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Can You Beat Doom (2016) With Only A Pistol?

Doom 2016, alongside Wolfenstein: The New
Order, proved that classic franchises still have their place in today’s overly-saturated
first person shooter landscape. And Doom’s Ultra Nightmare mode proved that
people still like FPSs that are brutally difficult. But what if you wanted a different sort of
challenge? Can You Beat Doom (2016) With Only A Pistol? Between you and me, viewer, I think you’re
smart enough to figure out what the point of this video is. But for those who require handholding, I’ll
explain it anyway. The challenge is to beat Doom by only using
the Pistol you get at the start of the game. And when I say “by only using the Pistol”,
I mean it. This isn’t Pee-wee Herman Goes to Hell,
this is a Mitten Squad video. And it wouldn’t be a Mitten Squad video
unless I made things harder than they need to be for no reason. Melee attacks are not allowed and with a few
exceptions, Glory Kills are outlawed as well. Also, real quick, I’m not an expert on the
Doom. I tried to pay attention to the story, but
believe it or not I had more important things to focus on than the story. So if I make a mistake when talking about
some aspect of the story, don’t tear my head off about it. After waking up chained to a table, the first
kill isn’t with a Pistol. Damn it. You know what, it’s a glorified cutscene,
it doesn’t count. I got up, grabbed the Pistol, and began my
campaign of carnage. You can skip the first Glory Kill by killing
the Possessed before the popup appears. I’m just gonna say it now, the Pistol sucks. Like, it’s the worst thing ever. But, we do have a few things working in our
favor. The big one is that the Pistol has unlimited
ammo and because of how weapons in Doom work, reloading is a non-issue. The second is that you can charge up the Pistol
to fire a more accurate and more damaging shot. The downside is that it takes a bit to charge
up and there’s a cool-down period. Those of you with any Doom experience under
your helmet may be thinking that I’m finding things a little difficult early on because
I’m not playing the way you’re supposed to. You should almost always be moving and jumping
around to avoid enemies. Doom is a fast paced game, it took me a little
while to get a handle on how the game plays. Despite being locked away in a cursed sarcophagus
waiting for my knight in shining armor to rescue me while all Hell broke loose, literally,
it falls on me to find out why Demons have invaded Mars and how to stop them. My first stop was the Resource Ops building,
and wouldn’t you know it, there were Demons in my way. Early on, I wasn’t too sure which was more
effective, spamming normal pistol shots or waiting for the charged shots. I mostly just spammed the trigger to slowly
whittle away at an enemy’s health. Even with the Pistol though, the Possessed
aren’t much of a threat. They’re mostly just enemies that you can
easily kill to give you a sense of power. After finding the blue key card, I got access
to grenades that I can’t use. Earlier I said that I wasn’t going to use
melee attacks because it’s not the Pistol. You may think that that mindset would also
apply to explosive barrels, but I decided that it didn’t. The way I see it is that a barrel is a part
of the environment. It’s like a Demon falling off a cliff and
dying. If you disagree, feel free to Dislike the
video. It won’t hurt my feelings. I pushed onward, got a Shotgun upgrade that
means nothing to me, started to get more of a handle on this “shooting while moving”
thing, entered the Resource Ops building, and beat the first level. So far this hasn’t been too bad. Don’t worry, things will go downhill soon
enough. The 2nd mission is a continuation of the first
in that I’m still tracking down the source of the Demon invasion. This mission, level, whatever, introduces
you to challenges, things you can do in the mission to get more Weapon Upgrade Points. Some can be done with the Pistol, but most
can’t, so I didn’t really pay much attention too them. Olivia Pierce revealed herself as the big
bad of the game by sharing her evil plan. Not too long later, I discovered a hazard
that I would need to avoid whenever possible. With an assortment of weapons at your disposal,
getting pinned to the wall by a demon isn’t that bad, you just switch to the shotgun and
blow their fucking head off. With the Pistol, that’s not an option. It’s a manageable problem now because the
Demons are a joke. Later on though, it’s pretty much a death
sentence. Further into the level I encountered the Possessed
Engineers for the first time. They’re the walking nuke of the Doom world,
but I never found them to be much of a threat. I found another Gore Nest, tried to destroy
it with my Pistol, failed miserably, ripped its… heart, out? And began dealing with the demons that arrived. Nothing too crazy. I found the yellow keycard, found another
