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Can You Beat Fallout 4 By Only Using Each Weapon Once?

Fallout 4’s weapon modification system is
a vast improvement over what was offered in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. But I always thought that some of the weapons
felt too similar, like the Combat Rifle and Combat Shotgun. There is a way to avoid that problem, though. Can You Beat Fallout 4 By Only Using Each
Weapon Once? This run requires a bit more explanation than
some of my previous challenges. The general idea is that you can only get
a single kill with a weapon, and then you can never use that weapon again. And by “weapon”, what I mean is the…
platform, I guess. The Deliverer and a normal Suppressed 10mm
Pistol are both 10mm Pistols, so I can only use one of them. Variants and modifications don’t change
what the weapon is. Standard firearms will operate as previously
described. It doesn’t matter if it takes 500 shots
from a Mini-Gun to kill a Deathclaw or if it takes one to kill a Radroach, after I get
a kill with it, it might as well not exist. Melee and unarmed weapons work the same way;
one kill. Explosive weapons are different, they have
an area of effect. So instead of one kill, I get one shot. I can throw 1 Frag Grenade, I can fire the
Fat Man one time, I can use 1 Cryo Mine, you get the idea. Understand the rules? No? Too bad, we’re moving forwards anyway. Because we’ll be using every sort of weapon
available, SPECIAL isn’t all that important. I put 6 points into Intelligence to level
up faster, and just sorta spread out the rest somewhat evenly. Then Atom bestowed on mankind a small fraction
of his love and power, Nate died, and I emerged from my frozen slumber. From here on out, every enemy encounter requires
thought and planning. I can’t just kill every enemy I see because
I’d have no weapons left for the end-game. Luckily, you can escape Vault 111 without
killing any of the Radroaches by trapping them behind the sliding doors. Into the Wasteland, my first stop was Sanctuary
to put another point into Intelligence, talk to Codsworth, and get him to kill all the
Bloatflies pestering the neighborhood. I passed by Red Rocket Truck Stop, looted
some stuff, and ignored Dogmeat because using a companion would take some of the challenge
away. In Concord, I sat back and waited for Preston
to kill the Raiders attempting to get into the Museum of Freedom. After waiting for about 11 seconds, I got
bored and started attacking them myself. I used my fist to kill one Raider and got
a Switchblade from him. By the time I was done fisting the Raider,
Preston had dealt with the others. I tried to skip part of this quest by jumping
from the roof of a church to the crashed Vertibird atop the Museum of Freedom. But I forgot that there’s another door between
the door to the roof and where the Minute Men are hiding. So I waited for a while. I sat there, motionless, like a lamp, for
about 6 minutes. Turns out Preston truly is worthless, because
I did more with one Moltov Cocktail in a few seconds than he did with a Laser Musket in
several minutes. I then used a Switchblade to kill one Raider,
Brass Knuckles to kill another, a Tire Iron to kill a third, and I finished clearing the
building with a Security Baton. But before talking to Preston, I went and
got the Power Armor because I wanted to know if there’s any special dialog if you show
up in Power Armor. And there is! Neat. Next, I had to deal with all the Raiders outside. Rather than wasting a bunch of weapons, I
lured the Deathclaw out of its sewer and got it to do my dirty work for me. There was one Raider inside a building that
neither the Deathclaw or Preston could reach, so I used a Pipe Pistol to kill the bitch. After the Deathclaw had his fun, it was time
to put my old buddy down. But using a weapon to kill a Deathclaw felt
like a waste. So I did spent several minutes taunting it
from within a building where it couldn’t get me. It would be focussed on me while Preston missed
90% of the shots he took. The Claw did manage to get inside the building
once, which was pretty spooky. Quite a while later, the beast was dead, Preston
thanked me, and I was off to Diamond City. Along the way, I interrupted a stroganoff
at Drumlin Diner, got Wolfgang to pay me, convinced him that I was going to handle the
poor fools inside, then did the ol’ switcheroo by siding with Trudy and getting her to open
fire. She won, I had a few corpses to add to my
collection, I sold some of the stuff I didn’t need, and continued marching towards Diamond
City. I took the long way to Diamond City, like,
the really long way. I probably discovered a dozen locations on
my travels to the big field. I think I was looking for something, but to
