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Casey Neistat’s Microphone? — Shure VP83 LensHopper Shotgun Microphone

71 thoughts on “Casey Neistat’s Microphone? — Shure VP83 LensHopper Shotgun Microphone

  1. In 150 dollars which is best for YouTube either a smartphone or a point and shoot..
    if we focus only only on video quality itself nothing other matters another than quality
    also I have 1 soft box too pls help me

  2. or do the best camera for diys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz

  3. I certainly have a rode micro and I've been wanting to upgrade to this hows is it compared to the rode micro?

  4. Hey Sean?
    Do you think you can do a review of the sony 4k a100/B Handicam? I'm considering buying and want to get my money's worth. Thanks!

  5. Great video Sean. Great features on the VP83. Monitoring, great battery life and record to SD card. Thanks for your work at NAB. Talk soon!

  6. Great review Sean! I would probably go for the more expensive version. Recording audio separately is VERY USEFUL indeed! 😉

  7. As a LUMIX G7 owner I'd go with the higher end/more features version. No headphone jack on my camera and I like that separate audio files can be captured via the SD card.

  8. I am a huge fan of Casey and think media tv. The only thing I'm not that happy with is the fact that Casey has been changing so much.

  9. I feel like having the ability to record audio independently would be a nice tool! You could attach it to a boom pole with no wires. Seems handy!! Great work Sean. Love the videos and the snaps!

  10. I'm new to vlogging. Been considering the VP83 vs. the Rode VideoMic. Been wanting to do both on the go/studio shots. I saw on Amazon the VideoMic has a boom kit package all for $200. Thoughts? Unfortunately there's not a similar package for VideoMic Pro. Does the quality differ that much? I'm fine for now with a budget purchase as long as I get quality audio compared to my T5i with some functionality. Another concern is having a mic interrupting a shot with say a 10 or 18mm focus (hence a boom stand when at home maybe).

  11. Recording to the camera is non optimal. A mic with a built-in high quality recorder is a brilliant idea.

    I always sync my audio in post and only use the on-camera audio for sync. 🙂

  12. Hey  Sean I got a question! What kind of microphones would I need for sketch comedy videos like smosh? I've watched a bunch of your microphone videos but you talked about VLOG microphones. Please Help!

  13. Love the version that records right to the SD card…Wish the Canon G7X had a shoe mount so I could put that baby on top of it! Anybody else vlogging with that camera?

  14. I know it is basically the same microphone but it sounds like the Rode Video Mic Pro cancels out more of the background noise. Do you have any advice for a small shotgun microphone that is iPhone / Android compatible?

  15. Get the "F" model for the monitor. I purchased a $10 "hot shoe" to 1/4" attachment so I can mount my Zoom H2 on top of DSLR (connected via attenuator cable). Works really well, but looks totally ridiculous. At some point I'll break down and spend the $300 for the VP83F.

  16. hi sean, i was thinking of buying the rode video mic go, but i saw a couple of reviews saying it picks up RF Interference when doing live video.

    (the solution the found is to turn on the airplane mode, but how am i supposed to do live video if the fone is on airplane mode.)

    so does this Shure VP83 has RF Shielding? I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  17. I just recently put out a full length review of the LensHopper VP83F. Take a look and my channel and let me know what you think. Sean, would love to hear your thoughts 🙂 Really inspired by all your great videos!

  18. bonus features for me… so if i make ANY!! purchases on amazon through your link do they kick back to you on everything i purchase? Just wondering if thats tru because if it is ill make more purchases through your links in the future to help your channel out

  19. Thank you for your channel i just want to say you had helped me and great aawesome reviews. keep doing it because its WORKING!!!

  20. Just have to say that I've really been enjoying your videos, and subscribed to your channel after watching this one. It was super-helpful — since I've been working on an oral family history project, and need a good shotgun mic. (The lavs I was using are getting to complicated for more than a one-on-one interview.) I love Casey's work, and I appreciate this video taking a more in-depth look into what mic he uses. I'm thinking about getting the basic Shure VP83 — based on the comparison you did alone.

  21. Hi Sean (or anyone else that can help). I have watched MANY of your videos, and would even say that I study them. Thank you so much for all of the great advice! As you could imagine I am trying to grow my channel which is new and small. I am considering doing a video on tech backpacks. I have one that I purchased recently, but also want to link others below the video. I see that you talk about "Casey Neistat's Microphone" here. Do you think it is ok if I link backpacks that UrAvgConsumer has reviewed below my video, say in my video that I got the recommendations from watching his video, and include in the title "with recommendations from UrAvgConsumer" in the title?
    Your channel is very professional, and I know that you take integrity seriously. However, I see that you have used this tactic, and even took it a step further by using a clip from Casey's Video. Do you need to get approval from him for these things? Is there any chance of getting a copyright strike for doing this? I want to appear professional and not tacky, but also want to grow my channel.

  22. For getting started, which I'm working on, I'd go for the VP83. But having the money for it, I'd get the VP83F because so far I've been on both sides of the camera.

  23. The headphone jack, the audio recorder, are all a plus to this pro producer. Definitely going to get the Shure VP83F !!

  24. Just ordered the Shure VP83 …upgrading all my equipment including camera. Time to step things up a notch…thanks for the helpful review and information. Very helpful….For what I'm doing, I think the VP83F is more than I'll need.

  25. I ALWAYS notice the high distortion on VP-83 mics when compared to Rode ones. When the sound gets too hot, I always have the impression that audio is clipping. It´s a solid mic, but the audio sucks. I have to go for Rode, even if it´s a damn weak, fragile mic, the sound is better.

  26. After 1 year researching on youtube, I came to the conclusion that Casey Neistat, somehow found the best of the best each equipment to a vlogger. I once thought he was wrong, and I could film with my Canon T5i on the streets and have the same quality. I was wrong ! I need a camera with dual pixel, because T5i and old ones sucks on real time focus, so, a 70D or 80D is the best ( Coincidently that´s what he choose ), Then, I thought about microphones. I discovered that for daily vlogs, you have to have something robust, which doesn´t break easily, so, Shure VP-83 is the best one. Then, I thought about lens, and the right choice could be either Canon 10-18 STM or 10-22 USM, which are the ones he uses. So, I´m purchasing these equipment. Perhaps he had some advice choosing his ones, I don´t think Casey know much about equipment.

  27. Headphone jack, separate audio with shotgun mic which means I still also have access to the camera's stereo mic for "nat" sound and it could be used on older camera as well. VP83F

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