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Canik TP9 SFx Review: 2500 rounds later.

Hey, what’s going on there YouTube Kai here with the path of life, and I’ve just been sitting in my computer today checking out some of the comments that I’ve been getting on YouTube and a few of the comments that I have gotten have asked me more of my opinions of the canik tp9 Sfx which has been featured in a lot of the videos that I have put out that are gun related here in just the last little while i’ve put out a video on making Sig Sauer p226 magazines work in your canik tp9 Sfx put out a video on stippling and some of the aesthetic customization that i’ve done on this tp9 sfx I’ve also put out a video on my competition holster that I use for this gun I also just yesterday posted a video on some of the new steel targets that I am using for practicing for competition stuff So I’ve done a lot of videos where I’ve used this gun and where I’ve talked a little bit about it But now it’s time to share with you my thoughts and ideas after firing 2,500 rounds through this Canik So the other day while I was out at the range shooting some steel for another one of my videos I get 2500 rounds in this gun Fired 2500 rounds from this gun. I have had this this firearm here for a couple of months now And I’ve really developed a relationship with this gun and a comfort level with this gun that is maybe only Superseded by my connection that I have with my everyday carry gun which is a Springfield XDM nine-millimeter, and that’s just because I practice with that gun so much fired that gun Countless number of rounds so this gun is right up there though I have fired quite a few rounds in a relatively quick amount of time Through this gun I’ve only cleaned it once full Like disassembly clean I’ve oiled it and lubed it up and and made sure that everything is Smooth on it But I have only actually cleaned this gun one time and other than a hiccup that I had while running The sig p226 magazines for the first time I have not had a single malfunction Out here this gun there was one failure to feed on those Sig Magazines And that was the first time running through those Sig magazines Aside from that no malfunctions both running the optic and not running the optic so I want to run through a really quick comparison between this gun and some of the other guns that are what I would classify as like in the same class as this gun so first just to run through some stats with you guys the Canik tp9 SFX it’s a five-point to five inch barrel weighs in at 29 ounces Comes standard with 20-round magazines and has a four pound trigger pull. I’ve measured mine at between 3.8 and 4.3. Now some of the other guns that I might compare as being in the same class as this is first the XDM 5.25 inch competition which comes in at about $300 more than this Canik the canik tp9 SFX you can pick up for four hundred and ninety five dollars A lot of times you can find them for cheaper than that sometimes a little bit more but right around there four hundred and ninety four hundred ninety five is is a pretty good running price for the Canik the XDM is seven hundred and ninety five dollars so a little bit pricier three hundred dollars more But you have the same barrel lengths you have the same weight twenty nine ounces. You lose out on one round of capacity nineteen round magazines for that one and You have a five and a half pound trigger bull so pretty comparable on a lot of areas It’s just a little bit more expensive next one in that lineup is the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro? Which is a five inch barrel comes in at $200 more than mechanic’s at about? 685 has only a 17 round magazine and has a Four and a half pound trigger pull and the last one that I want to throw in on this video is the Glock 34 Which comes in at? 675 dollars somewhere in there a couple hundred dollars more than mechanic again You have a four and a half pound trigger pull and again a 17 round capacity But you’re a little bit lighter. You’re a 26 ounces as opposed to twenty nine ounces, so that’s a little bit lighter and again That’s unloaded weight so when you factor in you’ve got an extra three ounces in the gun plus on other three rounds The Canik tp9 sfx is definitely heavier But you have those extra three rounds of capacity now now a lot of people sorry I’ve been kind of getting over a little bit of a little bit of a chest congestion thing going on now a lot of people have complained a little bit about the the height over bore and And that the bore axis is a little bit high off the grip For me that hasn’t been been an issue I’ve shot a lot of MMPs, and I know that the MMP is hard to beat in In the the bore overgrip axis, but this gun feels extremely comfortable in the hand It’s really easy for me to bring up on target, and then after a round is fired It just seems to pop straight back down on to onto target I have only on a few occasions only when the Sun is like right in my face Have I had to? Actually like double-check and make sure that my sights have fallen back on the target But it seems that they just drop straight back on almost every single time So it makes for a really quick follow-up shot for me. I’m able to shoot this gun relatively quickly especially Shooting two shots on a target and getting a really good grouping. You have the interchangeable back strap I have the larger of the two in here and then Shaved it down and got rid of all of the factory texturing the factory texturing is okay but for a competition gun I’m not really a fan of the The front grip texturing, and then just wanted to do something a little bit different so I stippled my gun I also and a lot of this I went through in my Cosmetic customization of this gun but this charging handle the way that it comes is about twice as long as this and it’s just Abnormally large too big for what? I need I can grip this with one hand if I need to but I actually end up gripping the gun like this wrapping my thumb around the back end and And that works really well. I like the front cocking serrations the slide lightning cuts here That’s light ending not lightning as in Not only does it look badass, but it also Gives this gun the same way as the TP 9sf you have these four Lightning cuts on each side of the top and then you have these two Lightning cuts on the bottom as well, so it just lightens up that front end and And helps with recoil management a lot. This is not to be confused with cording You can get the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro You can get that factory ported, and it has some some cuts in the in the slide as well, but Underneath the barrel is ported This barrel is not ported. So this is just a optic ready Competition gun that’s been lightened has not ported so in competition You can shoot this in carry optic class if you have that as an option Otherwise you can shoot open sights and you’re in the limited division I also Am a huge fan of this extended magazine release and the extended slide release I don’t have to break my grip. I used the largest of the Magazine releases on here, and it makes it extremely easy to dump magazines I also like how much power the magazines eject with the way that that spring is set up It just shoots those magazines out of there, which is great. I like that. There’s some crossover Customization stuff because typically for a less mainstream gun you have a hard time finding Customizations and stuff like that but being able to use the sig p226 magazines in this gun with a little bit of a modification And with being able to use the cz-75 Base plates on those magazines so that you can get the plus for extensions on an 18 round magazine getting yourself 22 rounds of capacity and also that you can use virtually any of the big brands are mr-s on this pistol offers a lot of customization and interchangeability to get you the competition gun that you want ultimately a competition gun is only as good as You can Run it and the more that you can Contour that gun to you the faster and the easier that you can run it So I really enjoy that about the canik tp9 hogs ultimately I find that it’s a stream Ly easy gun to you and a really good gun especially For the price as you can see the other three guns that I have in a lineup here are 200 to 300 dollars more expensive than this tp9 sfx So some people asked if I am a Canik fanatik. I have to say yes on the Canik Fanatik forum, and I am just a fan of the canik pistol especially the canik tp9 sfx, please leave me a comment down below With any of your questions about this gun also your opinions I love hearing from you guys answering your questions I try and respond to every comment if you found this video to be useful at all give me a thumbs up also don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and Also hit click on the little bell icon So you could be notified when we come out with other videos like this one? Until next time take care of yourselves everybody and make it a great day peace out