worthless weapon upgrade, opened the pretty yellow door, found the Heavy Assault Rifle,
opened the airlock, and was back outside. Here I found my first power-up: Berserk. For me, does the opposite of what it’s supposed
to do. Instead of allowing me to do increased damage
to demons with my fists, it leaves me vulnerable to enemy attacks because I can’t attack
them back. You already know why. I then made a nifty discovery: when your health
is low, killing demons will make them drop health vials. Oh, and falling into the abyss kills you. Because you don’t get checkpoints until
a fight is over, dying means you must restart the fight. This quickly goes from a slight inconvenience
to a rage-inducing nightmare of a concept. Lots of fun things are introduced in this
level, including the Possessed Security Demons. Imagine a Jackal from Halo 2, but instead
of being an inbred alien turkey, it’s a demon from hell. Whatever the strategy is for dealing with
them, I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. After a bit of parkouring the ended up being
a waste of time, I entered another airlock, killed more demons, got my first Praetor Suit
Upgrade Token, approached the VEGA Terminal, upgraded my max health to 125, found out what
caused the Demons to arrive, and completed the 2nd mission. The point of the 3rd mission is to keep the
Foundry reactors from melting down and destroying everything. But first, the demons must be cleared from
the area. There are 4 Gore Nests that need to me destroyed. And because my IQ is similar to that of a
block of 14 year old cheese, I managed to get lost in this mission a few times. I had to rip off some dead guy’s arm to
get to the first Gore Nest. A new Demon, the Hell Razer, is introduced
here. They’re pretty heavily armored and they
fire a laser-type shot from their hand. They can take a few headshots before staggering,
and ranged attacks of any sort are a bitch when you’ve got half a dozen of them attacking
you from different positions. Once I had another yellow keycard, a 2nd new
demon is introduced: Hell Knights. These bad boys are a bit much, to be honest. Their attacks aren’t difficult to dodge,
but they’re big, tough, and fast. With a Pistol that has yet to be upgraded
in any way, they’re time consuming to kill. It’s not all bad though, because seconds
later I could finally upgrade my Pistol. There are effectively 2 different timers on
the Pistol: the charge up timer and the cool down timer. Two available upgrades reduce their respective
timers. I opted to reduce the charge up timer first,
which makes charged shots much more viable. The 2nd Gore Nest battle was fought over a
multiple pits of lava. If you miss a jump or fall, you die. If nothing else, here I learned that Demons
can occasionally damage other demons. It’s not a complete game changer, but it’s
option to stuff into my utility pocket. The 3rd Gore Nest fight was in a confined
space, which I’m not a fan of. If nothing else, it faces you to git gud at
fighting demons while maneuvering around a vertical space. I upgraded my Pistol for the 2nd time, which
made the 4th Gore Nest easier than the 3rd. And then came the first somewhat large scale
battle. Several Hell Knights, several Hell Razers,
Imps, and Possessed. There was lots of room to move around, which
made dodging attacks relatively trivial. I finally met Olivia Pierce who is just as
much of a cunt in person as she is on video and DVD. Technology proved itself to be a fickle bitch,
and Mission 3 is over. The fourth mission is all about shutting down
the Argent Tower. There are 3 Argent Filters that must be disabled. Shortly after the mission began, I found a
Rule Trial for the first time. Maybe they were in previous missions and I
missed them, maybe they weren’t. Either way, just like so many other things,
these are largely worthless to me, despite the rewards are tantalizing. The Rocket Launcher I found also tickled my
fancy, and the group of enemies immediately following its acquisition was tempting. Fun Fact: walking into fire does damage. After spending 7 minutes clearing out an area,
I got a new toy, and used logic and technical know-how to disable the first filter. More demons, more platforming, a 2nd filter
was disabled, another Gore Nest was destroyed, the demons did a bit of team killing, I ventured
inside a building, and disabled the 3rd filter. The flying hell squid then made her presence
known. She fires waves of energy, I guess, can teleport,
and can also spawn more demons. She’s tenacious and agile, but not as tough
as the Hell Knight. With her and her friends dead, I could finally
get the 3rd Pistol upgrade which removed the movement speed penalty that came from holding
a charged shot. The last upgrade requires killing 15 demons
with headshots. It might as well be asking me to put the circle
in the circle hole and the square in the square hole. Pushing forward, I destroyed another Gore
Nest, got a few of the required headshots, found another Praetor Suit Token, opened an