be perfectly honest I don’t remember what it was, or if I was actually searching for
anything in the first place. Let’s just say that I was and that I didn’t
find it. After about 30 minutes of Lonely Wandering,
I arrived at Diamond City, bullshitted my way through Piper’s interview to get some
easy experience, picked up trash for a Make-A-Wish kid, talked to Ellie, bought an assortment
of weapons from Arturo, and was off to rescue Nick Valentine. And this is where things started getting challenging. You can technically enter the Vault without
killing the Triggermen, but you’d need to have planned ahead and gone for a stealth-build. I didn’t, which is very bad. I tried hiding and waiting, but they found
me. What this means is that I’ll have to kill
them all. First I used a Baseball Bat, then a 10mm Pistol,
then a Submachine Gun I picked up off a corpse, and by that point the Triggermen closer to
the subway station entrance weren’t interested in fucking with me, so I entered the Vault
and ran passed all the Triggermen inside. When I approached Nick, I pulled out a Double
Barrel Shotgun and painted the floor with Dino’s blood. But everything has to be a fucking nightmare. Because for whatever reason, I couldn’t
talk to Nick. Probably due to the 2 Triggermen nearby, which
quickly became, like 6 Triggermen. I really should have played Elmo’s Number
Journey before I did this. Then the Triggermen entered the room and guess
what, Nick couldn’t give any less of a fuck about anything. Like a stuffed animal being tortured, he just
stood there and took it. I managed to take out a few of them with a
lucky grenade throw, and after a few attempts, I got another one with a Laser Musket. By now I was laughably low on supplies. I’ve got drugs and fruit. Awesome. The upside is that Nick is finally awake and
can fight. The next, I don’t know, 4 minutes consisted
of me running around avoiding gunfire while waiting for Nick to regain consciousness. Then I remembered the my old cheese technique,
where you enter a new area while a companion is unconscious to wake them up. I did that for a while, then ran passed all
the Triggermen until I got to a door that I couldn’t open. Nick must open it. So I sat and waited for Nick to mosey his
way up to where I was. If I was smart I would have snagged a Missile
Launcher before I got myself in this mess, but I didn’t, which meant that I had no
way of dealing with Skinny Malone. If I had an IQ that was in the double digits
I would have tried to convince Skinny to let me leave peacefully. Instead I ran passed them to the surface. And wouldn’t you know it, Nick followed
me and he went back down. This is where things got really annoying. Skinny Malone must be dealt with, which, in
my case, means that Nick Valentine must kill them because I’m essentially a noodle with
hands. I did try fast-traveling to Diamond City hoping
that Nick would be there, but he wasn’t. I then tried running into the fray to get
Nick to follow me to the surface. That worked, until Nick ran the wrong FUCKING
WAY. I’ve wasted too much time talking about
this shitshow, I’ll jump to the end and tell you that it took a long time to get Nick
to kill the remaining Triggermen, allowing me to finally progress the story by explaining
my situation to Nick in Diamond City. The door to Kellogg’s house was locked,
so I convinced the Mayor to give me the key, looted Kellogg’s house, traveled to Fort
Hagen, went back to the Museum of Freedom for my Power Armor, talked to Dogmeat, and
entered Fort Hagen. The Power Armor and Stimpaks I’d stocked
up on allowed me to plow through all the Synths without actually attacking any of them. I used a Mini-Gun to kill Kellogg, skimmed
through his terminal, ignored the remaining Synths, watched the Prydwen arrive in the
Commonwealth, talked to Nick and Piper, then went to Sanctuary to meet with Preston so
that I’d be able to use the workbench there to store my useless crap. From there, I entered Goodneighbor, stole
a Fat Man, talked to Doctor Amari, entered Kellogg’s Frosted Memories, and began the
process of making my way to Virgil’s Cave in the Glowing Sea. I ditched my Power Armor because I had plenty
of Rad-X and Radaway, and because I only had a little energy left in the sole Fusion Core
I had. I avoided all the scary monsters in the Green
Sea, convinced Virgil to help me, picked up my Power Armor, and went to Greentech Genetics
to kill me a Courser. Just like in Fort Hagen, I ignored the Gunners
shooting at me and saved my rage for the Courser. I didn’t have much to choose from, so I
beat the Courser to death with a dull Chinese Officer Sword. I then sold some stuff to KLEO, spoke to Doctor
Amari again, and entered the Old North Church. The Ghouls in the basement proved to be a
