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Carrying your firearm in your car

A lot of people that carry a firearm for
personal protection get into their vehicle and they get super lazy. They take the firearm off, they put it in the console, they put it between the seats, or they put it on the seat or some people use the magnetic holsters underneath the steering wheel. What they’ve essentially done is they’ve disarmed themselves. So, if a carjacker comes up to your window and starts busting the window you’re trying to defend yourself the person rips you out of the car, you are out of the car and you have no means to defend yourself. So, if you want to take that firearm off, because you think it’s much more comfortable in your car I would suggest having a backup. For instance, maybe you should put an ankle holster on with your back up so that you could be comfortable driving your vehicle. I hope that helps. Thank you.

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