airlock, destroyed the Primary Argent Energy Failsafe Filter, and completed the 4th mission. The 5th Mission, Argent Tower, is about platforming
because that’s what everyone wants in their first person shooters these days. The Revenant is introduced almost immediately
and is probably the most recognizable demon from Doom. It fires rockets from a harness and can hover
in the air. It’s also pretty weird to look at, but not
as weird as that hamper with a dabbing unicorn on it I saw a few days ago. In addition to the Revenant, this mission
gives us the fabled double jump, allowing us to fall to our death from heights that
were never before possible. After acquiring the double jump, there’s
a fair bit of time that passes before a proper firefight, primarily because the goal is to
reach and scale a tower that looms in the distance. In the few fights I had on my way to the tower,
I got my 15th headshot and made my Pistol as powerful as it can possibly get. It’s better than it was in the first mission,
but it’s still not great. I finally reached the base of the tower, saw
Olivia again, and just barely missed the elevator. I must scale the tower the hard way. I also found out what the purple orb does
after I killed all the demons in the area. Before I can really begin to scale the tower,
I have to kill a Mancubus. The way it’s presented made me think it
was some sort of a boss fight, but it’s not. Like most of the other demons, the Mancubus
is a threat in close quarters situations. However, it’s not much to worry about if
you keep your distance. It can fire back-to-back cannon shots from
its arms. Unless you’re shit at dodging projectiles,
the Mancubus are less of a hassle to take down than Revenants or Hell Knights. I would later figure out that it takes 8 fully
charged headshots to kill a Mancubus. The arena was cleared, I got pushed out of
the map, had to kill myself to reload a checkpoint, had another fight in a circular arena, found
another argent cell to upgrade my max health, platformed my way higher up the tower, killed
more stuff, climbed more stuff, and watched as Olivia ripped open a portal to Hell, which
resulted in quite a few demons trying to kill me. Luckily, a category 3 dimensional event took
place before they could succeed. If you’re wondering how bad a category 3
dimensional event is, it’s worse than a category 2 dimensional event but not as bad
as a category 4 dimensional event. I was sucked into hell and the mission was
over. The 6th mission marks the halfway point of
Doom 2016, numerically speaking. In real world terms, the recordings for the
first 5 missions take up 60GB. The recordings for the remaining missions
took up about 160GB. Grab a juice box and strap on your helmet,
because we’re going to hell. The objective here is simple: Kill. Real quick, I know this is Hell, pain, suffering,
and torture aren’t in short supply, but this is a pretty atmospheric place. I got a new gun: the Gauss Cannon. It’s neat, but it’s no pistol. Revenants, Hell Knights, Mancubuses, Imps
and more all tried to impede my progress, and all failed. I sent some rockets down to the great beyond,
opened a yellow door, and had to fight a whole bunch of shit. Some time later I ran into a Cacodemon. These fucking idiot bubbles are the bane of
my existence. They are without a doubt the worst enemies
to fight in Doom. The first encounter doesn’t do them justice,
as I had Quad Damage to kill it. The 2nd one, though, he was an experience. The first problem is that they’re airborne,
which makes it harder to run around dodging their attacks. You run around a pillar to hide, they fly
over the pillar. They shoot projectiles at an annoyingly fast
rate, and they bite when you get too close. Moving on, I got another Health upgrade, met
the kamikaze skulls, popped a few more idiot bubbles, fought through another arena, and
saw a Baron of Hell in action. These monstrosities are the bigger, meaner,
older brothers of the Hell Knights. They’re faster, tougher, and have a ranged
attack. If you’re not paying attention, they’ll
fuck you up quick. That said, the strategy used with Hell Knights
can be used on the Barons. In a somewhat open area, they aren’t the
worst thing to face. With the Barons dead, I arrived at the first
part of Doom that really pissed me off. The issue here is that missing a jump or falling
or slipping off a chain results in death, which means you must start that area over
again. That would be fine if it wasn’t so time
consuming to kill everything being thrown at me. I got through it the 2nd time by taking advantage
of the fact that Cacodemons are as stupid as they look. After that nightmare was over, things got
worse. See, the thing about Doom is that it likes
variety. If you have to fight a series of demons without
getting a checkpoint, they won’t send them all at once. They’ll stagger them to make things difficult. You won’t fight A then B then C then D.
