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Canik TP9v2 NEW Double Action / Single Action Pistol First Look

welcome back you tubers this is Sam Andrews of Andrews costume
leather welcoming you back to the hankstrange situation lifestyles of the locked and loaded welcome back to the channel I’m hankstrange today I’m gonna do a quick
video on the Canik TP9 version 2 this is by Century Arms importing it from
turkey into this country so there you go the version 2 Century
Arms already put out the TP nine SA which is a single action
only this is the version 2 of the original TP9 it’s about half an inch shorter still has a decocker and there’s a whole bunch of other details I’m gonna go over all that right now and run it down for you guys so hold on there’s the box Canik TP9 V2 in black open it up lets take a look now what Century Arms is doing they are sending the gun with a holster which is pretty cool I know you don’t have to use it but it’s good for the guys out there that
are ordering this gun and they don’t already have holsters you’ve got
something that you can use while you’re waiting to get your holster ordered okay
so you’ve got that in there here’s the gun itself comes with two magazines 18 round magazines comes with a assisted loading device and a back strap that you can change
out so this is all pretty much brand new so we haven’t changed anything so that’s
what comes in the box there you go okay now also a
quick comparison here here is the TP9 SA you guys have seen that already on the
channel so just to give you a comparison of the two now the TP9 V2 is about an inch
shorter let me take out the flag and the tag off and then for the people out there that want to know the tag basically says TP9 V2
nine millimeter from turkey Pistol Canik TP9
nine-millimeter four-inch barrel so it’s about a half a inch shorter
than the TP9 SA there’s the two lined up and about half an inch like I said so the difference is the barrel is protruding a little bit more than on the SA obviously everything looks pretty much the same here you’ve got the same Picatinny rail and trigger
guard the grip in everything looks the same
there’s a backstrap for it you still have the firing pin indicator on the back the same sights
on top very close to the same thing it still
has the decocker on top just like the SA. There’s no loaded
chamber if you notice here on the SA there’s a loaded chamber indicator on the TP9 V2 there is no loaded
chamber indicator the other differences that I can notice is obviously the
trigger is different the SA has that trigger safety so if you don’t actually put your finger over it you cannot pull the trigger until you put your finger over it like that the version 2 does not have that obviously it’s single
and double action so that’s a huge difference in the two the
single and double action okay I think that’s pretty much it
uses the same magazine so the magazines are interchangeable let’s keep this rolling here with the SA version of the TP9 what a lot of people worry about and I
have been carrying this for a long time carrying it are both inside my green
force had to go outside the waistband holster and my inside the waistband holster and of I
have not accidentally activated that the Cocker
but people worried that if you do that you know because
it’s our single action only get stuck there with
a gun and the gun obviously does a run into you you even have to pull that much to get
it to go back into action so folks worried about that and they’re
like well you know I will not get the db9 essay because the that so you
know I I understand that so now here’s the
thing with BR tv9 version 2 it still has it the Cocker but if you
press that the Cocker for some crazy reason activate it you know its double action so the gun still gonna go all right to
elect let’s test that I’m actually using my
essay NSA magazine doesn’t matter it’s the same agar
manufactured TP 9 series magazine arm I think the original the can 855
whatever that magazine is not interchangeable but these these will be okay so here I just loaded
around into it now okay Psalms gonna fire that round here we go okay now I’m gonna press the
Cocker down okay and see if I can fire it to you is
still focus your mind new day we go there you go so press it down still lack here there you
go that’s the beauty I love the ER double single action okay on the verge into so that question is answered for all you
people too worried about that you know I think one other things that
could happen is that if you want to load around into you’re
gone and then de Kock it so that you don’t
set up getting the single-action arm on me you know when you draw you go
