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Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Attacking Anything?

One of the great things about Fallout is the
ability to play through the game in a variety of ways. Maybe one playthrough you use explosives and
missile launchers, maybe in another you stick to melee weapons, maybe in another you use
only your bare hands. Some people, perhaps most notably Many A True
Nerd, have imposed certain challenges in their play-throughs of Fallout New Vegas. For example, not killing anyone. New Vegas, with its borderline overpowered
Speech skill, makes it somewhat easy to beat the game without killing anyone. But… what about not attacking anyone at
all? Let’s clarify a few things before going
any further. I cannot hurt any character, NPC, or enemy
in the entire game. Hurting myself is okay. If I were to drop a grenade and someone got
hurt, I’d have to reload the save, which is a real pain in the ass on Xbox 360. Because weapon skills are irrelevant, the
skill to focus on from the get-go is Speech. You might think that we’d be dumping every
SPECIAL point available into Charisma, but Charisma isn’t important. It’s just Speech. And we’ll need Intelligence to get the most
skill points available when leveling up. Strength, Perception, and Agility also aren’t
all that important. We’ll also require high Endurance to ensure
that we stand a chance out in the wasteland. The remaining points go into Luck. Fresh out of Doc Mitchell’s house and our
first stop is Goodspring’s General Store to sell what we stole from Doc Mitchell and
to get as many healing items as possible. Now we begin the long march to New Vegas. The quickest way is also the most dangerous. The Cazadors were not unexpected, and with
some panicked jumps against a rock, we get by without to much of an issue. And… Deathclaws. This is where the first obstacle comes. There’s two of them because of course there
are. I got lucky and was able to hide in the little
hut atop Vault 19… until I sort of taunted one of the Deathclaws and it got it. I pussied out and just waited in Vault 19
for a while then ran like a madman to get the hell out of there. And then, as I continued running, I passed
by some Powder Gangers. The Deathclaw was still behind me, so I put
their lives on the line by luring the Deathclaw into them. They handled it much better than I thought. But at least I got a sweet Deathclaw Egg out
of it. I continued making my way to the Strip. Some Fiends started turning me into swiss
cheese. Good thing there were some NCR soldiers nearby
that I could use as human shields. The fiends were killed, alongside a few NCR
soldiers. I looted their corpses and continued on my
way. I sold what I could to the Gun Runners, made
my way inside Freeside, and began looking for work. No matter what, I need caps to get into The
Strip. The Atomic Wrangler and Silver Rush were my
first stops. Then The Kings. After failing the Birds of a Feather quest
for some reason, I re-loaded a save, sold what I had picked up on my travels, and got
inside The Strip. The easiest way to do this is to quickly loot
the body of the gambler who turns hostile when you’re guarding the Silver Rush and
then looting the corpses at the destroyed caravan just outside of Freeside. Between the two locations, you can get a few
weapons, two suits of Combat Armor and a C-4 Explosive which can be sold for quite a few
caps. Once inside the Strip, I had a chat with Mr
House, convinced Swank to give me a key to Benny’s room, spoke to Yes Man, and finally
confronted Benny. I couldn’t kill him, but I needed the chip. After making him think I took his side, he
sent some goons to rough me up. I managed to lose them by sprinting towards
the elevator while screaming like a schoolgirl. Next step, Cottonwood Cove and The Fort. A few Gheckos and a boat ride later, I’m
face to face with Caesar. I inform Benny that I plan to have him crucified
and I get the Platinum Chip from Caesar to destroy whatever lies within the bunker beneath
our feet. The robots inside were not at all happy to
see me. Nevertheless, I installed the upgrades for
Mr House and returned to the Strip to get Mr House out of the picture. I didn’t kill him, I just ensured that the
Earth germs would get him. For some reason the securitrons didn’t attack
me after I came back up from Mr House’s lair. Anyway, Yes Man was successfully installed
and I began the process of meeting the various factions that I couldn’t possibly give less
of a fuck about. This is why you would want to go with Yes
Man. You don’t have to do any quests, just introduce
yourself to the Omertas, White Glove Society, Great Khans, Boomers, and Brotherhood of Steel,
and you can be on your way. You do have to do a small quest for the Brotherhood,
but if you’ve been dumping your skill points into Speech like I did, it won’t be an issue. I chose to ignore President Kimball’s speech
at Hoover Dam and let the winds of fate deal with him. The next problem was rerouting some power. The NCR told me not to enter the Eldorado
Gas Station, but I did it anyway. The preparations are all… prepared. Next stop, war. This was a little tougher than I anticipated,
even though I was playing on Easy. I would have played on Normal, but honest
to God I didn’t think to check until I was 80% finished with the game. The Legion put up a hell of a fight. There were all sorts of Centurions and Veteran
Legionaries making things difficult. Then I forgot where I was going and had to
do a bit of backtracking. Once inside Hoover Dam proper, I stood before
two heavily armored NCR soldiers in Power Armor, pondering my next move. I figured the best option was to open the
door, chug an Atomic Cocktail, and run like hell. With the Securitrons now arriving at the Dam
to support me, the push towards the Legate’s camp was almost a cake walk. Call it a cupcake walk. I then pumped myself full of whatever useful
drugs I had and confronted the Legate himself. With Speech at 100, words triumphed over the
sword. Until General Lee Oliver was rude to me and
I had my Securitrons blast him to kingdom come while I hid behind a wooden cart. And with that, Fallout New Vegas has been
beaten without attacking anyone or anything. I’ll be uploading the full playthrough somewhere,
either on this channel or on my second channel. Check the comments for a link to that if you’re
interested in seeing it. All things considered, it wasn’t that hard
of a playthrough. Certainly less fun than being allowed to murder
indiscriminately, but still not bad. If you were to bump up the difficulty to Very
Hard and play on Survival, it would require significantly more planning and forethought
to complete the run.