You’ll fight A, then A and B, then B and C, then C and D, all the while E’s, F’s,
and G’s are running around spitting you with spitballs. The problem, of course, is that the Pistol
sucks. Normally, you get stronger weapons as the
game goes on to deal with the tougher and tougher enemies. But that doesn’t happen here. This is a tour de pain, and I’ve only just
begun. This little clusterfuck here took me over
20 minutes to get passed. Thankfully, that ended Mission 6. Mission 7 takes us back to Mars and also back
to square one. There’s a portal to Hell on Mars, again,
and it needs to be shut down, again. Luckily, the guy who sounds a little like
Ultron has a plan. A few idiot bubbles needed to be laid to rest
before the real work could begin. The first step in stopping the 2nd demonic
invasion was to knock this box into the abyss. Then I could parkour my way into a destroyed
tunnel, pick up the Chaingun, spend several minutes killing a wide variety of demons,
and meet another new enemy. Pinky is about the closest we get to fighting
Thomas the Tank Engine in Doom. Like most other demons, Pinkies can easy to
kill or a gigantic pain in the ass. It all depends on how many there are and where
you’re fighting them. They have a slight charging period before
sprinting towards you in a mostly straight line, though they can go a bit to the left
or right. In my experience, confined spaces with 3 or
4 Pinkies are among the worst sections of Doom. Next was another annoying section involving
idiot bubbles, Mancubuses, Revenants, and more. The fight itself wasn’t all that bad, to
be honest, but I got knocked off a walkway by a communist. Back indoors, there was another lengthy fight
with Pinkies, Hell Knights, and a few Barons of Hell. I then did more parkour, popped a few more
bubbles, found a yellow key card, and completed mission 7 by boarding a tram to the UAC Advanced
Research Complex. Mission 8 revolves around making your way
trough the Advanced Research Complex to get to Olivia’s private safe space. There’s a lockdown because, you know, the
demonic invasion and whatnot. After the demons had been cleared, I listened
to some story exposition, accidentally killed a demon with the Berserk power up, reloaded
a checkpoint because that kind of a monumental fuck up cannot be allowed, had another lengthy
encounter with a Gore Nest deeper into the building, I met with Samuel Hayden, tried
to kill him, failed miserably, saw some pretty shitty looking statues, learned about the
Lord Helix Stone, and took an elevator ride down into the depths of the facility. It was here that I met the Cyber-Mancubus. It’s like the normal Mancubus, just bigger,
uglier, and more green. The strategy for facing them is pretty much
the same as the standard Mancubus, it just takes longer because they’re tougher, more
movement is required because they fire multiple shots instead of just two at a time, and they
can shoot acid puddles onto the floor. They’re not that bad. I then made my way into a pipe and crawled
through the air vents until I arrived at the Weapons Division of the Lazarus Facility. I spent far longer here than I should have,
not because it’s difficult, but because as I’ve pointed out several times, I’m
an idiot and get lost from time to time. And if you were wondering, getting shot by
the BFG9000’s test fire will kill you. After a while, I figured out what I was supposed
to do: infiltrate a laser infested death pit and steal the most advanced weapon ever devised,
the Big Swear Word Gun 9000. The game then presents an opportunity to show
how devastating the gun is. I’m sure it would have been a hell of a
spectacle. I just killed everything with my Pistol and
moved on. I found myself in an octangular sort of room
with 2 levels and a few portals. It took a bit to fend off 3 Cyber-Mancubuses
and a few idiot bubbles, but I did it, called the elevator, and things got worse. Passageways sealed themselves off and 2 Barons
of Hell made their presence known. If it weren’t for the portals, this could
have been rough. Their ranged attacks can be dodged without
much hassle and they stand in place when doing those attacks, so… they dead. I took another elevator ride and wouldn’t
you know it, Mission 8 is already over. Mission 9 takes place in the Lazarus Labs,
where Olivia released the demons from their cells and things really kicked off in the
worst way possible. Moving through a series of corridors, it quickly
becomes clear that there something unpleasant happened here some time ago. The cannon fodder demons are crushed, a Pinky
is killed in a pretty confined space, I play in the air vents again, and another Gore Nest
