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Can You Beat Old World Blues Without Taking Any Damage?

Fallout New Vegas’s 4 DLCs all sort of do
their own thing. Dead Money is more about survival than anything
else and Honest Hearts plays things safe. Lonesome Road ends the story of Courier Six,
but Old World Blues is the weird one. So why not ask a weird question: Can You Beat
Fallout New Vegas’s Old World Blues DLC Without Taking Any Damage? The setup for this challenge is the same as
the setup for my previous New Vegas DLC No Damage playthrough: I’m going into Old World
Blues with a character that’s as generic as possible. Not even a Jack of all trades. I’m like a Bill or George of all trades. SPECIAL points are distributed somewhat evenly,
I picked Speech, Guns, and Lockpick as my Tag skills, picked Skilled, which gives a
+5 to all skills at the cost of a 10% reduction in the amount of experience earned, and Trigger
Discipline, which makes weapons 20% more accurate but reduces their fire rate by 20%, as my
Traits. Next came the leveling. Because New Vegas suggests that you be level
15 or higher when you start Old World Blues, I used console commands to level myself up
to Level 15. As I leveled up, I evenly distributed my skill
points across all skills until all skills were at 40, thanks to both the Skilled trait
and the Educated perk, then I dumped the last 5 points into Speech. The only worthwhile perks I chose along the
way were Educated, Rapid Reload, and Comprehension. The other perks relate to Stimpaks and other
healing methods or companions, so they won’t come into play in any way. Regarding equipment, I’m only using what
I get at the start of the game: 9mm Pistol, Binoclears, a Broad Machete, a Mercenary’s
Grenade Rifle, a Sturdy Caravan Shotgun, 10 Throwing Spears, and a Weathered 10mm Pistol. Armor is irrelevant since I won’t be wearing
armor for most of the run and healing items aren’t worth their weight in shit. I encountered nothing on my way to Mojave
Drive-In, forgot my popcorn but started the movie anyway, got abducted, and woke up in
Big MT without any pants. It was here that I used console commands to
set my max health to 1 so that any damage of any kind kills me and automatically reloads
my most recent save, forcing me to get through any given scenario without taking any damage. 400 words in and now the run finally begins. Before I did anything else, I ransacked The
Sink to find anything useful, which wasn’t all that much to be honest, then I entered
the Think Tank, and started what could very well be the longest single instance of dialog
in all of New Vegas. I sped through some of it because I already
had a general idea of what was Doctor Klein and his fellow Think Tanks were talking about,
but it was still almost 13 minutes. Here’s the quick version for anyone watching
this for the story: I fulfilled my prophecy of naming myself Lobotomite
by getting a lobotomy and becoming a Lobotomite. The glorified Pez dispensers lost my brain
during the lobotomy, I can’t leave until I get it back, there’s some sort of a civil
war going on, and I need to pick up a few pieces of equipment. I went outside for the first time since the
last time, saw a LOBOTOMITE, and got into combat for the first time. As soon as I took aim with VATS, I knew this
entire thing was gonna suck. Normal headshots with a 9mm Pistol did jack
shit. According to the Fallout wiki, Lobotomites
start out at Level 25, which would explain why this one was would’ve been difficult
to kill if it weren’t for the critical shot. I picked up one of my favorite melee weapons
in all of New Vegas, a Proton Axe, off his corpse. Unfortunately, if an enemy is within melee
range, I’m pretty much fucked, so I’m not likely to get a chance to use it any time
soon. It’s not all bad, though. I’ve got a waypoint and I know what direction
to go, bronze linings and the whatnot. Before I made any observable progress, I angered
two more Lobotomites, one of which had a firearm, a shotgun to be more specific. If you happen to know what a shotgun is, you
probably have a solid understanding of why a Lobotomite with one is not a situation you’d
wanna find yourself in. All it takes is one pellet hitting me and
it’s “Hello loading screen”. I lured them behind a box and blew both their
heads off with a shotgun, stumbled across a Nightstalker because Big MT is a fucking
nightmare of a place, then found a Cyber Dog that was not at all friendly, and entered
X-8 Central Facility to find my first object. It was inside X-8 that I found my new best
friend: the Sonic Emitter. It took out a Mister Orderly Mk3 (mark 3)
in just 2 shots. I did some mad science shit and created the
perfect amalgamation of man and machine that sadly only lived about as long as my first
kid, and pressed onward deeper into the Facility. The time had come to prove my worth to America
by dispelling of communist children from a fake school. The Institutional Data Retrieval test is now
under way. Basically I just need to get three student
records from three different locations and determine which one needs to be put to death. A few obstacles are in my way. The first are Hall Monitors. They might as well be the Eye of Sauron, because
they kill me damn near as soon as they see me. The Cyber Dogs are much more worrisome, though. They’re as fast as they are not dogs. The Sonic Emitter is the best weapon at my
disposal for dealing with robots, but even it takes several shots to kill one dog. I did eventually find a concept that worked:
shoot at dog, close door, doggy run away, open door, shoot again. Who knew that all it took to hold back the
armies of Hell was a cheap wooden door. There were also a few Lobotomites roaming
the halls, but the ones with melee weapons aren’t much to be concerned about. A Caravan Shotgun can handle them quickly