100 thoughts on “Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas Without Attacking Anything?

  1. I have a vid idea no weapons and fighting challange btw if ur ganna do this pls put me at the end the vid

  2. You can convince the armoured shoulders guarding the door that someone needs there help and they will walk away

  3. I stopped trying to beat new vegas again when my game started crashing every single time i accessed a terminal. I litterally could not progress because i needed to use the terminal to get to Mr house.

  4. Can you beat Fallout New Vegas, without taking or doing any damage, no perks or traits, on hardcore mode and no Pip Boy

  5. Love this vid! Do you think you could try doing DooM 2016 with only a pistol? Grenades could also be allowed. Thanks.

  6. Can you beat a fallout game without leaving anyone alive? (excluding plot immunity people) can you beat the game by killing everyone you see the moment you see them?

  7. Heres an actually difficult one. Oblivion GOTY/standard with no mods. Skills in only mysticism, Block, Acrobatics, Athletics, armourer, Merchantile and speechcraft. Ofc playing at level one would be trivial so maxing out as many as possible before leaving the start area/first town would actually make a really challenging run, even on lower difficulties

  8. Agility isn’t important in a game where everything wants to kill you and you aren’t allowing yourself to attack them so you have to run or sneak past them.

  9. The way i got to new vegas early was to go left from neil's shack with high stealth. disarm the traps, dodge the boulders, steal the cloths off the dead ncr, and then walk straight into to new vegas.

  10. The heavy NCR troopers outside of the area where you install yes man/house can be sent to Colonel Moore with a speech check

  11. You should've invested into high agility as it also governs movement speed, allowing you to run away from enemies faster.

  12. Now I wanna see the opposite. A play through that requires you to kill everything and everyone you see.
    Rules for creatures: if you see it, you kill it. Don’t have the right type of weapon? Find a way. (Using others to do your dirty work is allowed as long as you make sure they join them in a shallow grave)
    Rules for characters: you can kill them on the spot if you want or you can use them and kill them…eventually.

  13. This isnt a true mitten squad playthrough, he shouldve made it absolutely retarded and as hard as humanly possible

  14. "i would have played on normal" CMOOON we all know this is a lie lol mitten squad only ever picks easy mode for the challenges

  15. Is no one else going to question that this is his first “Can you beat (enter game name) with/without/as (enter obstacle name)”?

  16. Sometimes, when I'm tired of all that killing and shit, I like to start a profile, where you are a charismatic god. For killing, I have another profile – a ghoul named Baker, where drugs and melee weapons are my best friend, killing everything in sight and torturing and molesting Raul.

  17. If you're wearing faction clothing, is it really you killing them or just a mysterious doppelganger who looks exactly like you?

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