gets destroyed, resulting in a lot of pissed off demons. In these sorts of situations, there isn’t
a clear cut strategy. You’re being attacked from all directions. You can only afford to stop moving for a second
or two to take a shot at a demon. The smaller ones can be killed with a single
headshot, but the rest of them can’t, so you’re constantly moving, taking shots when
you can, and slowly draining their health before they become staggered, allowing you
to finish them off with a headshot. Clearing this room took me about 7 minutes. Luckily, there was a bit of a breather afterwords,
as it was mostly small corridors with Possessed. The Possessed Security are just as annoying
as ever. Speaking of annoying, the long-ass fights
are here to stay. I found this one to be worse than the previous. The area was bigger, but it wasn’t one space,
it was a series of sections connected via doorways. There were also both fast and slow enemies. When all the enemies are fast, you can form
a sort of train, leading them all over the place. The Mancubuses make that more difficult. You lead a few enemies one way then the big
fuckers cut you off. Eventually, I got through it, faced what felt
like an endless barrage of Pinkies, entered another elevator, got a few flashes of Olivia
having a fun time in hell, learned about the Crucible, and yet another circular arena battle
began. You can probably guess how this one went. It was time consuming but not overly strenuous. The idiot bubbles were as awful as ever, though. From there I passed through a friendly looking
church, watched a hologram sacrifice another sacrifice, traversed more corridors, got lost
again, dealt with another demonic lockdown that was similar to the first one from this
mission, and came face to face with the Cyber-Demon: a dreadful abomination combining both demonic
power and advanced technology. This is Doom’s first Boss Fight. The Cyber-Demon is sort of like a giant bag
of Chex Mix, just with Barons of Hell, Mancubuses, Pinkies, and Hell Razors instead of pretzels
and whatever else is in Chex Mix. He’s really not that of a boss. At the beginning of this video, I said Glory
Kills are not allowed with a few exceptions. Boss Fights are those exceptions. None of the bosses can be killed with the
Pistol alone. Their health can be depleted, but Glory Kills
are required because the Glory Kill triggers a cutscene that progresses the fight. Round 2 of the boss battle is harder because
he’s got a few new tricks in the gaping hole in his chest. All the bosses in Doom like to use attacks
that require you to double jump then immediately crouch to avoid damage. Just like everything else in this nightmare
of a challenge, the difficulty has more to do with the amount of time it takes to do
damage than it does the fight itself. Dodging the attacks isn’t that hard, but
because it takes so much longer than it should, the likelihood that you’ll make a mistake
over the course of the fight goes up, and those mistakes add up. I died once. But I’ve come this far, I’m not gonna
let this stop me from beating the game. The death of the Cyber-Demon marked the end
of Mission 9. We’re back in Hell in Mission 10. This time, in a quaint little town called
Titan’s Realm. If for some reason you couldn’t tell that
we were back in Hell, the fact that the first enemy encounter is 3 idiot bubbles would be
all the evidence you’d need. Then there was a Cyber-Bus, a few suicide
skulls, more idiot bubbles, found a neat little trick to get a Pinky to kill itself, ran into
some green energy which teleported me into a room with so much blood on the ground. Almost every enemy in the game was thrown
at me here, which becomes a recurring theme the further into the game we get. When the dust settled, I got lost for the
3rd or 4th time. I’ve long since lost track. I quite literally spent 10 minutes wandering
around trying to figure out where to go or what to do. I got the last new weapon, the Syphen Grenade,
upgraded my max shield capacity, tried to get this giant magic rock to crush a Mancubus,
which didn’t work because none of my awesome stupid ideas work. The silver lining is that I found the blue
skull and finally knew where to go. That lining didn’t last long. Something so terrible exists that not even
I thought it was possible. Invisible Pinkies. They combine the worst parts of Pinkies and
the worst parts of Paranormal Activity to form an enemy that’s not much more difficult
to fight than the standard Pinky, but is significantly more annoying because, you know, hitting things
you can hardly see tends to be that way. It could be worse though. In the PS1 port of the 1st Doom there were
