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Can Deadshot (Suicide Squad) Never Miss? Sniper Science | Physics vs Film

Deadshot, he shoots people… well that’s Rick
Flag’s assessment. A hired assassin turned major member of The Suicide Squad Deadshot is an expert marksman boasting
to never miss a shot. In fact he’s only missed once and that
was because it was Batman (sorry). But can Deadshot really be that
accurate? First up let’s talk about Deadshot’s
firearms. If you fire a gun multiple times without changing anything they will not hit the exact same spot they’ll be spread out. Now the amount of spread is determined
by the precision of the gun and the distance to the target, it’s an angular effect because the
bullet will be released from the gum within a cone typically. So the
further away the target is the less likely you’re going to hit your target.
The precision of a standard-issue military sniper rifle is between one and
three minutes of angle, where a minute of angle is a sixtieth of a degree. Over 800
meters that equates to a sixty-eight percent chance of a single shot hitting
a human target or ninety nine point seven percent over a five shot group.
Now the longest recorded sniper hit was two thousand four hundred and seventy
five meters where each shot taken by the British Royal Army’s Craig
Harrison only had a forty seven percent chance of actually hitting, it in fact
took nine shots before the eventual two successive head shots. What this tells us is that Deadshot’s
firearms will have some inherent randomness to them, randomness which no amount of skill can
get around. The movie’s marketing claims that he is deadly from 4,000 meters. Even if he were using the most precise benchrest rifles which are used in
competition shooting with a point 15 minute of angle precision, the chances of
hitting a target at that distance would still only be eighty-two percent and
that’s not all you have to worry about. Once the bullet has left the muzzle of
the gun there are two main factors which control its motion: gravity and the air.
So in order to successfully hit our target we need to compensate for both of
these when aiming. First up gravity, it affects bullets
just like everything else. Bullets are projectiles, fast ones nonetheless, but projectiles they still are. That
means they fall vertically at a rate of 9.81 m/s^2, so bullets do not travel in
straight lines… which begs the question why is Hollywood so obsessed with laser
sights? Not only do they give the game away to
the target you’re trying to hit them, they don’t provide an accurate
representation of where the bullet will go. Snipers need to overshoot their
targets if they want to actually hit them. Lasers sights in reality are only
actually used either for ranging, which is working out exactly how far away the
target is, or in closer quarters where the trajectory of the bullet won’t be
affected by gravity all that much but time is of the essence. So now on to air
resistance or drag. Now this is often approximated using the drag equation,
which isn’t always valid by the way, but it shows the number of factors that are
involved. These include the density of the air,
which can vary significantly depending on temperature and humidity, then there’s the relative velocity of
that air to the bullet, which may include any winds, you’ve also then got the
cross-sectional area of the bullet and how streamlined it is, its shape. They all affect how the bullet is slowed
down. When the bullet is fired it’s traveling at some three times the
speed of sound, which is way faster than any winds that might be present so we
can ignore them. A shock wave forms ahead of the bullet which slows and deflects
the air around it, which then becomes turbulent. It’s both of these which drag on the
bullet slowing it down. But as the bullet slows down, those winds can become
significance and they can in fact change all of the properties of the drag
equation, meaning the bullet has become very
susceptible to the conditions incredibly far away from where it was actually
fired, just to make life nice and easy. Some snipers say this can
alter where the bullet hits by some 50 feet, for instance Welsh Royal Marines
Matt Hughes once tried to compensate for incredible winds in Iraq by firing 56
feet to the left and 38 feet up from what he was actually trying to hit. Miraculously the bullet landed right in
the chest. So what we’ve learned is that the firing
and subscript motion of a bullet is by no means easy, it’s dictated by why nonlinear equations that
only really a computer can solve and those solutions themselves are incredibly
sensitive to exactly how the gun was randomly fired, but then also on the
conditions that are incredibly far away from where you fired the gun, of which we
have very little knowledge. Basically our ability under certain
conditions to predict where that bullet will go can completely go out of the
window. That’s a very simple definition of what
chaos theory is. Real life snipers are taught about all of these different effects,
though really it comes down to practice and
practically a little bit of guesswork as well. But there’s no way they can get it
right all the time. So if Deadshot really does never miss
he either has perfect situational awareness, is an expert fluid dynamicist
and can crunch numbers in his head better than a super computer; or he never
makes a shot that won’t guarantee to hit. Occam’s razor tells me that that last
one is by far the most likely and therefore must be what is going on, which makes his records pretty pathetic really. hi guys thank you so much for watching
all of this video i’m guessing you liked it if you did I would really appreciate
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63 thoughts on “Can Deadshot (Suicide Squad) Never Miss? Sniper Science | Physics vs Film

  1. Important things to note: in the movies, we can suspend disbelief a little bit and assume that their technology is sufficiently advanced to the point where it's better than our best technology. This means his guns are better, bullets cause less drag, etc.