too far so being single action you want to get double that’s what you can do so my first shot
here double but my second shot single after that
every shot after that single lockback very cool alright so that’s
just something I wanted to cover on the difference with this being double action single action very nice well we’re actually running in here in
30 pin on which obviously is a nine-millimeter we’re running Hot Shot elite okay this is actually from Century Arms is
being distributed by them and they sent me some all that along
with the gun to test it out so just figured I’ll show
you guys that centuries not only got guns the goddam
I’ll yeah allow that okay and download this
app alright this may take me a little also
alright so now I’m just gonna put some rounds through here see how accurate the version two is and arm actually out from the target
about 20 yards so I mean you know when you go to the
range you gonna probably do like 10 yards or something but I’m gonna do 20-yard so that we can
get a good idea of how accurate it is and I’m obviously freestanding so but see how that is okay here we go okay I think I rushed out a little bit
but in but you look like I hit the I get the
paper all the times and when I took my time actually did
something so I’m gonna got 80 more rounds that’s a good thing that’s something I
really like about the TB 9 18 rounds you know and something that is very close to the size over the Glock
19 which is what I carry most often I mean
I really like that this is a serious competitor I think for something like
that the Glock 19 H&K I yeah really like this okay got booed again alright so now Mongolia
a bit slower and go for the head and see how many times I can hit that from 20
yards and just take my time this time actually
tried it aim by hittin no idea here we go finally hit the head it again this this is not me going slow okay slowdown I’m it’s why I hit the head more than a
couple times so here you go this is a a brand-new even the car bored
here was brand new look put everything up here hit it low a couple times are like I
said I was out a 20-yard my first time actually shooting it so when I was going for the body area
you know once I figured out what I was doing I got some consistent shot here in this here you can see the few
them and even when I went crazy and try to hit the head I
got wound up going up here but you know figure it out
and I was actually able to hit the head freestanding I’m sure there’s people out there that
can do way better than me but you know what I’ll take that not bad so you know that’s pretty good I’m impressed with
that okay you know what I’m gonna put some more amo in this and come back and show you
guessed at okay so can I am using the green force tactical outside the
waistband holster and this holster was made for
the TP 98 se but the operation to fit in their preparation to just a little bit
shorter and then so and here’s my inside the
waistband it also clothes and hair see that arm a little bit loose so you can crank
it down a little bit make a little bit tired you gonna do that I guess that’s because
you know the longer barrel that gonna make you feel it’s up to you
how how you do that so I R I would tight-knit a little bit but
there you go that inside the waistband arm definitely Hulu it happen in shorter makes it more carry below concealed I’m
definitely gonna be doing that Century Arms like do I I was on the slide a stop to hear the lock box T so nigga how’s that so there you go guys
that was my of first impressions at this particular gone it’s a lot like the TP nine SA
accept this double single action I know a lot of folks out there have been
waiting for that a lot of people don’t wanna get it
because that’d be Cocker but the fact that is double single
action double action you can you can still get the gun into action
without actually bar racking the slide so arm I’m definitely gonna do more on this gun
I like it’s about the size my Glock 19 so we’re going to have to start running
this conceal carry and see how it is I did conceal carry the our the essay but the fact that this is
a little bit shorter helps so all right there you go don’t forget
to leeson comments here let me know what
you think about this if you go out there and get this if you are holding off do
you already have a TP nine SA the and the original are well as a
Canuck 55 or whatever it is let me know about that don’t forget to follow us here on 430
also wear on YouTube where on all kinds of social media ora
Facebook Twitter Instagram all about a good start so don’t forget
to like and sheer and follow us I’m hankering he said T think well