invisible idiot bubbles. I’d probably kill myself if those were in
this game. Pressing onwards, I walked through more green
nonsense, got some Doom Slayer backstory, accidentally picked up a Berserk power-up,
tried to punch out a candle, killed another Hell Squid, reached the Titan Core, and completed
the 10th mission. The 11th mission is called The Necropolis
or The Crucible, depending on what you’re looking at. The task at hand is as simple as ever: Find
the Crucible. The initial sections are shockingly similar
to the last level, it feels like ancient grounds were nefarious things took place. A square room with four pillars made the demonic
onslaught somewhat trivial to wipe the floor with. Hell Squid, Idiot Bubbles, Invisible Pinkies,
the gangs all here. And just like Woodstock planned to do with
the Peanuts gang, I killed them all. There were a series of strange looking handles
that needed to be pulled to activate a set of gears that seem oddly out of place. That square room from a few sentences ago
has grown up right before our eyes and is now a larger square room that houses more
demons than it did before. The blue skull found in that room allowed
me to grab another handle, activate more gears, the gears up above began to turn, and things
got bad. Pinkies and their mutated cousins proved to
be a real threat. One is easy to dodge, two aren’t awful,
three can be tricky, and four just sucks in any environment. It gets worse when you add Samoa Joe or, say,
two Barons of Hell to the mix. The thing about unexpected variables is that
they can behave unpredictably. In this case, while I waited in a corner for
the Barons, they fucked each other to death off-screen. This happened a few times throughout this
playthrough. My best guess at a reason is that they got
stuck on something that damaged them and eventually killed them. But that’s just a guess. A Game Guess. Thanks for watching. If you click away now you won’t get to see
my suffering reach previously undreamt of levels. By now, it should be clear that I despise
Cacodemons. I hate them with such a passion that they’re
forever in the list of things I hate, slotted right between slugs and my 4th grade teacher
who, if my satanic prayers have worked, will have to watch her children die. That’s not a joke, by the way, I legitimately
hope her life is an endless torment of misery and emotional heartache that inevitably ends
with her killing herself. I got sidetracked. Fighting three idiot bubbles on a series of
small platforms with large gaps between them is thankfully something that only happened
once. I mean, it took me several attempts, but even
a game about going to hell knows to only throw that kind of bullshit at you one time. After witnessing a bit of in-fighting amongst
the demons, I was finally back on solid ground and could add sweet jumps to my repertoire
of tactics to use against the armies of heck. I shouldn’t have had as much fun as I did
there, because the next bit was also horrible. The only thing that gives bottomless pits
and useless platforming a run for their money are incredibly confined spaces like this one. And the first demons you face in this space
are arguably the toughest non-boss demons in the game, the Baron of Hell, and there’s
two of them. After them come two Mancubuses. Their fat bodies make moving passed them a
perilous proposition. Not that you’ll have much of a chance to
move around them, because as soon as one of them dies four Specters spawn. Those four Specters were substantially more
difficult than the Barons for reasons I’m pretty sure I already mentioned. After about 15 minutes of agony, I left the
confined space, forever imbued with the fun side-effects of claustrophobia, ran out of
ways to describe killing demons, got another flash of hell, and the 2nd boss fight began. Just like with the first, all damage is dealt
with the Pistol, but the finishing blow is a Glory Kill as required to proceed. Keeping with the trends of this god awful
level, this was without a doubt the hardest part of the game thus far. Considering the fact that there are people
who have done this fight in Ultra Nightmare mode with just the Pistol, I’m going to
assume that I’m just being a pussy about it. Despite my bitching, the fight itself is actually
interesting. The Hell Guard has a shield that blocks damage,
which means you only have small windows of time to do damage, usually while its recovering
from an attack or doing one. Also, I am now aware that I could be shooting
yellow orb as it charges, but I didn’t know it during this fight. After slowly whittling away at the Hell Guard’s
health, and with most of mine gone as well, I landed the killing blow by jamming its staff