challenge the first time around, so I reloaded a save, used a Stealth Boy, and met Desdemona. I save-scummed until I passed the Charisma
checks, got the Courser Chip analyzed, returned to Virgil to get his plans, did some secret
handshake shit with Deacon, and entered the Switchboard. This was another situation that would have
benefitted from any planning at all. I let Deacon fight the turrets and Synths
in the first section, but he’s a pussy and couldn’t handle it. I’m a pussy too, so I ran passed the Synths,
activated a turret that I thought would be much more effective than it was, hacked a
door, and got myself into a bit of a pickle. See, I need to wait for Deacon to regain his
composure and help me, but I can’t do that with all these Synths attacking me. Praise be to Todd Howard, I had a Bottlecap
Mine that I could use to take out every Synth in the room. There were still more on the prowl, but I
was able to use a Stealth Boy to sit in a corner and wait for a while. After about 8 minutes of nothing, I went to
check on Deacon and he was there like the… the uh… the Daniel Radcliff Lord of the
Rings guy. Anyway, I waited a little while longer, Deacon
opened the door, I got the Deliverer which is worthless to me, let a few synths torture
Deacon for a few minutes, and fled from the Switchboard, and reported back to Desdemona. The time has now come to get inside the Institute. I dropped off some stuff at Sanctuary and
went to the build site. The issue here is that there are some baddies
that need to go, but I can’t afford to use my few remaining weapons on an assortment
of Ghouls and Radroaches. There is a Mr Handy on-site, though, so I
was able to lure the enemies to him and let him kill them. Then I got the machines built, faxed myself
inside the Institute, talked to Father, talked to the Division big-wigs, and began life as
an undercover agent by planting the seeds on revolution thanks in part to a guy named
Liam. Liam, what a dumb name. Like any tree-hugger, I care for my plants,
which is why I needed to get a password to use as… fertilizer? You know what, this plant analogy was never
funny to begin with. I traveled to Cambridge Polymer Labs to find
a password somewhere within its partially collapsed walls. I spent more time in there than I should have
and used an Institute Pistol, one of my last ranged weapons, before I got the code and
returned to Desdemona again. My next objective was to speak to Z1-14, who
told me to take out a few guards in order to aid the robot revolution. This time I prepared and used a Missile Launcher
and some Psycho to take out all 5 Synths with one shot. Finally, something actually worked out in
my favor. I continued working undercover, walked along
the ocean floor in a suit of Power Armor, got fucked hard by either a Fat Man or Missile
Launcher, used a recall code on a Synth, let the Courser deal with all the unpleasantness,
and returned to Father to let him ejactulate his praise all over his mother. That’s kind of a weird thing to say, ain’t
it? The Battle of Bunker Hill has arrived. I avoided all the enemies and rude people
by hopping the fence and running straight for the hostages in the basement. I did climb the stairs to the pointy tower
thing to fall through the sky in hopes that I could either land on the Vertibird or a
person on the ground and turn them into a paste. Didn’t work. What did work was informing the Synths that
they’re free. Father didn’t like that, but who cares what
he thinks. In fact, fuck my kids. Back inside the Institute, Father revealed
that he’s dying, and I was tasked with getting the Beryllium Agitator from Mass Fusion. Thanks to my Power Armor, I was able to fall
a great distance and skip a lot of the fighting with the Brotherhood of Steel. After I got the Agitator, there was a new
problem: the Sentry Bots and Assaultrons. I managed to take out one of the Sentry Bots
with a Pipe Wrench with some help from Lady Filmore, who also took out the Protectron. The Assaultrons fell on me, though. I used an Assault Rifle to kill one, a Combat
Rifle to kill a Protectron, and a Sledgehammer to kill the last Assaultron. And I just wanna say that I really hate melee
combat in Fallout 4. From there, I returned to Father who told
me that some nerd is being a stubborn little loser and locked himself inside a closet. I used a Pulse Grenade and a Synth Relay Grenade
to kill the Gunners outside the house, and ended up having to use Kellogg’s Pistol
to take out the last Gunner. I convinced Wallace to go to the Institute,
informed the Commonwealth of the Institute’s position as the new Gods of the wasteland,
upgraded the radio in Diamond City, upgraded the Institute’s reactor, and was told that
