) (whooshing) In the restaurant, there’s a lot of people
seated, so they’re low. So, that’s places I
don’t want bullets to go. Now, could Dave have taken a knee? Dave could easily move to a knee, use the same techniques, and now he’s firing at an upward angle. Gun’s from strong hand to support hand. Minimal exposure, using a knee, I can fire up towards (gunshot)
the ceiling, rather than down into the crowd. Just something to think about. (muffled gunshot) (whoosh) – Another company that makes
this show possible is Surefire. Surefire makes the good lights. When we’re talking about dealing
with low-light situations, it’s what you want to be carrying. Whether it’s weapon mounted, or handheld. If you want a really good light, take a look at Surefire. We appreciate their support. (whooshing) – [Narrator] When do you get involved? And how quick should you react? David is back at the restaurant
when things go wrong. Is he quick enough to stop the attack? – [Brother] So, I tell you what, why don’t you go wash up and… – [David] Come back
and have some crawfish. – [Brother] Yeah. You want me to order
you anything to drink? – Just ice tea. – [Brother] Ice tea? Always strict. Never a beer. (suspenseful music) – You got any money? – [Brother] No, I got nothing, man. – You gotta have something. – [Brother] Dude. – [Man With Knife] You
gotta have something. – [Brother] Just back off.
– Hey. Hey man.
– [Brother] Back off. – [Man With Gun] Hey.
– [Brother] Back off. – [Man With Gun] Get on the ground. – [Man With Knife] Dude. – [Man With Gun] Get on the ground. (paper towel crinkling) (dispenser clicks) – [Brother] You…
– [Man On Ground] Dude, Just give me… – [Brother] Don’t even… – [Man On Ground] That’s all. – [Brother] Don’t even
come anywhere near me. – [Man On Ground] That’s all it is. No.
– [Brother] Don’t touch that. – [Man On Ground] Uh-huh. No. – [Brother] Don’t even do it. – [Man On Ground] No. No. Sir, help! Help, he’s got… – [David] Hey!
– [Man On Ground] Help! – [David] Put the gun down!
– [Man On Ground] Help! – [David] Put the gun down! – [Man On Ground] I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything.
– [Man With Gun] I got it. I got it.
– [Man On Ground] I didn’t do anything.
– [David] Put the gun down – [Man With Gun] Don’t point a gun at me! – [David] Put the gun down! – [Man On Ground] I didn’t do anything. – Let me see some I.D. – [Man On Ground] Help!
– [David] Put the gun down. – [Brother] It’s okay–
– [Man On Ground] Help! – [David] Put the gun down! – [Brother] Hey Dave,
– [Man With Gun] Hey, look. – [Brother] he tried to rob me. – Put the gun down now!
– [Man On Ground] Help! Help! – [Man With gun] This
guy had a knife, man. – Put the gun down.
– [Brother] Dave! – Dave, he tried rob me. – [Man On Ground] Help. – He tried to rob me
with this big knife here. This guy’s okay.
– [Dave] That guy tried to rob you? – [Man With Gun] I’m not
putting the gun down. This the bad guy. – [Brother] It’s okay. You come on. Come on up. – [Man With Gun] All right,
listen, call the cops, man. Call the cops. – [Brother] I’ll call. I’ll call. (suspenseful music) Yes. Yeah, we’re at the… We’re at the restaurant
there in downtown, yeah. There’s a guy tried to
rob me with a knife. My brother’s here, he’s got his gun on this guy.
– [Man On Ground] (mumbling) I just wanted a little bit of money. – [Brother] Wait a minute. – [Man On Ground] Just get away. I just want a little… Back up! Back up. I’m on my knees, what else do you want? Just give me a little bit of money. I’ll get out. You don’t have to call the cops. – [Brother] Yeah, cops
are on their way, Dave. (suspenseful music) End Ex. (whooshing) (suspenseful music) (whooshing) – All right, tell me what you saw. – I came out out of the bathroom, I seen my brother obviously in
some sort of distress. And then I come around the
corner a little bit more, and I see someone with a gun on someone who is on the ground. (whooshing) – What are you thinking? – Well, I don’t know what this is still. I don’t know if this is
intrapersonal confrontation. Or I don’t know if this
a law enforcement officer trying to arrest someone. And then, as it plays
out a little bit more, I’m now picking up on my brother saying this guy tried to rob me. – Well, you had a resource there. You know, I’m trying to tell you no, no, don’t worry about it, but I’m a concealed carrier. (whooshing)
It’s one of those things, there are a lot of people
carrying guns out there. – [David] Exactly. – And we got to figure
out how to communicate. (whooshing) – Tell me, why you didn’t shoot this guy. – I don’t know for sure what’s going on. The only person I know, is that you’re my brother. I don’t know why this
guy is on the ground. And then he’s on the
ground, he’s gotta be… He’s looking over here. I come around and now there’s
a guy with a gun over here, but I don’t know why he has a gun on the one that’s on the ground. And I never saw the knife. – Why didn’t you shoot him? – I have no… – What wasn’t there that you
needed to shoot this guy? How did you know it wasn’t some kind of, he was making him beg for his life? Same scenario, just reversed. How do you know? – I don’t. Other than, that’s when I’m
startin’ to now hear you say this guy just tried to rob me. So that kind of changes the dynamic. – So you weren’t so tunnel
visioned that you could actually start picking up on other stuff. – I was for a couple of seconds. – Everybody is. I’m glad you admitted it. Nobody in the audience
(laughs) would admit being tunnel visioned ever. I mean, he turns, he’s got the gun, he
turns, he looks at you, he says some stuff. What do you pick up on?
– [Dave] But he’s– He’s keeping the gun on
that guy for some reason. He’s not swinging it towards me. He’s not swinging it towards you. – So you didn’t exhibit any kind of intent of harm towards you? – To harm me or you. – Or me? – Well, this guy, now I don’t know what this dynamic is. And I just need more information. (whooshing) There’s so many people
carrying guns now legally. This is gonna be more and
more likely to happen. – You’re looking at totality
of the circumstances and that’s what people at home need to be thinking about as well, right? – Right.
– It’s not just the gun. We don’t shoot people just
’cause they have a gun. We don’t shoot ’em
’cause they got tattoos. We don’t shoot ’em ’cause
they got long hair. We shoot ’em because of their intent. (whooshing) (rock music) (whooshing) (whooshing) (whooshing) – One of our goals for this show, is to help more people be more prepared. So, if you like the show, share it around. And also, on YouTube, ring the bell, so you can get notified
about new episodes. On Facebook, like us and follow the page and you’ll see new First
Person Defender episodes when they pop up.