into its face. No, not quite. This is a 2 round fight, and round 2 is worse. I was so immediately pissed off when I saw
what it was, and after everything I’d gone through in this one mission alone, that I
quit the game and didn’t touch it for about week. I’m not making that up for dramatic effect. Here’s a screenshot of the folder showing
the video files and when they were recorded. Round 2 is worse, it is by no means easy,
but I have been known to overreact from time to time. This may have been one of those times. After taking 6 days off from playing Doom
and coming back to it, the fight was easier than I made it out to be, partially because
I watched someone else do it and learned a few things in the process. For one thing, shooting the yellow orb as
it forms stuns one of the Guards and also causes health vials to drop. Once you figure out how to dodge all of their
attacks, which isn’t really all that complicated, the hardest part of the fight becomes its
length, because you can only do so much damage with the Pistol. About 20 minutes had passed, I died once,
drained their health enough to kill the one of the Guards, which made killing the second
one trivial, did a few celebratory teabags, got the Crucible, and completed Mission 11. Mission 12 takes us back to Mars to shut down
another portal to Hell. I got a glimpse at a frozen wasteland, went
inside a building, and had to turn off 2 security switches. After turning off them both, I spent a while
maneuvering around this area, slowly killing all the demons who’d spawned, passed through
a series of corridors, got damaged by one of those suicide demons for I think to first
time ever, took advantage of the fact that Pinkies are stupid, took an elevator ride,
and had to destroy 4 of VEGA’s coolant pipes. Because I’m so damn smart, rather than destroying
them one at a time and dealing with the demons that spawn, I decided to destroy all 4 and
then face the entire army that had come to play. This was a mistake. The only demons that didn’t spawn were Specters
and the lowest level Possessed, but everything else did: Barons of Hell, Idiot Bubbles, Hell
Squids, you name it, it’s there. There were 2 problems with my idea. The first was that there was just so much
to kill. The second was that because of the unique
layout of this area, not all the demons followed me. So I’d have a few right on my ass as I frantically
ran around, only to turn a corner and see a Cyber-Mancubus or something. Eventually the screaming stopped, I rode a
train, and the same kind of fight happened again, this time only in a smaller area. These two sections alone took me about 25
minutes. I then destroyed 2 of VEGA’s neural processors,
overloaded his CPU, there was a flash of light, and Mission 12 was completed. If you’re thinking that I seemed to skim
through Mission 12, you’d be correct. I did it because Mission 13 is the hardest
and more time consuming mission in Doom, which makes sense considering we were just teleported
into the Heart of Hell and that it’s the final mission of the game. Our goal is to close The Well and finally
stop the demonic invasion of Mars. To access the Well Cathedral, 3 wraith souls
must be laid to rest. The first fight on the way to the first wraith
soul was nothing crazy. That thing I spent quite a while bitching
about in Mission 11 made its triumphant return here. There are platforms that must be traversed,
with certain death resulting from a missed jump, and idiot bubbles that spawn to ensure
you fail. After being killed by them several times,
I decided to utilize the speed-running technique of just ignoring them. It worked like a charm, and I found myself
at the first wraith soul. As you probably saw coming since this is the
last mission, all three of these wraith areas are a monumental pain in the ass. Some demonic entity makes it clear that they
do not want you to get to the Well, so they send everything they can to stop you. The first one is the least awful of the three. Most of what is sent are Revenants, Pinkies,
Specters, and low-level demons. It took about 8 minutes to clear out this
area and lay the first wraith soul to rest. The 2nd one is harder. Not only are there more demons in general,
but the demons sent are tougher and the arena is flatter, so you can’t use verticality
to your advantage as much. There are the several Barons of Hell, several
Cyber-Mancubuses, several idiot bubbles, and more to deal with. The small upside is that you’re not facing
them all at one time, they’re spread out a little. This one took closer to 15 minutes to clear. The 3rd one is by far the roughest. I’m gonna spoil things a little bit by telling