74 thoughts on “Canik TP9 SFx Review: 2500 rounds later.

  1. Enjoy watching you in your journey. Thinking of getting a tp9fs. Not really a match shooter. Just want an occasional ccw & range gun. Be Blessed!

  2. Kye,  I am a new shooter waiting for my liscense  ( Canada) and i'v e watched dozens of vids. on the Tp9 Sfx.  I want this to be my first gun but I've seen so many videos of malfunctions so I am having second and third thoughts about buying this gun,  man, I am so on the fence, any feed back on the amount of issues people are having with this line of sidearm? should I just buy something else?  The sfx runs for around $760+tax, around here.

  3. My SFx shoots very well. Question? Hows your Cerakote finish holding up? Mine came with minor holster wear from riding in the supplied plastic holster & it's getting worse. I've always heard that Cerakote was a kick ass coating but Mine seems to be very a light coating that wears easily & it really shows around the front cocking serrations and up on the left side of the slide near the ejection port. Just curious if I need to contact Canik & get this fixed under the warranty. Mine is hardly used also. Maybe 300 rounds. Just for kicks I installed the $45 ADE Crusader Reflex Micro 4MOA red dot & what a deal! Killa optic. I can't kill it or make it loose zero. Smoking Coyotes at 50y easy here on the Ranch. I did notice the Threaded Inserts were pretty bad or very cheaply installed on the #1 mounting plate. One of my screws wouldn't thread but after some rigging I got it.

  4. Just subbed strictly bc of the clip with the “lightning & the thunder”. Lol, Seriously though, good video. Been on the fence for one of these but, I heard parts can be scarce to come by. Any thoughts?

  5. I bought one a few months ago, my first box of 9mm was 115 grain and didn't actuate the slide well, causing many FTF and Fail to Extract. My second box was 124 grain NATO rounds and they fired and fed well, only one jam. I expect it will get better as it breaks in, if not I'll have to send it back. I do like it's accuracy with the Vortex Venom Optic.

  6. You should not sit on your computer. Besides the fact that this sounds painfully uncomfortable, there also exists the possibility that you could damage it. JUST KIDDING !

  7. I have the Canik TP9SFX for about 3 months and about 400 rounds through the gun.  Upon cleaning and inspection I noticed that the feed ramp showed smoe wearing ( looked like a half moon) and the feed ramp at the begining had some slight burring. Normal wear and Tear?

  8. I noticed, at least with mine, that it likes hotter loads. I just added a threaded barrel so I can run a suppressor on it. My concern is that the spring may be too heavy to run it suppressed reliably, especially with subsonic and lighter loads. I can't seem to find a lighter spring though. I'm thinking if worse comes to worse, I'll buy a spare spring and heat it up to weaken it a little. It's going to be an experiment, but my hope is that it will run like a champ suppressed and I won't have to worry about it.