enough. As I made my way through the school, I leveled
up, dumped the points into Speech and Guns, picked Here and Now as my perk to level up
again, and dumped more points into those two skills. I eventually found all three records, fought
a few Protectrons, and left the Facility in search of at the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array. There were 2 cyberdogs waiting outside, one
of which even managed to follow me onto the roof of a collapsed building. Then to the right of the building were 2 Nightstalkers. I evaded them by seeking shelter on a walkway
while they got stuck behind a pipe. I moved to the right side of the X-8 Building,
hoping to avoid the creatures b going that way, but there were 3 Lobotomites over there. Two of them had melee weapons, but one had
a firearm. Then one of the cyberdogs found me when I
got off the truck I’d been hiding on. At this point, I wanted this DLC to get fucked
to death by a giant sandpaper dildo. I eventually got behind the building and ran
off behind the pylons to get safely teleported back to the Think Tank. I actually had no idea what would happen. I figured having a seizure and blood squirting
from my ears couldn’t be any worse than being eaten alive by robotic carnivore bitches. After I caught my breath in the Sink, I began
making my way to the X-2 Antenna thing. I spent several lives trying to kill a Lobotomite
over yonder, pressed onward, made it to the Cuckoo’s Nest, and got myself good and fucked. I quick-saved at just about the worst possible
time. The next 20 minutes or so were just awful. The first problem came from a Lobotomite with
a handgun and surprising accuracy. I probably died a dozen times while trying
to run away or kill him. After I killed him, I went back up to Cuckoo’s
Nest, but I’d drawn the attention of more Lobotomites who wanted to skin me and turn
me into a ceremonial hammock. I tried to take refuge inside a cave, but
Test Subject 1 made sure that didn’t happen. Back outside, I managed to kill the two Lobotomites
after dying several times. If you thought things couldn’t get worse,
you haven’t been paying attention. Four more Lobotomites descending upon me,
two from the left, two from the right. I still thank God to this day, even though
today’s June 21st and this happened on June 20th, that I had a Grenade Launcher. I used it and a 10mm Pistol to kill the lot
of them. Then once again, things got even worse. Three Y-17 trauma override harness started
shooting from just beyond those pipes over there. They’re tougher than Lobotomites and have
much more advanced weaponry. I did sigificant damage to one of them with
the Grenade Launcher, then another Lobotomite showed up on the right, and I retreated behind
a rock. I killed both creatures sauntering towards
me, tried to loot the corpses, but the other 2 Y-17’s had figured out how to get near
me. I grenade launchers the absolute shit out
of the both, tried again to loot all the corpses I’d created, decided it wasn’t worth it,
ran down the hill, arrived at the X-2 Facility, saw even more Y-17’s near it, and finally
entered a building where I was relatively safe. The few robots inside could be dealt with
easily enough with the Sonic Emitter. I got up to the satellite, uploaded the schematics,
and watched as Doctor Mobius sent a small army of robo-scoprions to end me. I took out the two Y-17’s with two launched
grenades, retreated inside the building, and had several robo-scorpions to contend with. Just like the Lobotomites, there are 2 kinds
of Robo-scorpions, generally speaking. There are those that can fire energy projectiles,
and those that can’t. The ones that fire energy are a real bother,
the others can be avoided by running away most of the time. I exited the building, did aforementioned
running away, went back to the Sink to sell some stuff to the SCIU, had it repair a few
things, and spent a while talking to all of the Think Tanks in the Think Tank. There are several quests that can be started
and completed without ever leaving the Think Tank. I’d tell you what they were but I wasn’t
really paying all that much attention. I was more concerned with clicking through
every dialog option I had to pass as many skill checks as possible and complete the
quests that I could. I completed a few of them and left to discover
Higgs Village, former home of Gabe the former dog. I once again got into an annoying firefight
with a Lobotomite, this time with me using a Plasma Rifle that obscures most of my vision. I arrived in Higgs Village and took my sweet
time going through all of the houses to see what I could find. The only things worth mentioning were the
few Sonic Emitter upgrades I found, Gabe’s bowl, the Sink personalities, and the Teddy
Bear House. After about 20 minutes of peaceful ransacking,
I confronted the Super-Ego. It was the toughest thing I’ve fought thus
far, which isn’t surprising given its name and the fact that it’s a fucking level 50
Robobrain. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get
to beating Will Wheaton to death. With the Super-Ego dead, I went back to the
Sink and spent several wonderful minutes listening to the Book Chute talk about eradicating sedition. [wait a moment] I upgraded my Sonic Emitter and was off to
the X-12 Research Center. I got inside, found out it was a waste of
my time, and decided to go to the much bigger and much better X-13 Research Center. Inside X-13, I recovered all the pieces necessary
to create the Stealth Suit Mk II. With the suit wrapped around my fragile limbs,
I could begin the Stealth Test which involved sneaking around until I recovered a special
document. The test is failed if you’re spotted. There are several robotic entities roaming
around the halls of the testing grounds, most of which can be taken out with one shot from
the Sonic Emitter thanks to sneak attacks. I found the X-13 Document, leveled up, upped
