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Can you shoot handcuffs apart without injury?

That is one custom set up there I mean If you’re ever incarcerated in say a foreign country after being a driftwood you may be count on someone to shoot you apart Will it break your wrists and your arm? This video is inspired by Edward sarkissians video of him trying to shoot a pair of handcuffs apart with different guns But would it injure the person? who has the handcuffs on them and Can we do it differently with a more powerful? exotic brass shotgun slug for official police use Yeah, not any of that unofficial police use like what happens at home on the weekends and I’ll tell you folks There’s no way any police officer will use these things. They’re pretty they’re made out of metal I will give you that they’re made out of metal. Not bad. They’re pretty sharp $24. Yeah, I tell you what your regular ones about $18 for those nights Yeah, I think you went I think you got hit on top around better I think these are the ones for sale or for fake ones This is one at the toy aisle. I think dollar surplus store. They came with Keys. So that’s all that matters. Yeah Let’s shoot those first. We got real world. Real ones too, yeah I’ve got some good peerless ones that I brought from work and we’ll shoot Geoff’s Taiwanese police Evidently, they got no muscle mass in Taiwan because these are official ones there. Those are officials. Okay, they’re really similar Yeah, come on sure one can be broken and one cannot we’ll see we’ll see this will be its double Nickel-plated. Oh, well there you go. Well, everything’s nickel-plated. Apparently, that’s what yeah, but that’s a double nickel plate double nickel plate Yeah, I don’t want that single nickel plated crap Does that matter you’re handcuffed snowflakes would get out of that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they’re not bad. Come on. All right. We’ll see Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care All right, let’s cuff them up Those are the those are the cheap ones right the tei teiwainium Okay Book’em Danno. You don’t need to do the Proper police grip with these things because they’re so stiff Book’em actually, I had them set this way so that we could get more room between them dag nabbit It’s very realistic Well, if you ever have a guy and a girl handcuffed together mr. and mrs. Smith What do we want to find out here? We want to we want to see if you can shoot the handcuffs off with a harder Exotic shotgun slug like, you know a brass or steel and if it’ll hurt your wrists or break your arms in the process Well, then, why are we using mannequin arms? We should have one of us up here Well who’s gonna film and shoot it then you oh I’m glad you trust me What are we using first? Alright, we’re gonna use some of Tim’s brass knuckles the ballistic machinists brass pellets And I like the brass knuckles I do too brass ball solid brass slug 1,700 feet per second approximately And it’s kind of a knuckle shaped fantastic, very accurate and As we’ve said before these things will go through a rhinoceros rhineo-saur-us. Yes front to back though or side to side? Through the thick part. Hmm. Yeah You see all that does it see if you can hit that little chain? Well, I think normally you would be Doing this at like very close range Like right up against the barrel What fun is that I don’t know make it a new up like a sharp shooting contest I don’t know if I’d want a shotgun going off close range to my wrist. That’s true. Yeah, that’s a good point The muzzle blast. Okay, Danny take your time and see if you can hit that little chain. I’m ready you gotta load one in there You firin’ blanks over there?
Yeah pulling an Edwin here. Okay Danny Cabron. I’m ready. Whatever you are Now we didn’t give Danny any practice shots that was just I guess this is his practice shot and You can see that slug just grazed the bottom of the chain shaved off some brass even But just wasn’t quite centered enough. So let’s have him take another shot and see if he can do any better Okay shot number two brass pellet Whenever you are ready There you go Taiwanesium This shot the slug kind of went to the right but it had enough energy just to tear that chain apart and really Surprisingly it didn’t do much damage to the wrists or arms of the mannequin arms So that’s this is a left arm, okay Not a lot of damage because the hasp was nice and tight pulled the chain right out of the middle Vin Diesel, however a Little damage to his wrist and bent the ass out of this handcuff. So that would not have been fun. Oh, yeah you could Look at the brass Wow transfer right there where it snapped right through there Wow Okay Well, those are those are the cheap ones it’s let’s see, those’d be a good patreon giveaway too don’t you think
I think so you doing the Queen wave
the parade wave, yeah So we have peerless these are the brand we use it at work and These are pretty high quality, this is what most officers choose over the The Department issued one so nice high quality ones. We’ll see how they hold up versus the type tank in Taiwanium and how well the arms hold up to sure, you know do a little armwrestling there I am see if this would be the only time I can beat Vin Diesel in armwrestling a man’s arm and a woman’s arm there Where’d you get those at a? Girl named Elizabeth down at JC Penney’s. It was gracious enough to donate those. I took them home and painted him up That was nice. Yeah, she’s pretty cool Ok real official police So these double nickel plated, oh wow, these are just single nickel Okay, we can’t afford two nickels. That’s just dime plated. Ok, we’re going again with the brass pellet beast of a slug Okay. I’m ready. Take your time Right in half. Okay see Mike
what? No better than mine. No better than my $23 ones
Not versus a slug, no.
Look at the arms didn’t even move Look at the look at the chunk out of the forearm on Taylor Swift Now this is definitely the best shot with the tougher peerless handcuffs, well supposedly tougher the slug Had no problem just slicing through those chains it broke them Like they were made out of plastic and though as you could see the arms almost didn’t even move It was like a like a samurai sword a very sharp one slicing through a rope or whatever okay what happened Magic Danny made that chain disappear I know
Like a shotgun Houdini Like did he hit it? That’s what I thought that looked up and the arms didn’t move and I thought I missed the chain evaporated so first thing we saw down range or back range was the Hole in Taylor Swift’s wrist and turns out that is from the little aluminum wad Yeah, it’s a backing piece that goes behind the brass to support it. And then Exited right there through and through The little aluminum piece has a lot of energy still. Sorry Taylor shake it off But yeah it just yanked that chain and tore it a new one now AG Wabo steel from “Gualandi” little Italian slugs a steel slug Let’s see what it does to some handcuffs oo, wow, I think you definitely hit The handcuffs they went about 30 yards down there Now this is more of a bonus shot since we’ve already shot up both pairs of our handcuffs But it gives you an idea how powerful of a steel slug was. We did talk about shooting a brass and a steel slug So we wanted at least show you a steel slug in action Well, I can’t believe you found all that stuff I Was a good shot. I mean we didn’t take a practice shot with those Gualbo steels those first shot cut our hand right off Push them right through there Definitely don’t want to do it that way in other words. Danny’s gonna take this home I’m not gonna tell the wife Flatten the teeth in the ratchet This one’s clearly too big be careful. That’s fiberglass, gonna be all itchy Well, I got a hand to scratch myself with okay? Not bad I mean it it tort tore the hand cuff all up So folks for the patreon subscribers This is the new taofledermaus beer cozy, you set your beer in there and it keeps it cold I guess If you set it in the fridge.