  9. I love my SFX!!! USED IN USPSA with great reliability and accuracy! Purchased 3 mec gar mags so i could fit it in a IDPA Box as well. Love the trigger reset,and everything about this great firearm!!!!

  10. Wow finally a good review from somebody who knows what they're doing!!! I'm sick of all these idiots knocking firearms when they don't know how to properly clean and maintain it, use garbage ass products to clean it, over Lube it and use the shittiest ammo available to mankind but yet blame the firearm.

  11. Hi Kye…..enjoyed this follow up review of your TP9 SFx and noticed you mentioned your Springfield XDm as well. I own both of these guns, as well and enjoy both. I love the SFx and in 500 rounds of firing, have had no hiccups, not one and I might add that this was using inexpensive ammo, like Perfecta and Federal Champion from Wmart. The SFx is easy to use and very accurate and I added a Vortex Venom recently, which I purchased from Optics Planet when they had their periodic sale at $162.00. Great Combo. I love how easy the magazine releases on the SFx, especially when compared to my XDm's(I own 3 of those). Often, using the XDm, I find myself pushing up on bottom of magazine to get the mag to release. The mag release buttons on all of my XDms' take a lot of thumb pressure to get them to release, except when the slide is locked back and the mag is empty. Getting back to my SFx, the only con, in my opinion, is having to remove the rear sight when installing a red dot, eliminating possibility of co-witnessing. If your red dot fails, you're then pretty much dead in the water and shooting blindly at that point, not very comforting in any kind of defensive posture. I love how comfortable the SFx is in my hand, how easy it is to shoot and the very inexpensive price(I paid about $480.00) It is one fun gun to shoot for general plinking and a day at the range. It's a beautiful gun and always draws a lot of attention at my local gun range and you cannot beat the 20 round capacity. Thks for all of your reviews and commentary. I am a new and definite subscriber to your channel.

  12. I’ll let you know how the SFX stacks up to my Sig P320x5 on infinite backorder. Right now the SFX has been a wondergun for me, and unreal with a red dot. Gonna be my first competition gun.

  13. Thanks for the review. Got a question regarding the modified P226 mag. Are you still using it and have you ran into anymore problem with it? I’m about to buy a couple P226 20 round mags for the SFX.

  14. Curious. Me personally I have big hands and run my grip really high on the pistol. Do you feel like the slide release jabs into your palm? I seem to have that issue. It's not uncomfortable enough to impede function but it's noticeable enough to me to distract me sometimes when I'm on target.

  15. Did canik fixed the failure to lock back on the last round ? every video I've seen it never locks back I like this gun but I'm holding on buying it because of the failure to lock back

  16. But with this gun having a red dot you can't have Co-witness sights at all and that's a no sell for me. If your rmr goess out the gun it's useless!

  17. Have u had ur firing pin break?and do u do much dry fire I really want this gun but am scared that I hear the pin breaks from 2500 to 5000 rounds.

  18. My TP9SFX with Vortex Viper red dot just arrived yesterday. I gave it a proper cleaning and oiled it up before shooting. Shot 2 mags of Fiocchi 115 grain without issue. Check out my Instagram @nickel_reed, I've posted some pictures on there!

  19. I love mine too! It is so amazing. Had a guy try to sell me one for $725 !!! Little does he know I got one shipped to me for about $550.

  20. Thanks for the videos on the Canik TP9SFX. I've been eyeing one for a while and my only holdup was the after market support. Now that I know I can get a competition holder I'm sold.

  21. I have one I paid 579.99 plus tax for mine so about 600 hundred out the door but it came with the vortex venom red dot so not to bad of a price in my opinion…….

  22. We have a lot of gun like tp9 and we have a another tp9 model for just police speacial ops (there is no English subtitle on this video but you can look tp9 models)

  23. 12 years in the service deployed overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan, I purchased this gun and I gotta say this is the best gun I have ever had the pleasure of using, truly an amazing gun, Kudos to the Turks

  24. i shot my tp9sa for the first time today and i was shooting browning 147 grain rounds with no trouble but i went to 115 grain and with brass it would jam on me once in a while but with steel rounds man it kept jaming like other 3-5 rounds

  25. My experiences have been about the same I have never yet had a failure to feed a stovepipe or nothing and I have fired approximately about 2000 rounds through my canik. The trigger is absolutely amazing and I have a hard time faulting anything about this striker-fired pistol. You can pay a lot more money and yet much less.

  26. I have a 34 and a 17l and have been trying to hold of buying this… but this video did it :). Nice review and excellent shooting! I appreciate your time making these vids!

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