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Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Looting Anything?

There’s a part of the Fallout games that
you never really think about: looting. You look through any contain or corpse you
come across in an effort to find items, equipment, and caps. But, what if you couldn’t loot anything? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without Looting
Anything? First, let’s talk about what looting actually
is. If you add an item to your inventory, it’s
looting. Picking a gun up off the floor is looting. Picking the lock on a safe and taking its
contents is looting. If you yourself add an item to your inventory,
it’s looting. This is where things may get controversial. Without looting, there are two ways to get
items: buying them, or an NPC giving them to you. For example: Sunny Smiles gives you a Varmint
Rifle at the beginning of the game. That isn’t looting. Great, we’ve got our definitions. Did you pay attention? There’s gonna be a quiz later. Now, onto the game itself. I have the Ultimate Edition of New Vegas,
so some items are added to my inventory whether I want them to be or not. These items are, effectively, all I’ll have
to work with throughout the entire playthrough. I say effectively because I… you know what,
I’ll tell you later. I decided to be a boring little nancy boy
and pick Speech, Barter, and Survival as my tag skills. Speech to be boring, Barter so that I could
get as much ammo or as many Stimpaks as possible from the few caps I’d have, and Survival
to have as many hit points as possible. For traits, I chose Skilled and Good Natured. Skilled gives you 5 points in each skill put
decreases experience earned by 10%, which can be countered with the Swift Learner perk
when you first level up. Good Natured increases non-combat skills by
5 points whole decreasing combat skills by 5. So before I even leave Doc Mitchell’s house,
my Speech skill is up to 50. Here’s what I’ve got to work with: a few
sets of armor, most Light with one Medium. For healing items, I’ve got 5 Bleak Venoms,
3 Doctor’s Bags, 9 Stimpaks, 3 Super Stimpaks, and 4 Weapon Repair Kits. And for weapons, after talking to Sunny Smiles,
I have a 9mm Pistol, Binoculars, a Broad Machete, a Mercenary’s Grenade Rifle, a Sturdy Caravan
Shotgun, 10 Throwing Spears, and a Weathered 10mm Pistol. This is pretty much all I’ve got to work
with. My first goal was to level up to get that
10% experience boost I mentioned earlier. I fixed Trudy’s radio, talked to Ringo,
gathered support for the upcoming war against the Powder Garbage Disposals, and let the
firefight begin. I used the grenade launcher to kill as many
of them as I could, then the shotgun to pick off the rest. I leveled up, raised Lockpicking up to 25,
and began heading North. You might be wondering why I’d invest in
Lockpicking. I can’t take anything from the containers
I crack open, but I can get the experience from it, which is pretty useful. At 10xp a pop, the Bark Scorpions surrounding
Hidden Valley turned out to be a nice little treat, as did the nearby Centaurs, though
they were a bit harder to take down. Harder still were the Super Mutants and Nightkin
atop Black Mountain. I died many times trying to take them out. Eventually, I was able to free Raul, much
to Tabitha’s dismay. Together we killed Tabitha, I leveled up again,
and things were looking… decent. As I headed towards the Strip, I got myself
in quite the pickle thanks to some horribly times quick saves. Three deathclaws to my back and nowhere to
go. I tried to outrun them. I reloaded an older save and took a safer
route to the Strip. I took a quick stop inside REPCONN Headquarters
for some reason. Not sure why. I didn’t do anything in there. Soon after discovering Camp McCaren, I went
next-door and killed all the freeloaders in the El Rey Motel. Next, I was off to a fiend-infested Vault. I charmed my way inside, threw a spear at
Motor Runner’s skull, killed as many Fiends as a I could, as well as their prisoners,
and left. My desire for blood had not yet been satisfied,
so I entered some building, killed Duke, and leveled up yet again. By this point, I was up to level 8. I didn’t have enough caps to enter the Strip,
and I couldn’t disguise myself as an NCR soldier because I couldn’t take the armor
off any corpse, so I used 2 more spears to take out the soldiers guarding the Monorail. Here’s where some prior thinking came into
play. I need the Platinum Chip, but I can’t take
it from Benny, which means I can’t kill him. The only way to get it is to make him flee
to the Fort. That also means I’ll have to survive the
ambush in his hotel room, being completely unarmed against guys with guns. Luckily I had put some points into Luck, so
I was able to land a few critical hits to take out Benny’s goons. Yes Man was only an elevator trip away, so
I stopped by and said hello. I also picked a bunch of locked doors which
granted me a cool 48xp each. Cottonwood Cove was where I was headed next. Nothing particularly interesting happened
on the way out there. I broke my legs a few times, macheted’ the
absolute shit out of a dog, and traveled to The Fort. There were a couple different ways I could
have handled this situation. Caesar gave me the Platinum Chip. I could have installed the upgrades for Mr
House. I could have just left and done nothing. I could have had Benny crucified. I chose option Q, the one where I free Benny
and run like hell past all the people who wanted to kill me. With some Mirrors Edge level bobbing and weaving
through a few tents, I was able to travel back to Cottonwood Cove, sink into the river
like a rock, and float away to safety. There was just one small problem. I forgot Raul. I told him to wait outside of Caesar’s Tent,
and I just sorta ignored him what with all the screaming and everything. Unfortunate, for sure, but I’m not going
back for him, nor am I reloading an old save. What’s done is done. And what is done may never be undone. My next objective was Red Rock Canyon. Rather than doing something incredibly theatric
or obscenely stupid, I arrived, made a mental note that they exist, and left. Not gonna bother killing all of them this
time. Thankfully, I had discovered Hidden Valley
earlier, which made making contact with the Brotherhood much easier. They locked the door behind me, which made
an assault a fruitless endeavor. So I did as Elder commanded and handled the
NCR Ranger. And… guess what. Your belongings are not automatically given
back. They’re put in a chest, a chest that you
must open. Every single item I had was now lost forever. My weapons, my ammo, my armor, my poison,
even my caps were all gone. I thought this might happen, which is why
I saved the Brotherhood for last. I made a stop by the Silver Rush. Simon took all of my nothing and put it in
another chest before I entered the building. He also gave me a sweet suit of Combat Armor
and a Plasma Rifle. I ditched that loser and went back to the
Lucky 38 to remove Mr House from the equation, but not before using my Barter skill to negotiate
my way up to 1250 caps for turning over the Platinum Chip. With caps in my pockets and a gun in my hands,
I slaughtered that cannibal fuck Mortimer. That was a lie. I gave him bottom a good wallop before running
away. I did the same thing to a guy in Gommorah,
just with fewer interactions with his bottom. I wasn’t about to waste time leveling up
my Energy Weapon skill, so I went to the Gun Runners to sell all the 2 things I had to
my name. The Van Graff Combat Armor was worth a stupid
5012 caps. With my new found fortune, I got myself a
mint-condition Gun Runners Battle Rifle, an assortment of normal, hollow point, and armor
piercing rounds, a combat helmet, and a worn but still usable suit of Recon Armor. I also stopped by New Vegas Medical Clinic
to heal my radiation and get a few Stimpaks. All that’s left to do is meet with the Boomers,
and then we can proceed to the end-game. I blindly clicked speech options when talking
to George on the road leading to Nellis. He started running forward and ended up getting
blown up. My Battle Rifle turned out to be pretty effective
against the frail old witch named Pearl. Also against Raquel and other guy. That boring nonsense was over. Yes Man installed himself in the Lucky 38
mainframe, I ignored President Kimball’s assassination plot, again, and went to the
El Dorado Gas Station to revert some power. The Battle fo… uh… whatever. You know what’s going on. The gosh darned Centurions went and crippled
my head. Bunch a Melvins is what they are. I spent about 80 years drinking from a dirty
sink in the Hoover Dam Officers. Guess what, they don’t heal you. Or, me. They don’t heal me. Maybe it’s a glitch, maybe it’s not, maybe
I’m not pissed off about it. One of those is a lie. After taking out those armored NCR soldiers
with two quick shots to the dome, I installed Yes Man, and began the search for a bed. I even went so far as to go all the way back
to the entrance to Olive’s Compound, only to discover that there was a room full of
beds just down the hall. Me brain fixed good no more hurt. The Securitrons made the push towards the
Legate’s camp relatively easy. Have I said that before? I probably have. Maybe that guy was right, maybe I am a Speak
& Spell. Anyway, I used my maxed out Speech skill to
talk the Legate down from his figurative ledge, explained how poorly things would go for Oliver
if he didn’t heed my warning, and beat Fallout New Vegas without looting anything. So, what have we learned today, my children? Nothing. I’ve wasted your time with another one of
my videos. [outro]

