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Carving an AK Rifle Stock From Texas Walnut

I’m starting with the lower hand guard, which is the most complicated part of the build The first step is to drill a .25″ hole for the unjam rod I start the hole with me drill press and finish it by hand and eye using a drill Now I’ll cut the reliefs that mate up to the rifles receiver and barrel I’ve traced the old reliefs and will use the table saw to rough out the sizing now I use my drill press to drill out for the rifle barrel The hand guard has a taper from front to back and the holes need to be drilled to match that taper to do this I use three different size forstner bits here i’ve switched to a smaller bit and will drill from the opposite end because of the taper I use a handsaw to cut out the waste there’s still a section in the middle that has not been drilled Also you might hear some loud background noise…look out the window I’m getting a new septic system. A wonderful thing to spend your money on! I need to drill out as much of the middle as I can and the rest I can chisel out notice the taper Okay, so let’s take a quick break from the rifle stocks talk about that a sponsor simply safe Now if you’ve watched my channel for a while You know that I’ve worked with simply say for a while now. I’ve had their system I’ve got the home base here on my workbench and I’ve had it in my shot now for around six months and it monitors my shop for theft fire and water damage I have glass break sensors motion sensors water sensors the fire sensor We’ve got door and window sensors. So the shop is fully monitored 24/7. It’s effective and reliable I’ve also found a great use for their cameras I have two cameras set up on their system one back here that monitors the entire shop And then I’ve got one sitting up over there that actually used to monitor my CNC machine. So if I go into the house to work with to hang out with the kids or work on the computer and I’ve got the CNC running I can take advantage of Simply safe system use their app access my camera and watch that CNC from in the house and watch it from anywhere as long as I have a connection Which is very useful for me because I don’t want to just leave that machine on the tentative something goes wrong I need to know about it and that way I can check it if I’m not in the shop very cool feature If you’re a furniture maker You have a shop and you want to protect it from theft and you want to be able to utilize these? Cameras to watch your equipment or even if you’re a professional and you have employees You can monitor that way. It’s a really cool way to use a system that’s designed for security But has a lot more potential doing other things like that So if you’re interested in a system just go to simply safecom slash Andy Rawls I’ll put that link in the description as well. You can head over there You can get hooked up with a really cool security system. I just want to say thank you Just simply safe for sponsoring the video for helping bring this content to you guys now, let’s get back to work pretty close match…now I can begin shaping trying to get a feel for how I want to shape it I need to mark out the high spots on the guard I start by using my gouge to remove the bulk of the waste I just work around my high spot slowly creating the shape I want now I use my spokeshaves to round off the bottom of the guard look out the window there’s my new tank…exciting! I continue to refine the shape until I like how it feels now that I have the shape roughed out I can carefully scrap and sand the tool marks off I pre-cut these air vents on my table saw and now I need to chisel an angle at the ends a quick test fit to see how it fits and feels the upper hand guard was essentially the same process so we’re skipping that and moving on to the butt stock I’ve already cut out the shape on my bandsaw and cut the small tenon that fits into the receiver now I just need to shape the stock using my block plane and spokeshaves this is a fairly simple shape, its just a matter of rounding over the edges to match the existing butt plate the final step is to sand and finish I’ll build up 7-8 coats of oil on all the parts thanks for tuning in…now I need to figure out how to put it back together Whoa Here so quietly. I just knew I sensed. My spidey-sense was team. Yeah. I don’t know. I didn’t even know put the thing together No, man, this is really apart we can do this. I Think let’s do the let’s do the buttstock first. Okay Did you really try to put this together you just couldn’t figure it out I probably could have I Would have been watching YouTube videos Thing is like I’m not even that great at putting a case together. I’m coming AR kinda guy This part was the hard part We’ll solve this in there for Man all right, man, it’s good thing. You’re my neighbor Time you need a okay put together Okay, so there it is all complete this really came out looking nice this was a lot of fun think big Thanks to Matt for dropping by this morning. Help me get this thing back together. I never would have figured out on my own I do not know much about these guns other than how to make these stocks And for ends you can see the new stock has quite a bit of a different shape than the original We beefed it up and kind of made it easier to grab feels a little better in the hand The the stock was fairly straightforward and simple not a lot of challenges to that Most of the time was in this foreign piece here And it really came out looking nice and you see I added this little hump in there right there Actually wasn’t in the video added that after the fact, but I think it feels better in the hand It actually looks a little better the way terminate terminate Terminate terminate. Yeah, sounds weird. Anyway a Lot of fun. I hope you guys learned something. Hope you enjoyed it Remember you can support the channel by heading over to bunker and getting yourself some merchandise As always I just want to say thank you for tuning in. Thank you for the support and we’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Carving an AK Rifle Stock From Texas Walnut

