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Can You Start A Fire With A Pencil?

So here’s a situation You just ran out of gas your vehicles stranded on the side of a Mountain road Who knows if we’re going to get any help out here? So it’s a good idea to get a survival fire going as soon as possible and here’s a cool trick You can use to do just that using a common graphite pencil now this trick is actually super simple to do all you need to do is first of all just wiggle the eraser off the end of your pencil so that you’ve just got the wood and the graphite then all you need to do is take a sharp [object] like a Rock or a knife and just bite off the top section of wood and Split it down the middle so you can see the graphite exposed through the center of the pencil and [that’s] pretty much all the preparation Your pencil needs to become a makeshift firestarter Go ahead and attach your jumper cables with the red end to the positive and the black to the negative and watch this Clip one of the cables onto one end of the pencil so that poking into the graphite on one end then take the other jumper Cable and do the same thing on the other end the second it makes contact the pencil start smoking and within a few Seconds will burst into flames Now important thing to realize about your jumper cables Is that only one of the teeth is electrically? Connected so look at the wire where it runs in turn your jumper cables with the neutral side down that’s where we’re going to place the wood part of our pencil and when we close the teeth the pointy part – the one with The cable on it should be digging into the graphite like this Now rather than burning up the entire length of your pencil at once It makes a lot more sense to break them into one and a half to two inch pieces you end up with four to five Different igniters by doing this you can really make one pencil go a long way the second you clip your jumper cable into place It’s going to ignite into fire So you need to have a tinder bundle or some kind of kindling ready to go to catch that flame the instant it happens Now the wood that you take off your pencil does not need to go to waste you can use that for Kindling to help stoke your fire Just chop it into small pieces pile it up in a little teepee shape and then when you get your initial flame You’ll already [have] a little more tinder. You can throw straight on the fire Now check this out if you can stretch your jumper cables out right to your fire pit [you] can actually get your mechanism Set up in the fire build your tinder and your kindling over top of it And then you can go back to your battery and connect your jumper cables to the terminals there and from a safe distance Your fire will ignite itself how cool is that? boom there it is Well that is how you make a survival fire using the jumper cables from your car and a pencil? Thanks so much for [joining] me for this experiment. I’ll be looking for in the next video. Let’s talk to you that Think we just got recognized for sure busted

100 thoughts on “Can You Start A Fire With A Pencil?

  1. What if you don't have a pencil?

    Or a car?

    Or jumper cables?

    And you have uncontrollable explosive diarrhea?

  2. Was hoping to have a way to bail on a test, but…
    Not is that impossible since I can't quite bring a car and jumper cables into school, but I already graduated as well….

  3. Set up your fire at the bottom of a cliff, then roll the car off. It will burst in to flames like in every film, and ignite your fire!

  4. i discovered this trick once when i found clean graphite refills and thought of like "what happens if i connect it to like a car battery" almost burnt my fingers tho

  5. Without saying anything bad on this as i know it doea work but if i have my car i probably have multiple means to start fire that is a bit more renewable than a pencil.i know i dont have a few dozen in my glovebox lol.but i do know most cars have a built in lighter lol.

  6. Well…… plz.tell me im not the only one who thought of rubbing two pencils furiously and BOOM fire (lol just wanted to know because trust me. I have try'd)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Ok buddy first the red is negative and positive is black so know what your talking about before you post it. Also why would you have a pencil more people smoke and have a lighter then have jumper cables and pencils in there car.

  8. Once you start your fire with the pencil, throw the lit pencil into the gas tank of your car and then you'll have a nice fire going!

  9. i would be concerned with starting the flame remotely because the positive and negative leads could connect in the firepit and short the battery potentially causing an explosion hazard.

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