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Can you Cook Bacon on The Barrel of A Saiga 12 Shotgun?

This is Saiga 12 Candied Bacon.
Spetsnaz style. Some bacon.
Some Candied. And a Saiga 12.
Magazines are loaded. Let’s do this.
That looks like a yummy one. This is how the supervisors at the izhmash
AK factory rewards their peons for a job well done.
Make them Saiga 12 bacon. My mouth is watering.
Now it’s time to get some candied on this bitch. Got some molasses.
Spread this stuff nice and even around here. Now it’s time for the brown sugar.
Molasses is a necessity otherwise the brown suger will not stick.
It won’t candy properly. MMMM.
I can smell that bacon cooking! MMM MMM good oh yeah. Look at that.
WE’ve got our saiga 12 bacon here. Fuckin A.
That’s some yummy shit. Those fuckin russian’s are genius’s.
Saiga 12 candied bacon it’s what’s for dinner.

100 thoughts on “Can you Cook Bacon on The Barrel of A Saiga 12 Shotgun?

  1. in soviet Russia, you don't cook bacon on a saiga's barrel, but I suck at creating jokes on the comment section

  2. We got kick out of a shooting range with a siga 12. We cut the target frames in half. I told the guy as we were leaving. "Murica!"

  3. Ugh this is shitty tesco like beacon that steaches like rubber in pants. Never pick smoked. Always pick steamed. It tastes like bacon and its not acting like bubble gum when u chew it.

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