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Carving A Walnut Shotgun Stock

I’ll start by using the old stock to layout the new one I’m using a section of walnut crotch for the wood species Now I can rough out the shape using my Oliver bandsaw Next I need to work on cutting out the slot for the receiver I’ll lay it out using my marking gauge Here I’m using a 5/8″ forester bit to cut a rounded recess on both sides for the receiver Now I can cut the walls of the slot using my handsaw I cut out the remaining waste using my coping saw Now I can dial in the fit using my chisel Now that I have the receiver fitted I can start shaping the stock First I need to layout my critical points, I don’t want to cut past these I’m using a scrub plane to quickly knock off the corners Now I use my wooden spokeshave set to a heavy cut On the bottom of the stock I use my spoke shave to rough off the corners I’m double checking the shape For the final shaping I use my Lie Nielson spokeshave set for a fine cut I’m laying out the grip section here Before I shape the grip I need to taper the stock so I can finish fitting it to the receiver I use a low angel jack plane to remove the bandsaw marks and get the final fit because of its low angle it works great at cutting figured wood A quick test fit Now I can start shaping the grip I regularly keep checking the fit to make sure I’m not taking too much material off I continue to refine the grip shape using my rasp I’m using a non-sagging epoxy from Total Boat With the epoxy dry I can start sanding the stock The orbital speeds up the sanding, I go from 120 grit to 220. I finish by hand sanding with 220 through 320 grits I use my card scraper to remove any missed tool marks or tear out I’ve installed the recoil pad here so I can sand everything flush, the rubber sands fairly easily. Here I’m using steel wool to put on the final polish I love how this walnut grain pops when you oil it Thanks for tuning in!

100 thoughts on “Carving A Walnut Shotgun Stock

  1. First time watching one of your videos! I have to say that I normally hate videos that don't have some type of dialog (most of the time I stop watching and find another video.) There is something about woodworking that is soothing to watch a process. With that being said, not sure why you don't 'normally' talk in your videos but maybe you should! Great explanation and I see that someone else below posted about using a walnut dowel. (BTW this comment is 10 minutes in, haven't finished yet)

  2. Glad you showed the mistake. Mistakes are proof of hand made and not CNC’ed.
    I like to contrast my mistakes. They make great character references in a piece of work.

    I just subscribed. Now to binge watch.

  3. Just did the same for my fathers favorite shotgun that was broken at the grip. Redid the fore end to match and engraved the Seal of Guam USA where we are from on the stock.

  4. Мало того что при изготовлении не учел ни погиб ни отвод ложи, так еще и просверлил криво сквозная дыра на шейке приклада. Заготовка в топку!

  5. came out beautiful despite the hole. Honestly it might be kinda cool to take some chunks out here and there and fill it with a turquoise epoxy marbled in. Give it an organic feel.

  6. A wise man told me "A man that never made a mistake has never done anything". I have been in my trade for over 40 years and learn something every day, biggest lesson I have learned when someone is trying to tell you something you don't know, shut up and listen.

  7. My Dad always told me a woodworking project with a mistake turned it into being 'CUSTOM MADE',… Always made a difference!  Well Done Custom Made Gunstock!

  8. great job 👍🏻 "mistake" he said. "what mistake?" lol. nice to see someone keep mistakes in their videos and showing how they would rectify it 👍🏻

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  10. No problem ،Wonderful thank you you are a professional 💞💞💞💞👏👏👏💐💐😘😘😘😘🌸🌹🌹🌹

  11. I'm 100% inexperienced in woodworking (hopefully not for long) but I get so anxious watching people woodwork and not wear protective gloves. In parts were you need lots of accuracy I can understand not wearing gloves but again I'm totally inexperienced and probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Also yes I know that most of the people on the woodworking side of YouTube are professionals and have enough practice to not need gloves but it still makes me anxious for them ok?

  12. That's a beautiful stock. I don't mind the mistake. It just shows that with all your talent, craftsmanship and precision you are human after all.

  13. Great video! Making wood gunstocks is becoming a lost art and a lot of the newer shotgun and rifle stocks are being made of plastic and composite materials. Personally I like wood over plastic and I think your Dad would be very proud of the wooden butt stock and fore end that you made for his old shotgun. Please make more videos like this and take care.

  14. Awesome video and I'm glad you showed your mistake most would just start over and pretend it never happened mistakes happen. Enjoyed the video

  15. очень примитивно и не красиво при наличии таких инструментов надо делать хорошо

  16. Head to mixup98’s channel and look at his video on using a penny to remove rust on blued steel. I’ve used it many times and it works great!

  17. Honestly I think walnut has to be my favorite wood. It’s all around good and looks nice especially because it’s cheaper than many other similar wood.

  18. Is that black walnut, I was thinking about making one out of English walnut. Don't know if it will look as good as black walnut but I am going to try it anyway. Awesome job with the stock.👍 ( there are no mistakes, just happy accidents – Bob Ross )

  19. Came out nice, a great reminder also. Now every time you go shooting with it youl'll remember what not to do :). Great work.

  20. saw the gun on off the ranch and decided to sub , to watch this vid and the ak vid when it comes out . hope you do some more gun projects

  21. I'd cut a small groove where that epoxy is and wood glue a piece of ebony or something, then form it. Would look much better than epoxy and be a nice little character mark. Just my two cents. Great video.

  22. I want to a stock for a Henry Arms AR-7, it’ll be difficult, but I really want to have a wooden stock instead of a polymer stock.

  23. Great job man! Gun stock work is very hard and for your first one I'd say you hit it out of the park!

  24. If you habe the same thing happen with another stock just fill it with clear epoxy and use the saw dust from the work piece to fill it you won't even notice it

  25. Your Dad is proud of you, especially for not trying to hide your mistakes. He wants you to shoot that gun, hunt with it, not hang it up.

  26. You probably could've filled in the hole with a cleary epoxy mixed with shavings from the wood. Making the imperfection much harder to notice.

  27. Got to say, I love your band saw. Got one almost like it in my shop. Nothing like knowing that that thing will cut through anything you can lay on the table. But, I must say I have a millwright shop out beside my house. Started many moons ago with my dad and worked it with him for awhile before he passed. Now, I’m on my own. Lots of old tools I still use and can’t find anymore. Oh, no mistakes, just added character. Looks great. I’ve thought about doing that with my grandpas old 16 gauge brake over. I just might now that I’ve watched you.

  28. Damn long drill-bits, never go where you point them. I found that the thinner the bit, the more likely they are to wander off,, so I just bought a 1/2 in x 24in bit, and use it on everything. It's too stiff to bend and I can usually keep it in line. I got two big slabs of walnut drying since last year, I think I am going to try a stock for my shotgun. You inspired me.

  29. According to the wood whisper dude, mistakes should never happen to a pro…. I think your doing incredible work and I am all too familiar with the fact that mistakes happen and my opinion is that a carpenter that can correct things like that is where the real skill is!

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