100 thoughts on “Canik TP9v2 NEW Double Action / Single Action Pistol First Look

  1. Hey Hank, how does the SA part of the V2 compare to the TP9SA? I have both the orginal TP9 and TP9SA and I've got to say the SA trigger is miles better, not to mention the better grip. Also wondering how the double action feels, on the original it did not feel good, even after a polish. (Reason I moved to SA model)

  2. I have the tp9sa, I absolutely love it. I'm thinking of picking up the v2 as well. Is the SA trigger pull on the v2 similar to the SA?

  3. Thanks Hank
    My wife has the canik 55 and loves it. I was going to get the SA but you changed my mind, now it the v2
    I like to carry with one chambered and de cocked. V2 is the way to go! With the 55 I was hitting steel at 120yard 12 out of 18 shoots and am also very happy with the groups up close.

  4. I've been shooting the walther p99 in .40s&w for about 8 years now and I love it. Only problem is I'm limited to 12 +1 rounds. I'm very excited to get the cantic vp9 in double and single action like my walther and not break the bank like I did when I got my p99. Love your videos keep it strange.

  5. Why does everyone keep comparing this to a Glock? This is a direct knock off of the Wather P99. Why is it never compared to the Wather? The P99 was introduced in 1997.

    I never understood why the V1 even had the decocker on a SA handgun. At least the V2 makes the firearm realistic to holster now.

    And YES, before anyone jumps on me and my Wather info, I know the TP9 is basically half the price of the P99. And most likely a great handgun from what I've read.
    That being said, I still want to see a real comparison between the P99 and TP9.

  6. Crap, now I want to buy another gun.  Liked the intro "Lifestyles of the locked and loaded".  That was good!

  7. Like the video. The only thing i would like to know is, since i like the longer slide and barrel of the tp9sa and i like the trigger of the tp9v2, could you switch the slides and have a tp9v2 with a 4.5 inch barrel and the tp9sa with the shorter slide and barrel?

  8. I love mine. I bought one box of ammo, then that turned into, two, three, etc and before I knew it I have already ran 400 rounds through it no issues at all. I cannot fathom how well built of a gun you get for the price. The trigger doesn't wobble, the polymer lower feels premium and stronger than my M&P Shield, the guide rod is metal, and the recoil feels so smooth as if the slide is on bearings.

  9. Just picked up a new TP9sa today for $339 what a great gun ant any price. Has the best trigger of any striker fired handgun ive ever shot.

  10. Thanks for the review. I've been thinking about making this my next purchase and have watched multiple reviews but I think after watching yours that's enough for me to make it my next buy. Great review! Thanks again

  11. @Hank Strange¬†does the recoil mess around with that fitbit you're wearing? I know those are supposed to be 'lifeproof', but I wonder if they get fiddly if they get bumped around while doing step counts…

  12. Loving mine. Just got it this weekend. Really nice grouping right out the box. Had one jam do to what looked to be failure to feed correctly. That being said, some of the ammo I was using was old dirty rounds so that could have been the issue. It only happened once.

  13. AFTERMARKET SIGHTS? I heard that sights which fit walther P99 or PPQ will work with an earlier version of the TP9; are there any aftermarket sights that are compatible with the TP9V2?

  14. Comparing the two guns: Which one do you feel has the nicer trigger? I like the DA/SA mode, but I haven't had a chance to try one.  I tried the SA model, and loved the trigger.  I also like the longer barrel over the DASA.  Any insight would be appreciated.

  15. I also proudly own the v2 i absolutely love it! & use it for my side arm I've had zero malfunctions this fire arm is great!!! And the trigger is sooooo nice!!!!! I gotta say this is one of my favorites! Im buying s second one in desert tan!

  16. I have this pretty slick and I would say probably the best value on a mid sized .9mm HC you can buy today in the US market

  17. The underside of the slide on this one,,has it been milled at the factory to keep the magazines from rubbing? That was a problem on some earlier models

  18. Just getting into pistols and watching a lot of videos. This one gave me exactly what I was looking for in comparing two pistols and not only talking about the difference, but demonstrating the difference up close to show the decocker in action. Thanks for a very good video and demonstration.

  19. I've gone back and forth between the tp9sa and the tp9v2 and have just done the sa model because it seems silly they even made the v2. What is silly is that they kept the decocker on the gun…which in a non-hammer firing gun seems silly. The purpose for decocking is to drop a cocked hammer, or in this case, the striker. This then aids in a heavy "safe" DA pull..but this gun doesn't have a heavy DA pull. More importantly, only MIL users go around decocked…and scared or untrained civilians carrying. More importantly, why not just get rid of the decocker in the v2? That's the only reason they made the v2 was for the pretended issue of accidentally decocking the SA model. It's about as dumb as wolf coming out with polymer coated AK ammo because whiney Americans complained falsely that the lacquer coating on AK ammo stuck to their chamber, which we know is not true. Oh well, still good looking guns and boringly reliable.

