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CAST IRON Shotgun Slugs – Custom Machined Bullet Tests

Tim Hamilton of tactical g-code designed a shotgun slug
and then took that design and made it out of
seven different metals now dimensionally the slugs are
identical but each metal has its own unique properties they have differences in density or weight flexibility or tensile strength today
we’re shooting the cast iron slogan this weighs in the same as the mild steel and the stainless
steel rounds our first target is this wonderful
looking eggplant k cast iron round Now, in this first shot you can see that the
round is in pieces as its flying out again the heavy knows a bit was no longer stabilize was spinning
around and it shot off to the right but somehow Darren managed to hit the eggplant right in that big the nose thing we thought maybe the wadding hit the shlong or
whatever you want to call it on that eggplant but it was the skirt from the round
itself so essentially the round failed blew
apart yet Darren being such the master marksman, still managed to hit the
eggplant where he was aiming now round two we had the same results as pieces a cast iron flying out the gun so
the big surprise here’s the big chunk that dove down below the frame went through
the leg my wife’s yard sale table the last number three more often than not when you shoot three rounds that are exactly the same
you’ll have maybe 2 failures and one win but in this case we had three shots three complete failures the same exact
results and that to me shows you the level of
precision these were made at this also shows us that the bulging we
see on some of the softer rounds occurs when it’s shot and not when it impacts the targets if
you wanna see all these rounds were made and also future designs that will be
shooting be sure to check out Tim’s channel he also does his own shooting test in
there a lot of fun to watch and don’t forget to check out the
playlist up the other slugs we have shot in the series

100 thoughts on “CAST IRON Shotgun Slugs – Custom Machined Bullet Tests

  1. The thing I love about your channel is that you don't just post videos of success. Sometimes things fail miserably and there's no denying it. #1 channel on my top 5. Keep up the great science taofladermaus! Oh btw you're apparently a predictive text in my who when I type "ta."

  2. That eggplant's a beauty. My dad used to grow them when I was a kid and I remember pulling up a few like that!

  3. "somehow darren managed to hit the eggplant right in the big…" cancer, dick, boneless finger, toe with no nail, protuberance measured with imperial unit

  4. Any chance you could try a copper slug in a rifled barrel? With all that bulging and expansion it should engage the rifling very well!

  5. That bulging is the pressure of the expanding gas filling the hollow of the round and causing the cast iron to fail.

  6. Hey Tao, I would like to give you some ideas on some more Sabot rounds that you can (if the ideas seem good to you) pass on to TACTICAL G-CODE. There are early sabot variants designed for tank guns previously used by the US military that seem like they could work on a Shotgun's scale. 

    I'm thinking that a down-scaled copy of the M392A2 APDS [pg 2-71] and M829A3 APFSDS [pg 2-109] could work beautifully in your shotgun, let me know what you think.

  7. I had subtitles on and the word "shlong" came up when he was talking about the protruding thing on the eggplant lol.

  8. You smoked that eggplant, you SMOKED it, baby!!! (Seriously though, interesting how the cast iron came apart…)

  9. Random question: do you or Darren work in a factory? That glove on the table looks a lot like the gloves we use at the truck assembly plant I work at.

  10. I thought that thumbnail was a decayed mouldy dead elephant with a swollen penis tail and a crater butthole

  11. That round looks like it would be effective as personal defense round, like it blew up and shot like a multisized shotround, like having the large end tip and then the skirt and then the chunks and splinters of cast iron, it would be cool to see this round tested on balsitics gel

  12. Maybe that's why some store bought rounds are coated with another metal besides protecting the rifling. The coating prevents the internal metal from flying apart.

  13. If find it interesting that the soft metals like copper and lead make better projectiles than something somewhat harder like iron.

  14. would shooting something as dense as cast iron damage the barrel? or would the shot cup be the only thing contacting the barrel when it's shot?

  15. I might buy some of these when my daughter is older. Just in case I need to shoot off an eggplant nose. Did you know in the UK they call eggplant aubergine?

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