I was to wipe out the Railroad. I didn’t really want to, so I let Desdemona
know what Father suggested, then I pulled another switcheroo by siding with the Institute
and using a weapons I’d just bought from Tinker Tom to kill Desdemona and her stupid
friends. The end of the line is fast approaching, actually
I just completed that quest but you know what I mean. All that’s left is to defeat the Brotherhood
of Steel on their turf. I prepared by going to a cave in the Glowing
Sea to get a fresh suit of Power Armor. Then I was faxed to the Airport and let the
final assault begin. There are 3 generators that need to be destroyed. I used a Fat Man to take out one, then a Flamer
on the 2nd, and for the 3rd, I was a little stuck. I had no weapons. I tried to get the turrets or Protectons to
do damage to it by crouching near it, but that didn’t work. Then I tried an Institute Beacon, which also
didn’t work. There was only one solution. I called a time out, let the Brotherhood to
go get ice cream while I went to Diamond City to buy a Syringer from Doctor Sun. Then I went back to the Airport, took out
the last generator, and had to protect the Institute Virus Synth while it flooded Liberty
Prime with communist propaganda. I’m gonna go ahead and skip a lot of shit
and tell you that that didn’t really work out very well. It was actually such a disaster that I didn’t
touch Fallout 4 for 2 days after I quit the game. The problem was I had no weapons. So I took a step back and examined this whole
situation, I scoured the Fallout wiki for every weapon that I could realistically get
my hands on, and then I put my plan into action. I went back to when I first arrived at the
Airport, went to Diamond City to buy a Syringer, went to Hubris Comics to get Grognag’s Axe
and also ran into a few Ghouls, then I went to the Museum of Witchcraft because there
is supposedly a Revolutionary Sword stuck somewhere in the ceiling, but I couldn’t
find it after a few seconds of looking, so I told the Deathclaw I wasn’t in the mood
for his shit, returned the Deathclaw egg to the Deathclaw, snagged a Deathclaw Gauntlet,
and went back to Diamond City to buy any more weapons that I hadn’t used yet, like a Baseball
Grenade, a Cryo Grenade, a Super Sledge, and a Swatter. Yeah, I made an executive decision here that
a Swatter is different than a Baseball Bat. It’s not like the 10mm Pistol and the Deliverer
where the Deliverer is a singular unique weapon, the Swatter is its own platform of weapon. I laid all my marbles on the table with this
plan. It would either work or I would fail the challenge. I took out the first generator with a Pipe
Bolt-Action pistol, which is a different weapon from the normal Pipe Pistol and Pipe Revolver,
took out the 2nd generator with the Syringer, and destroyed the last generator with a Flamer. Now I must defend Liberty Prime. I made my way up the stairs to the top of
the platform and shot my only Mini-Nuke down at the Brotherhood soldiers down on the ground,
then I got smart and put my Power Armor right in front of the stairs to block any Brotherhood
cumstains from coming up the right side of the platform. Then I just sorta held out for a while. Things went south after the Virus got to 75%
and Elder Maxson arrived. My Synths had pretty much ran out and I’d
used my last weapon, leaving me defenseless. I parked my Power Armor as close to the Virus’s
right side as I could to protect it and tried to use my body as a shield from atop the platform. But it didn’t work. I would have to be a distraction from down
below, even though I had no weapons, no Power Armor, and was running pretty low on heating
items. After a few minutes of that not working, I
went back up top, got in my Power Armor, and managed to protect the Virus just long enough
for it to finish its job. I got the hell out of there, was teleported
to safety, watched the Prydwen destroy everything including my Power Armor which I’d ditched
to swim away. I went back to the Institute, spoke to Shaun
one last time, skipped it all because fuck my son, and beat Fallout 4 by only using each
weapon once. I’ll be real with ya, I thought this was
going to be more fun than it was. Once you start using the weapons, you slowly
start to realize how there aren’t as many distinct weapons as you might have thought. According to my list, I used 45 different
weapons throughout this run. You might be wondering what the point of this
run was. Well, I’ll tell you. Believe it or not, this entire thing was essentially
a practice round for when I attempt to play through Fallout 4 without attacking anything. Gods, that’s gonna suck so hard. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Fallout 4 by only using each weapon once. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day.