you that this is the last battle before the final boss of the game, which would explain
why it’s such a bitch. I spent more time here than I did in any non-boss
area of the game. It feels like the remainder of the Hell army
is sent after you here. There are Imps all over the place, ensuring
that even when you’re dealing with tougher demons you still have to dodge their fireballs. The first wave is mostly Imps, Pinkies, and
Hell Knights. Once a fair amount of them are killed, 2 Cyber-Mancubuses,
a few Revenants, and a normal Mancubus spawn. Most of them are still alive by the time the
idiot bubbles and Barons of Hell spawn. The demons all move at different speeds. Mancubuses are slow, Barons are fast, Cacodemons
are neither slow nor fast but they travel in the air, Revenants are quick as well. With the exception of the second or two after
jumping through a portal, you’re pretty much surrounded no matter where you go. The other problem is one I’ve been dealing
with throughout this entire challenge: there are no checkpoints in the middle of a fight. I died for the first time after 10 minutes,
which meant that I had to start the entire thing over again. Maybe people who play Dark Souls or other
challenging games don’t find this kind of thing to be off-putting, but I do. This was a pretty big blow to my enthusiasm. Before the fight really kicked off for the
2nd time, I tried to use the Guass Cannon to shoot myself out of the map, hoping that
maybe I could do the entire thing from afar. I’d seen a speed run where someone used
to Guass Cannon to get out of the map. It didn’t work, of course, why would it. So I began the battle again and used the strategy
of not having a strategy. The only thing I purposefully did was avoid
the Quad Damage power-up until later in the fight when I could use it against the Barons
and other formidable foes. Not long after I killed the pair of Barons,
I killed the last Cyber-Mancubus, loaded up on health and shield, laid the last wraith
soul to rest, walked into the mouth of a demon, and finally found out what Olivia had been
up to. From her being covered in blood and her pupils
being gone, it looked like she’d been having a fun time in Hell. But even in Hell, static electricity is an
annoying bitch. Olivia got a good shock, melted into the red
slime, and emerged as the Spider Mastermind. An unfortunate trend with these Challenges
is that often times the final boss or final encounter is easer than the rest of the game,
and the Spider Mastermind follows that trend. Her attacks are similar to the attacks of
other bosses. She fires lasers that can be dodged with a
jump or a crouch, she fires bombs that explode causing damage in multiple small circular
areas, she fires short bursts of energy that can be avoided by moving the other way, she
has a laser blast that is tough to dodge, but it only does 2 damage so it’s not that
bad. There’s also an attack that electrifies
the floor. Like, it’s not a mindless fight, it requires
effort and you definitely need to pay attention to what you’re doing. But, I don’t know, I just expected more. Once her health gets down to about 15%, she
slows down and starts frantically attacking in all directions while defending her weak
spot. Just like the other bosses, she requires a
Glory Kill to be defeated, this one in particular uses the BFG9000 instead of some melee kill. The Spider Mastermind is killed, Samuel Hayden
reveals, in a twist that everyone saw coming, that he’s really a bad guy, he takes the
Crucible which he wields like a sword for some reason, I’m sent to some unknown location,
and Doom is complete. Somebody open the fuckin’ canned peaches because
this goddamn nightmare is finally over. Whether I beat Doom with only a Pistol or
not depends on your perspective. I think I did. I relied on the Pistol as much as I could,
I didn’t melee any enemies, and I only used Glory Kills on the Bosses that required it. Otherwise, I killed everything with the Pistol
that I could. Overall, this was without a doubt the hardest
challenge I’ve done so far. There were maybe a dozen situations that were
truly difficult, but the entire game was just exhausting to play. Once the Hell Knights started showing up,
every demonic encounter was time consuming to deal with. If you’re looking for a way to make Doom
challenging without just upping the difficulty, this is a good way to do that, otherwise,
I wouldn’t recommend playing Doom with only a Pistol. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Doom (2016) with only a pistol. If you enjoyed this video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day?

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