  1. Remember to check out SimpliSafe at Also, I apologize in advance to any gun fanatics if I mentioned any part of this rifle by the wrong name…I'm a furniture maker not a gun expert!!

  2. Man you deserve so many more subscribers this channel is so under rated! The thing you are able to make are crazy good and nice!!!

  3. I love your videos, they've gotten me through such a tough time in my life after my ex kidnapped my children. I'm so happy that you take so much time to spend them with your little ones.

  4. Could you please say at the end of your videos how much time you needed? It would be very interesting 😀
    Great video btw

  5. Right before matt stepped in I was like. He should call matt to help. Then bam. There he was 😂😂

  6. No trigger discipline what so ever lol, straight got his finger on the trigger. Please stick to woodworking or take training, I don’t want Matt to die😂

  7. Hey Andy. Just curious as to why you are not using like the ArborTech grinders to knock down the majority of the excess wood? I bet you just enjoy working with hand tools. I know I do. But the job could be finished a lot faster.

  8. Shit like this normalizes school shootings. Your hobbies are more important than children's lives?

  9. You see comrade… when put Texas tree on Kalashnakov… it become perfect combination of communism and capitalism… nothing can defeat such power!

  10. That came out great! Your craftsmanship is really phenomenal. Texas walnut is beautiful too. The guy who used to own the shop I work in left tons of it when he moved. A lot of which was in fairly bad shape, cracks and splits and stuff. But I’ve used almost all the rest.

  11. Great Job ! Looks beautiful.Love that walnut…
    I especially like your modification to the lower handguard.

  12. Never heard it called an unjam rod before, ha. Looks wonderful. Dark Walnut really matches the Kalashnikov rifle well.

    Hey Matt. Glad he showed up to help you put it together.

  13. Really nice work, and I wish I had your shop space! For what it's worth, SimpliSafe is not a 2A supporter, which is pretty odd as they are a provider of personal home security equipment. It's a shame, as I had one of their systems in a prior home, but I will not buy their gear any more.

  14. a perfect example of "le' polished turd"
    lol excellent craftsmanship. much love from an AR guy
    edit: whattttttt? demolition ranch?

  15. What is the difference between black walnut and Texas walnut?
    Like how it turned out. What could you do with a Remington 870 and how much? Feel free to PM about pricing. Thanks.

  16. I came because of "Off the Ranch". Like guns. Didn't realize how relaxing it is watching your wood working vids. Good stuff. I hope your channel gets bigger! More power to you.

  17. didn't like the condition of my wood furniture on my Yugo M70 under-folder so i figure i chop down a few trees in my back yard then the old dremel ,drill ,carving ,filing ,sanding , pre-treat & stain then yadi yadi yada presto !! you know the rest i figure hey peace of cake how hard can it be so i typed ''making AK 47 wood '' into the you-tube search bar noobishly not knowing what i was in for and Then '' HEY LOOK !! he has a Yugo pattern AK on the table look at the 3 slotted hand guards i couldn't help but chuckle and grin think all prayers was answered then looking over his well articulated shop with the assorted tools and equipment and milling as well as a CNC machine witch he did not used to my surprise me think just program the dang thing and let it cut out most of the work but the level of '' SKILL'' u display in this video shows its not a job for a average Joe i immediately scraped my horrendous premeditated attempts to carve new furniture for my AK Pattern and this video also inspires me to be happy give most my savings to a guy like u so u can do it for me GREAT JOB !! excuse my horrible grammar

  18. My Ak furniture made from the same wood, but I gave it a washed lite olive green custom stain, after about 4 attempts got it about spot on. I LOVE IT, polyurethane and polish finish. It's now a one off. Walnut is tough wood. NICE WORK!!

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