    In addition, he has his eyepiece, which most likely does all the "number-crunching" for him.

    In a universe where Captain Boomerang can have a boomerang which he can control remotely and also streams a steady video to his phone, we can make these sorts of suspensions of disbelief.

  2. did you watch the end when he was listing variables of shooting a gun? he does the math in his head taking the variables in quickly so booom he is just smart + he knows the accuracy of the gun

  3. Watch the movie and read the comics, and find out why he has the eye piece and look at the end of the movie, then then you have the fans permission to judge

  4. Beings big deadshot fan, I disagree. Your theory made sense, but since this is comics, arkham razor wouldn't apply just as easily as in real life. Even in the movie, deadshot shows his knowledge of things that affect a shot. And in the comics we know he has more than a few awesome kills. He also seems to also know enough about guns that he can do trickshots off surfaces.

  5. Funny how some people dont understand chaos or the cumulative affect of all this random disorder.

    Never missing a target would be much more realistic but still a hard ask.5-8 bullets taking into account all the random affects, plus used to potentially increase the accuracy would be much better but of course not as cool. Or perhaps he uses magic. Of course that would suck all the fun, coolness and tension right out of it 😀

  6. as another commenter mentioned, this is likely set in a future where technology has progressed so far beyond what we have now.

    My thinking is, on deadshot's wrist guns there seems to be a wire coming out of each that could possibly run to the same power source his eyepiece /which would calculate the trajectory and connect to weather stations to get weather forecasts and reports/ uses and power an electromagnet that encompasses the barrel of the gun thus reducing the cone of accuracy's effect. obviously, i am not a scientist and don't understand magnets but i'm just throwing out an idea that someone with a scientific background could either build on or debunk.

  7. I wonder how much of this is just marketing, not on the part of DC but by Deadshot himself. Think about if you were going to hire an assassin wouldn't you want one that can't miss?

  8. maybe the sight on his eye also has scanners and readers etc showing exactly where to shoot to compensate for the wind gravity ETC.

  9. u also didn't account that bullets rise and fall. they leave the barrel and start to rise until they get to the highest point and then it will begin to fall.

  10. Very interesting. I always love it when people take a close look into the science behind these kind of movies.
    An extra sub and I like from me, and I look forward to the rest of the videos on this little gold nugget of a channel.

  11. Look. There's no theory about how The Flash doesn't get old or how Batman stays on shape or well or etc,… Personally I admire Deadshot since he is just a normal person and shooting is his "talent", not something you just buff on to yourself like healing factor of Deathstroke (not wanted to touch Deathstroke fans here, I respect everyone the same). So how about we just leave it as: it's a comic and let it be?

  12. I hate it when people bring real world science into fictional situations. I mean come on. of course there is no one who is perfectly accurate

    06:07–06:11 Deadshot perfected all that which his kind differs to normal people (in comics ofcourse)
    it's like all you did is oversaturate the points/factors that he already done on every single shot, while you…
    just there, walking around on a public.
    03:08 at the bottom left corner of the street. Priceless.

  14. This video was great. I like the theory that Deadshot only takes shots that he knows that he can pull off, but wouldn't he also have to have a brain like a supercomputer to figure out exactly where and when to shoot? For example, in his introduction he's seen ricocheting a bullet off of a wall to reach his target. It must've taken a very specific calculation to figure out where to shoot and extraordinary dexterity to execute. In another scene he's shown firing at practice targets, with each bullet entering the exact same holes in their foreheads. The adjustments between each time he fired would have had to have been incredibly small and swift.

  15. I mean if Deadshot never misses then y doesn't he just shoot bats in the part of his mask that is showing his self

  16. m90 deadshot states all of these and more he considers them when he fires a shot, and who knows it might be in the future where snipers and mega accurate with 0.01 spread

