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Canik TP9 Elite SC First Look

hello everyone and welcome back as you
can see we’ve got a box here on the table and I don’t think it’s gonna come
as any surprise to anybody that there’s a Canik in it so let’s open it up and
take a look alright let’s open up this Canik box and
see if there’s actually a Canik in it though there might be a Canik in it or
Canik or however it’s pronounced I think even Canik has started calling it
Canik so open her up see what we got look at that we have a small gun
relatively small so this is actually the canik tp9 elite subcompact in
nine-millimeter now the first thing we’re gonna do is take it out you know
the holster drop the magazine lock it back and we are empty so we’re not going
to have that mistake again so what have we got in here well the first thing we
have is the canik tp9 Elite subcompact and as you can see it is cut for an
optic it is cut for the micro red dot it has an interchangeable backstraps so
this is the small on there I believe and it comes with a large it has a blackout rear
sight and a phosphorous front sight on there you have a striker status indicator
as you can see it is out because we open it up to make sure it was clear and
there you go striker status is back in we have an ambidextrous slide stop so
you can activate from that side or for you lefties you can release it from that
side so that’s pretty cool you do have the ability to change the
magazine release to either side they have a loaded chamber indicator
here on the top we have front slide serrations so if you want to you know do
a press check don’t press check that’s you’re not an operator don’t press check
we have a Picatinny rail on the front you have a tungsten color cerakote over
the nitride slide finish we have a match grade nitride coated barrel and we’ll
open this up drop the magazine pull down your takedown lever pull the trigger and it comes off that
easy so as you can see in here everything is
either nitride finished or high work high where nickel coated inside so it is
definitely made to put some rounds through it and we can take a look at the
bottom of the slide here you can see they’ve got some cutouts to lighten it
up no big deal you get a captured metal recoil spring assembly and put it back
together just line it up right there pull your slide back function check and you’re fine so also come with two
magazines which is the 12 round with the pinky extension or you could put the
flush baseplate on it it comes with the 15 round which has an integrated sleeve
on it so you don’t have to worry about having your baseplate having a sleeve
that slides down and can slide up and down on this thing this one is already
integrated into it this is a 15-round magazine you also have your gun lock you
have your little Canik toolbox you have your optics plate there they give you a
holster with it probably need to tighten up the retention just a little bit on
that but other than that it is okay and this is a revert this is a convertible
holster you can have it as an outside of your waistband or an inside the
waistband doesn’t quite seem like Kydex it is some kind of other type of plastic
there so and then underneath here you’ve got your bore brush which
quality-control you’ve got your destructions you have a plastic cleaning
rod and some other miscellaneous paperwork under there so let’s go over
it just a little bit as you saw very easy to disassemble for clinton also
very easy to put back together for cleaning it’s a dingus on the trigger
for you and we’ll check it again we’re empty and get your dingus on the trigger
so if you’re out here your trigger isn’t going to go anywhere there’s your trigger pull which the
average of five pulls on this was three pounds 15 ounces and there is your
trigger reset and your career path so there’s a trigger reset on it the weight
empty of this was 1 pound 9 ounces with the 12-round magazine in it with the
15-round magazine it was 1 pound 9 point 4 ounces the weight loaded was 1 pound
14 point 6 ounces that was with the Sig Sauer 124 grain V ground with and it was
12 plus 1 so and then loaded with the 15 plus 1 it was 2 pounds zero point three
ounces again with the sig sauer V ground 124 Green now if you don’t want to use
the Canik Canik Canik Shaniqua brand holster that comes with it I did
bring out my little on the waistband for an XD it will fit in an XD holster I
tried with the p226 which would be also basically the same thing with a p229 and
it does not fit in those so if you have an XD holster you have a Canik holster
besides the Canik holster at least in leather probably be a little different
if it was a Kydex holster did not fit in a Glock Glock 19 holster the trigger
guard was way too big to go in there so there is a quick tabletop look at the
canik tp9 Elite subcompact hope you guys liked it like share & subscribe
this video and until next time stay armed stay vigilant stay safe

8 thoughts on “Canik TP9 Elite SC First Look

  1. Nice video bro!, I like that Gun I’ll probably buy one after this month.. can you do a comparison with your XD I have an XD SC, I wanna see if it’s the around the same size.. thanks!

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