100 thoughts on “Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Looting Anything?

  1. The funniest thing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was all of the game characters being like, "It's so dishonorable to be a looter!" and here's the player literally stripping bodies.

  2. Ok u know if it’s ur stuff ur tectnikly not looting cus ur stilling it back cus it’s ur stuff

  3. Are you joking? No looting? Even when I have all the unique weapons, a ton of ammo with more caps and gold than I can shake a Ripper at, I'm still looting creatures for eggs and glands, fiends for pool cues and bighorners for meat.

  4. Here's a challenge, beat the game by only using self made ammo from a ammo press.
    Don't use looted or bought ammo. Don't use melee attacks.

  5. he totally could have just dismissed raul from the lucky 38, picked up veronica, and not had all his items taken by the brotherhood.

  6. I watch yo vids not because of the questions you are trying to prove. But because its nice to know im not the only one missing a few screws upstairs

  7. Looting – to steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot. So retrieving your items from the brotherhood chest isn’t looting its retrieving what’s already yours and picking up random items is salvaging again not looting.

  8. I don't think this is right, looting should count as taking something from either a character or their body, from a container, or a house or business, regardless of stealing or not.

    If you just FIND shit on the ground, that's not looting. If you find money on the ground you aren't a looter, you're just lucky

  9. That was great, I would have maxed luck. Win all the gambling, and had all the caps i could ever need.

  10. A good tactic for this challenge could of been putting luck at 10 to clean out the casino tables and getting easy money for bartering

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  16. Im not gonna lie

    You coukd off got raul back


    Theres a companion dismissal terminal outside of the gun runners and then he will go to his shack

  17. "going shopping at a store, while there is a hurricane ravaging your city and, by extension, state, while that store is closed, is looting!?"

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