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Canik Pistol & AK 47 Testing // RealWorld Tactical

hey YouTube what’s going on Tony sentmanat here
from real world tactical today it’s gonna be another training day on the
range doing some drills I’m gonna be shooting some century arms hardware they uh tasked me with doing just little bit of testing some of the
preliminary testing on some of their new stuff they just got coming out I’m gonna
go more into detail as the day goes on I got two pistols and they’re 9mm case
so I’m gonna do some testing on that a little bit of shooting with that see how
that goes and also run some drills probably put my one of my partner’s
Ruben Alvarez and another friend of mine Rae both law enforcement officers
through a couple of position drills and some high-intensity stuff he’s getting
ready for a training course coming up so just having some fun out here in the
range man hope you guys enjoy running don’tdon’t look around wrong going through then Oh alright guys so I just finished up my
drill there was 3 stations 25 yards out on 10-inch steel on eight inch steel in
the center here was a position drill I ran it with the century arms Draco knack
9x just came out about six weeks ago and so far I ran great today
no complaints and no complaints with tp9 as well the combat elite model and their
standard base model I believe the Draco comes in at 760 MSRP which is a
phenomenal price it’s really good shoots great no complaints I’m tired
it’s fucking hot here in Miami ran that drill I don’t know maybe four or five
times I was averaging anywhere between a minute to a minute and a half in between
rounds obviously the more rounds you do the more tired you get so you guys saw
you know I went from three rounds to two rounds to one round and then came all
the way back one full rotation forward one full rotation reverse the longer
you’re out there shooting getting in positions the tighter you get the optic
starts jumping around on you it’s harder to see harder to get into positions and
harder for the for the red dot to stop jumping around so I have to take a
little bit longer on those shots better breath control and definitely trade
control especially when you have 25 yards out and you have no support
especially no support on the barricades and stuff so definitely a good drill for
you guys to do saw the specifications of the drill that I just ran will be in the
description and on the screen alright guys so if you like the range day if you
like the actual video today comment subscribe let me know what you think and
any drills that you would like to see me run let me know I will be doing a lot
more videos on YouTube now hopefully once a week or once every other week and
try to build give you as much content as possible guys thanks and on to the next

28 thoughts on “Canik Pistol & AK 47 Testing // RealWorld Tactical

  1. As always great drills, would like to see you engage targets from concealed carry in a veh. Recover carbine from how you would have a carbine in your car, engage targets then advance or withdraw using cover while engaging targets from that cover.

  2. Tony, how do you feel about people who are all about "pushing your standards" when it comes to shooting but act like the physical aspect of preparedness/tactical/responsible armed citizen doesn't matter? How important is physical and mental fitness opposed to being a top tier shooter?

  3. Another great video Tony. Can you tell me what ear pro you guys are using? Looking for a compact in the ear alternative. Thanks

  4. The Canik pistols have always interested me since first seeing them, but I can’t seem to get past they are made by a Turkish company that seems to be turning away from democracy. Still thinking about buying on though.

  5. Loving this weekend video series..keep them coming..!!! Waiting for your action movie that's all…😁

  6. Tony, you are always bringing out great content. I enjoy your videos of your training and the gear reviews. Keep doing what you are doing.

  7. My only concern with the caniks is the consistently short ejection. I think the recoil spring could be a pound lighter.

  8. Tony, always an inspiration. Always about becoming a stronger version of yourself. Love the direction this channel is going !

  9. What holster were you running for the TP9?? I have trouble tracking any down for them that have tac-light capability.

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