  20. I am still shocked walther hasn't sued them yet. It's obviously an exact copy of the p99 as. It even uses the exact same mags. Crazy.

  21. i have this tpv2 and it is AWESOME i also have a Smith and Wesson SD40VE and even after alot of bad talk against that its good but i now concealed carry the tp9v2 i just have to find the more comfortable iwb holster for it. IF anyone is on the fence about it jump off and buy it carry it and fire it..Hank you didn't mention the short reset thats very tactical and remarkable to be out of box trigger. no mods necessary except grip tape is needed. GREAT BUY GO GET YOURS!!!

  22. Great review Hank. Just purchased one based on your review. Anyway the problem I am having is finding a leather pancake holster for it. Checked all the ones I am familiar with and no luck. Do you know of anyone making one for the v2? your help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

  23. Love Hank!.. So hank whats your verdict? I wish the SA was a half inch shorter like the V2 but ya can't have everything? are the trigger pulls the same for both in SA? Thanks Great videos thorough and to the point

  24. Thanks for the nice review!

    Have you found any reason at all to change out the front sight (or both) on either the original TP9 or the SA? If so, did you find any that would work?

    I heard that the Walther PPQ and P99 sights would work on the original but not on the SA. But, I just bought mine (an original TP9) and haven't been able to see anyone out there verifying that.

    Got any leads on sight replacements for the original TP9?

    For what it's worth, it appears from what I have been able to gather that they took the internals out of the original TP9 and put them into the SA frame to create the V2. So, if you don't like the grip on the V2 you can get the original and not be "downgrading" — its the same gun internally.

  25. Hank good review dude. Ordered my Canik TP9V2 yesterday and it is suppose to be here today. I never held one but I thought what the heck everyone is giving it glowing reviews and it's cheap.

  26. Every review I've seen about this gun has been positive.  Literally the only downside is the lack of available holsters and/or night sights but seeing as this is fairly new on the market I can't knock it and that's not Canik's fault.  I'm going to pick one up. $350 for a 18+1 full sized hand gun?  Can't beat that.

  27. Thanks. Good vid. Always was a DA pistol fan, got the v2 in march and have been shooting the snot out of it. Really is a great pistol.. Eats everything i feed it. Though i kept the +p limited to 50.. Loves the Fed. Tac. SP 124gr. HST's I carry in it… So, Yeah.. Anyone thinking about it, i say go for it.. Century's warranty is limited though to the original owner if that's a deal breaker, just sayin'..

  28. This is going to be my first SA, I've only bought Revolvers until now, 45LC is too expensive to shoot it for fun at the range, and only 5 rounds of 357 is risky in self defense.

    This gun fits very well in the hand and double action sold it because I don't like the idea of walking around with a cocked and ready gun, or having to slide the rail back(terminology?) if it needs to be drawn.

  29. A buddy of mine who has the original TP9 went to the range with me when I purchased the V2. I loaded my mag and he took it and put it in his gun when it was his turn to shoot. It did extend slightly but still work and he emptied the mag. I guess they are interchangeable.

  30. Hey guys I need your help. I'm thinking about buying the Canik V2 Or the Taurus PT 809, your input is welcome? Thank you

  31. What is the use in having a decocker on that gun if it does not decock the gun .   They need to take off the decocker and put on a
    safety . Problem solved . Oh wait, I hear some whining about having a safety on a gun .  Ok, it is up to you to use it .

  32. It was a great demonstration, but you did not go into if there is a difference on the TP9v2 on the trigger pull from SA to DA

  33. This pistol out performs most Sig 9's. I spent large money on Sigs and fell in love with this Canik.. Very please with the quality and performance of this inexpensive 9mm pistol I am purchasing a few more to play with.

  34. I really love my TP9SA, I put some 800 rounds through it no failures, jams, etc.¬† That being said I'm going to get the TP9V2 because I like the SA/DA feature on my pistols.¬† But you can't go wrong with the TP9SA, great price, excellent performance….

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