100 thoughts on “Can you shoot handcuffs apart without injury?

  1. By the way fellas, you put the arms against a couple firm pillows, and put the barrel of the sig 9 against the chain and its simple. Done it a few times.

  2. If you can find a shotgun to shoot a handcuff off, you're likely going to be able to find a hammer to bash it off.
    If it's made of steel it can be broken as long as it's not industrial 1cm+ thick chains.

  3. You could try those hinged handcuffs. I think shooting thru those wouldn't be practice and would be more likely to hurt the wearer by trying.

  4. On young gun 2 where Billy shoots the chain against the rock with out shooting his bud.That would be awesome if that could be done.

  5. You're doing it wrong you have to use a pistol shoot them from very close and have them pressed against something like stone. that's what I've seen on TV or movies.

  6. Awesome! I wish I could thumb up this video more than once. OG sure knows his handcuffs and their various uses as well as the exotic materials used in their construction. Give the man a hand!
    I have a theory on why the police cuffs shattered so easily. I suspect that the heat treatment on the chain was done poorly. Instead of being merely case hardened, the chain was hardened all the way through, making it brittle. Mind you, metalurgey is magic as far as I'm concerned.

  7. remember the episode from the walking dead 400 days, where Vince has to shoot someone free to get out of the bus, this is basically saying if that would be possible, seeing as Vince was using a shotgun to do it.

    (edit, should've said DLC and not an episode, it's like, what… $4.99 on steam)

    (2nd edit, really…no one's talking about this…at all?)

  8. easiest way to remove handcuff's is to put something flat and thin between the ratchet and teeth threw the clasp and thy pop right open and do to how thy are designed this flaw cant be fixed even works with zip tie cuffs

  9. Shoulda used ballistic gel arms or something like that to see the real damage maybe try another video doing it with a more realistic comparison

  10. obviously you place your hands and cuffs in the ground/dirt so it wouldn't rip ur arms off. no one with half a butt pump would ask to shoot it apart in the air

  11. If I was desperate enough to ask someone to shoot my handcuffs off me, I would hope their was a weight room around to put couple metal weights to block my wrists from and flying fragments and have them fire point blank(but away from the ground).

  12. I wonder what it would do to the rotator cuff when the chain is cut ? It would have to jerk the sh*t out of it ….

  13. I think the higher quality cuffs broke easier, because they're hardened more than the knockoffs…
    The harder metal is more brittle, but is considerably harder to saw/cut through…(which would be more likely than someone shooting them off…).
    Care to demonstrate the differences between the two cuffs using a hand saw??

  14. (I'll have to hand it to you) you are a great shot all pun intended he he LOL entertaining but I'm not going to have y'all remove my cuffs, if I am in the same predicament , looks too painful I will just used a key

  15. First of all a person in handcuffs, their arms would not be in that position and second, the person shooting the cuffs would not be that far away to be shooting the handcuffs and third , a block or piece of wood between the wrist to prevent the impact damage that happened to cuffs in video . Your demonstration is not a real world simulation of how a pair of cuffs would be shot off a persons wrist or just to break the chain links .

  16. So… least my theory, from shooting 1/2 inch drill bits, broken end mills, etc. Is that the hardness of the higher quality peerless chain, allows no elasticity and simply shatters. It also means, any good tool steel saw blade or file, can cut those Taiwanese cuffs, but not the peerless. It seems for one advantage, you must compromise and sacrifice somewhere else.

    no matter, ofc. Gregg, if any idiot tries that, the shrapnel, and spawling mist of tiny glasslike steel would blow flesh out of the way like an airhose hitting firefighting foam.

  17. not sure how i missed this one but happened upon it today.. the only way i could imagine it even being possibly "safe" would be arms in beach sand and shot from point blank

  18. '
    right grammar make sense is a – Can a person shoot handcuffs apart without injury – ?…
    wrong grammar is a – Can ( you ) shoot handcuffs apart without injury?…
    dont need to use a word – you –

  19. I know i talked alot of crap on your vids but greg is the best cop ever! Love to be pulled over by him but i ride a bicycle so lets see what happens in Florida. Go greg!

  20. chop off the arm ist the same effect.
    do it to hang man, to cut the rope or chop off the head by scrap.
    very effective.
    Not very smart to be honest. not to say dumb.

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