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Canik TP-9 Pistols

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Wednesday, February 8th and I have
a very special buying opportunity for you folks here today that, honestly, we don’t
see all the time. A really good opportunity to save some money
on a really nice handgun. I want to show you what’s different about
these. Dylan, if you will, come on in here close. I want to show the folks the label before
I show them the firearms. These are our TP-9 pistols. It’s the Canik. Turkish-made 9 mm from Century Arms. What’s so unique about this is we have them
under the X code for excellent condition. Now normally … You can back off there, Dylan. Normally we buy these as new firearms and
we pay the factory price on them, of course, and put them out there to sell them at market
pricing, which is always a good price anyway on a good firearm, of course, but these came
to us under the X code. Now here’s the special deal behind these. When I was at Shot Show this year, we spent
some time at the Century booth and I happened to learn that after this show, they were bringing
down all of their display firearms and they were going to put them out on the market to
sell and had a discounted price. These were displayed firearms only, they had
been carried and handled at certain distributor trade shows but never fired. This is those firearms. They don’t sell them under the N code technically,
even though they’re new, they’re unfired, they haven’t been carried around, but I want
you to see the quality that still exists on these guns. So Dylan, come on back in. I’ve got four different models here. I’m seeing the most of the wear honestly on
the external boxes because they have been packed up against one another when they were
carrying them from show to show. But internally these firearms … I’m going
to spread them out so we can see them better. As you can see everything is still here, the
warranty card, the holster portions. I’m going to pull the guns out of the holsters
in a moment, let you see everything. Let me just get them side-by-side so that
you can see the differences and the quality. We have a few of each of these available. While you’re on this end of the table we’ll
just start here. All of them come with their holster. All of them come with two high capacity mags. I defy you to find a place on this firearm
that looks like it’s a used firearm. They have been on display. Have been carried to two or three shows but
as I said, at the end of the calendar year after the January show at Shot, they were
trading these in as their samples. They’re going to set up new booths with new
merchandise for the upcoming year and we were able to get a great deal on these. Look at this one a Desert 10. We’ll sit it there. Beautiful finish on that gun. Now folks, I’m not saying that this would
ever happen, but if I’m a distributor and I’m going to set up a show and carry a sample
of my wares to that show, knowing that thousands of people would be seeing it, there’s a likelihood
that I’m going to go through some guns and pick out the very best ones with the very
best finishes to take so you can put your best foot forward. I have no doubt in looking at these, that
that’s exactly what happened. Like I said, you may see some finish wear
on the outside of the boxes. I’m not going to say that you won’t see a
thumbprint or something of that nature on these firearms. Of course, this is just a representation,
but everything we’ve seen so far has proven out to be very, very nice, packaged just like
the ones with the new codes and still with all the same accessories but at a better price
point. I think we’ve shown all we can show here. Folks, they’re going to be in our email today. We only have limited quantities of each one
of them. They’re substantially discounted below the
price of the new ones, just because we paid a better price for them and we’re going to
pass it on. Honestly, if we did business that way, we
could strip the X code off of them and just sell them for new guns but we don’t do business
that way. If we get them at a discount we want to pass
it along. So if you want a nice handgun then the TP-9,
they’re extra nice, take advantage of this. It’s a really good opportunity. And as always, thank you for shopping with
us at

11 thoughts on “Canik TP-9 Pistols

  1. Great to see you again Ben! Heard your fishing trip went well.
    I'm hunting a pistol/carbine combo and really want to use the TP-9. Can you share what carbines accept TP9 mags?

  2. can ben do a slot about a gun like an old pro wrestler "and friday night you will feel the pain..I am the intercontinental champion..!"

  3. Let me guess… since I just now saw this video there's none left right? Story of my life. I've been studying everything possible about every version of the TP9 series. I have no clue why people bitch about the version with the slide-mounted decocker, because after handling a nice looking black finished one at last weekend's gunshow, I now know that decocker is placed and functions just fine.

    All you dicks talking trash about the size of the guy selling here wouldn't last long with one of those huge arms around your necks. The dude hooks us all up!

  4. Just got the tp9da wonderful gun beautiful
    All around can't beat it if you slack on grabbing one of these for the price you will regret it because the price will jump soon
    Once they know about these super guns.

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