100 thoughts on “Can You Beat Fallout 4 By Only Using Each Weapon Once?

  1. You could have indimidation animal friend and creature whisperer tier one so you can live with everyone scared based on level

  2. Mitten Squad: doesnt use dogmeat because companions take the challenge away
    Also Mitten Squad: uses preston, nick, codsworth, deacon, and X6 to kill everything for him

  3. Technically the deliverer is a different kind of weapon having different attachments and just uses the same ammo as the 10mm pistol like the submachine gun and the combat rifle but then again, it would be very difficult to get the deliverer In the first place in this run so ok

  4. I tried the same thing, but I could only get 1 kill with each weapon I picked up, so if I had 4 Combat Rifles, I could have 1 kill with each weapon, resulting in 4 kills and 4 list combat rifles

  5. I liked FO/NV gun runners arsenal upgrades. You could customize & upgrade a good few useful bits of kit. Even lower & drop the weight of some weapons.

  6. He used a mini nuke twice and he said since he would get more kills instead of using it to kill one person he said he could only use area of affect weapons once

  7. "Fallout 4's weapon modification system is a vast improvement over what was offered in Fallout 3 and New Vegas."
    Objectively, I suppose so. This might not be the right venue for this, but honestly, the impression I got was that that system just allowed for the removal of Artifact weapons, that is, ones that had a unique effect and appearance, under the idea that one could make their own unique weapons, with their own unique names, effects, and appearances. It also meant, granted, that there was more of a variety in the enemy weapons, even if the enemies were all of the same faction and rank therein. Even so, I cannot help but hate this system. Again, I see it as removing the Artifacts found in the base-game, replacing them with Legendary weapons (weapons with their own unique effects, but no unique appearance and no story to them as was often found with artifacts in previous games) and customization. I've always thought of artifacts as one of the high-points of Bethesda's games. It also turned me into a hoarder for random junk items, something I viewed as more obligatory than actually fun. For these reasons, I honestly hate the customization system in Fallout 4.

  8. Technically,……your fists should count as two weapons lol. Great video man, thank you. Your humor is a nice addition to these

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  10. You can actually skip the whole concord bit by going straight to goodneighbour and going to the memory den. You relive the death of nora/nate and dr. whatever suggests you go find Valentine to help you locate your son. It would have saved you a few weapons that you used to help the minute men there.

  11. I have some questions about the rules (cuz I wanna do this myself)
    1. Is gunbashing allowed?
    2. Is paintrain allowed?
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  14. "I took the long way to diamond city. Like the really long way. I've probably discovered a dozen locations on my travels to the big field. I think I was looking for something but to be perfectly honest I don't remember what it was or if i was actually looking for something in the 1st place" – my 1st survival playthrough in a nutshell

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