my Speech skill to 75 and Guns skill to 70, and listened to Mobius ramble on about his
Robo-Scorpions again. He sent quite a few of them inside the building
after me once he realized I’d stolen the stealth suit. It was here that I realized that the roboscorpions
explode when they die which can cause me to die with them if I don’t back away far enough. Fighting my way out of the testing facility
wasn’t all that bad. The smaller scorpions are usually the ones
that are restricted to melee attacks, which makes killing them from a distance not the
hardest thing in the world. The bigger ones are tougher, faster, and have
the capacity to kill me from a far. Luckily, they’re like the fake dogs from
earlier in that they can’t open doors either. I hid behind a terminal to kill another roboscorpion,
eventually escaped the X-13 facility, was greeted outside by several more roboscorpions,
retreated behind the building while somehow managing to not get shot, ran by the pylons
again, and went back to the X-8 Research Center to see begin the Residential Cyberdog Guard
Test. It turned out to be less of a test and more
of an Old Yeller situation that resulted in me putting ol’ Gabe down for good. He was surprisingly not difficult to kill,
though he certainly looked surprised after he died. Mobius sent more robo-scorpions, I spent a
considerable amount of time killing them all, then took more attempts than I’d care to
admit killing the few more scorpions inside the facility proper, leveled up to Level 20,
parkoured on some pipes, and returned to the Think Tank to tell Doctor Klein that I’d
found all the required components. The preparations have been successfully prepared,
and I could finally travel to the Forbidden Zone to confront Doctor Mobius. Getting there was easier than I thought. I found this fucking cool Hazmat Suit but
I lacked the code to obtain it, and spitting on the keypad and calling it mean names didn’t
work, so I left it for another day, went on a brief mountain climbing adventure, and arrived
at the Forbidden Zone. Getting inside the Forbidden Zone, though,
that was tricky. There were several robo-scorpions in the area
that needed to be handled before I could get inside. The shit part is that they’re all the big
shooty variety. It took me over 10 minutes to eventually get
passed them. Part of that time was spent dealing with two
additional scorpions that were closet to the entrance of the little canyon area. What I eventually did was come down off my
mountain and hide behind an overturned train car and pop out from behind it to take a shot
or two at the scorpions. Earlier I’d absconded from one of the facilities
with 2 Pulse Grenades that were far less effective than I’d hoped. But in time I made it beyond the scorpions
and entered the giant door. It was here that Mobius revealed his secret
weapon: the X-42 Giant Robo-Scorpion. This is supposed to be the final boss of Old
World Blues. And guess what, the theory that the harder
a game is, the easier the final boss will be applies to this DLC as well as it does
anything else. The X-42 is tough in the sense that it takes
a long time to kill what with it’s 1500 hit points, which is more than double that
of the Super-Ego. I died but one time to the giant scorpion
because I found a spot that allowed me to attack the robo-scorpion without it being
able to attack me back. As its health dwindled, it got closer and
was more of a threat, but I still killed it all the same. With it finally dead, I looked around the
arena for anything useful, didn’t find much aside from some ammo, entered Mobius’s lair,
spoke to him and felt an odd connection to him, probably because of how he sometimes
uses the wrong words, like how he says “raisins” instead of “reasons”. He agreed to let me take my brain back if
I wanted it. I spent several minutes talking to myself
about whether I should go with me back to the Think Tank. It took some convincing, but I got me to go
with me after promising myself that I’d take better care of me, and with me and myself
reunited, I killed Mobius and with the pacification field no longer having any effect on me, I
went back to the Think Tank to deal with the Think Tanks. I thought for a moment about whether I should
confront them or just kill them immediately. The way I see it, if things go sideways, it’ll
be difficult to escape with 5 robots all trying to kill me. So I pulled out my trusty Sonic Tarantula
and opened fire. I shouldn’t have been surprised that they
were all weak as shit, all but Doctor Klein went down in one shot. I died once in the process, after which I
backed myself down the stairs, pulled out a Laser Gun I’d ripped out of Gabe’s dead
asshole, and shot from a distance. They had the same ranged attacks as Cyberdogs,
which have a limited range. From where I was, their attacks couldn’t
reach me. I killed all five of the Think Tanks, went
through their quarters in search of anything useful even though it wouldn’t matter if
I did find anything useful, left the Think Tank, and beat Fallout New Vegas’s Old World
Blues DLC without taking any damage. Before I end the video, you may be wondering
about the same thing I was as I played through Old World Blues. After I’d beaten the DLC, I returned to
the outer reaches of Big Mountain, activated God Mode via console commands, and ran out
passed the pylons to see what would happen. I was knocked out by the pylons and returned
to the Think Tank. How disappointing. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Fallout New Vegas’s Old World Blues DLC Without Taking Any Damage. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Join the Mitten Squad Discord through the
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100 thoughts on “Can You Beat Old World Blues Without Taking Any Damage?

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