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Canadian Firearms Centre Confirms AR-15 Reclassification

Operator: [inaudible] and you’ll be receiving
it in the mail [inaudible] Rainier Arms… Caller: Yup. Operator: AR-15. I wanna make sure that I
have that right here. AR-15. And that’s why we couldn’t find it in the system, right? O: So they’re actually being modified as we are speaking, right now. So with the transition going on, too, as well as to deal with [inaudible].
So you were one of the lucky ones, that uh, I really appreciate all your time, you know,
waiting for me here too as well but it’s just, uh, you were the, actually first one that
I’ve actually come across. So I’m going to contact my supervisor [inaudible] to you,
to let them know what’s going on, so this next phone call won’t be like this for you.
Okay? C: So, so what exactly happened with this?
So, they’re… is this ’cause they are banning them or what? O: Exactly. So, and that’s what’s happening,
and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell you that or what, because we never heard any word
or anything, but it’s, that’s why we can’t [inaudible] they’re changing the classification
on them. That’s what’s happening. I can’t really say that they’re banning them, because
I don’t know anything about that. They’re just changing the classification as far as
I’m concerned right now. Okay? C: Okay. And so, that other one, though, that
Nordic one, did that one go through? O: Um, yeah, everything looks okay except
for this one, and that’s why it took me so such a long time to find it into the system
in regard with that(?). And that’s why, that’s what the controversy was for the Radical and
the Rainier Arms for the [inaudible] Well no, no, it’s a popular firearm why is it not
in the Firearms Reference Table? C: Mhm. O: So in order for me to actually classify
that firearm properly, I had to contact the Firearms [inaudible] Advisor, so they could
provide me the Firearms Reference Table Number, so I can actually send that new registration
certificate so we can make sure it’s registered properly.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Firearms Centre Confirms AR-15 Reclassification

  1. It's about Rainier Arms lower, which is semi-prohibited due to lower receiver trigger group shelf being too narrow. All of these lowers which are not compliant with RCMP standard are semi-prohibited i.e. are allowed to be owned by PAL holders, but prohibited from being imported.


    Rainier Arms lowers FRT has been pulled for a couple of months. RCMP is doing a review of all lowers that do not meet SP1 Colt profile in the back pocket. They have pulled numerous FRT in the past 2 years that they mistakenly issued because the rear pocket is cut out more then what they consider legal. Examples being Battles Arms PDW (prohib) Battle Arms LW (prohib), Battle Arms forged (currently under review), Rainier Arms Billet and forged (currently under review). The Rainier Arms forged and billet share a model name so both got pulled yet the forged meets sp1 Colt profile and the billet does not…

    So far they have said they will leave the ones in public ownership and registered to owners in their possession. But importers can no longer register them in their name.

    When calling the CFO the basic person you call it shows up as either under review or prohib. They are not informed enough to understand why a restricted PAL owns a prohib lower. This is because all new lowers coming into country are prohib but because they made the mistake of originally issuing an FRT they are allowing those owners to keep them.

  3. Rainier were prohibited last year due to the trigger pocket being easily lent to full auto conversion. His Nordic went through because ALL ar-15s are not going prohib. (Today). Just the rainier which is still under FRT lab review.

  4. Shitty. I've always wanted one of the full stocked, 20 inch heavy barreled ones for long range shooting, but all I ever see advertised is these shorty things. I heard something about this and thought I'd buy a lower so I could build one in future, but you can't find any now anywhere in Canada. Didn't know this has been a thing for months now? Late to the dance ☹

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