40 thoughts on “CCW Permit Holder Interrupts Hold Up: First Person Defender | S7 E8

  1. Dave did a 100%perfect job in both these scenarios. I would be absolutely thrilled having Dave on my side in any situation. Excellent!

  2. Very interesting scenario, I bet a lot of people don’t consider, “what if there is a good guy with a gun besides me” you don’t wanna shoot a good person because he has a bad guy at gun point. I think if he didn’t have his “brother” there, things would’ve gone south quickly.

  3. This is one of my favorite shows. Not only do I get to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others, but I also know that everyone gets to go home afterwords so I don't feel conflicted like I do with bodycam and security footage of real world violence. Keep up the great work!

  4. The only thing I might have done differently in the second scenario was identifying myself as a cop, then ordering the other guy to put down his firearm. Otherwise, very well played.

  5. He really did a good job. One way he might improve is to give law enforcement more information on the phone. Tell them what he is wearing as well as bad guy.

  6. I like the point made that we CCW carriers need a way to identify ourselves. Loudly and clearly. "I'm a good guy" "I'm a friendly" "I'm a CCW" etc. Beside the obvious major problem of harming an innocent person, the media would have a field day calling for gun control. Great video!

  7. This is THE BEST example of FPD I've ever seen. This is what every CCW holder should be taught! That man is smart and logical with his decision making.

  8. Instead of endex, At the end of the scenarios, the bad guy should have got up and tried to run out the door without the gun/ knife. I’d bet a good number of people shoot him in the back even though he’s no longer a threat — tell me I’m wrong

  9. Since the "Secure 9" is 'promoted' in the midst of talking about 'switching hands'… I have to ask, is it 'ambidextrous'..?
    I am left-handed, and can often have problems with virtually every weapon being right-hand oriented. Safeties, slide-locks, magazine releases, and such can be really hard to operate quickly… I don't CARE which side the shell is ejected from, as long as it doesn't hit me in the face.
    But having weapons with Ambi controls can also be a big tactical advantage… for ANY shooter…

  10. DO NOT SWITCH HANDS!! Contrary to the statements made in this video, Switching hands with a pistol makes no difference. The warrior poet demonstrates this fact in one of his videos. I really enjoy this show, but this particular piece of advice is not something that I'd recommend any of my friends or family try to do.

  11. what training guns are they using i would like to get on for some training practice instead of using a paintball pistol thats way over sized and that hurts when u get hit by it

  12. what training guns are they using i would like to get on for some training practice instead of using a paintball pistol thats way over sized and that hurts when u get hit by it

  13. What the hell is he talking about at the 6:55ish mark? There is absolutely no advantage in switching hands with a handgun. EVER. Rifle yes, handgun no.

  14. Switching eyes helps a lot. You can keep your gun in your dominant hand and just switch eyes and you have the same effect.

  15. Although I strongly disagree with the whole switching hand idea. This is a good video for people with limited training. Or anybody for that matter.

  16. the idea of using non-dominant hand and eye for shooting around CONCEALMENT (that is not cover) has been proven to be a less effective fighting technique with a handgun than if you exposed 1 or 2 more inches in order to more proficiently place your rounds with your dominant side.

  17. I think i just found my favorite channel..😏😎
    Now.. we need more of THIS..🤝
    Watching Scenarios take place… and seeing natural reactions… and strategies to accomplish a faster way to get back to a peaceful enviroment around us…!
    I am Excited to see what else Y'all Got!!

  18. Are you as accurate shooting left handed with a conventional grip? Is the trade off in marginally less exposure more than loss of accuracy? Especially under stress with a tight shot.

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