  17. I like you're physics and analyses of these things. But. Your leaving out some basic history of deadshot. His first kill was his brother at 7 years old when he took a shot at his father who was beating on his brother and he hit his younger brother on accident. He vowed never to miss again. So you last part would make sense but then again it wouldn't. We put to much emphasis on super computers witch aren't super at all there only mimicking human intelegence. So on that prospective a super computers is 100,000,000,000 times slower than how fast the human brain can and does process things. So in understanding simple facts. You take someone who raised himself to understand bullets, ballistics, the math involved. I do some simple math to understand winds when I shoot. My longest shots are 800 to 1000 yards and I'm almost quitr accurate with my 308 and my favorite the 300 ultra mag. Who needs a 338 lapua when the 300 ultra has double the speed flatter trajectory and all around better ballistics. granted I've got 2000 dollar mil dot scope, range finders and so on but I also learned how to tell my range from the size of the target. A normal man is between 5'7 to 6'2 if there 2 inches tall you can use math to get a basic range. Then wind speeds using military basics if something like a flag is standing a 15 degree angle up from the ground you have a speed roughly 5 miles and hour if it standing flat in the wind 10 to 15 miles an hour. If it's flapping like crasy 25 to 30. Just using simple tricks to see at different ranges what the wind speed is you can estimate bullet travel through each. Then elevation hummidty and coriolis effect generally hummidty isn't that effected in 1 to 2 miles. It's generally the same from 1 point to another in a small area. Things like a lake or pond will bring said effect up unless your area is like the ocean or the utah lake witch will have an effect on the hole area. The biggest thing you have to worry about is cor effect if a bullets flight time. Even at 1000 yards you still have to bring these into play because the flight time is 1.5 to 2 seconds. And for a good shooter they know exactly how fast there bullets are traveling cause they measure out every grain of powder plus the type of powder cause some burn slow and some burn faster. So they know exactly how fast there ammo Will be traveling and they either have there bullets specifically made from companies such as barns bullets or other specialist in that area or they make them themselves so each round is identical to the next in weight size and shape if one doesn't match it doesn't get put into the set and is thrown out as a bad round. Considering who he is and the training he has. Starting specialty shooting at 7 being trained from professional and military snipers and only learning what will help him. No need for history and the rest when Algebra science and trig are the only things he needs to know and how to bring them all into one. Plus the money he's made you don't think considering his wrist mounted guns that he's had each weapon spacifcaly made to be as good if not better than those target shooting match guns. When you can dump 1,000,000 into each weapon and ammo making sure everything is going to be the best. It's super easy to see how he could be that good. Especially since his hole life has been shooting. Not at a stationary target but at living breathing moving objects. As a hunter we usually try and wait for a target stands still. And usually I'm not going to take a shot at 1000 yards away in the mountains just cause it would take me all day to get to him skin him and bring him out. I wouldn't get off the mountain tell well after dark. But he wouldn't have to worry about said things he takes his shot and leaves. So saying that he only takes a shot he knows he's garentied to hit isn't that far off cause he knows his rounds and everything there going to do. And be able to do said math in his head because it's second nature to him. When your hole life has been these things. When your challenging yourself by shooting father and father at targets both moving and stationary. Saying he couldn't do is like saying lars Anderson can't shoot his bow at 10 arrows in less than 3 seconds with extreme accuracy witch he can. All because he's devoted his past 10 15 years of his life to doing it and trick shooting

  18. This is not Physics vs Film, its Physics vs Comic. In comic everything is possible, without many explanations, and it's supposed to be like that. You sound same like those guys that are "debunking" magic trick, everyone normal knows that magic doesn't exist, but still millions of peoples are coming to see magic shows, because of the perfomers and the way they do it to make us think that magic does exist. Really ridiculous video, thats all i have to say. Better put your effort in something smarter, dont think u'll get easy YT points on sh1t like this.

  19. Nice try.. you forgot to account for Deadshots EYEPIECE and the TECH he uses that calculates all the shit needed to hit his target.

  20. Guns won't lose velocity etc in the future, because we will have hand held railguns that dampen throwback using anti gravity.
    We might even have sonic sound or laser guns.
    So Deadpool theoretically could happen in one reality or another, if you believe in the multiverse theory.

  21. I watch someone put 3 rounds in the same spot from 400 yards away he was a old marine sniper back in Vietnam, his 4th shot hit right beside where the first 3 hit tho

  22. I hate to be THAT GUY! but I would like to bring this up. As a competitive shooter and SOT (shot on target) director this video is completely circumstantial. He does not take into effect the firearm deadshot uses. He uses a m1911, Glock 19 wrist action mod, and a carbine AR-15. After This movie came out I shot hundreds of rounds out of all of these. The Guns are super accurate for what they are used for in the movie. The 911 for close range the Ar for long range and the glock as a an assiatance

  23. Or since this is another universe the logic is screwed up and all the guns he uses are 99% accurate meaning DCU has more advanced guns.

  24. I kind of think of characters like Deadshot, Bullseye, or Hawkeye are like Isao Machii, the modern samurai who can cut a bullet in mid-air. He accomplishes this by using anticipatory and sensory processing system different than what normal people utilize that literally calculates the trajectory of the bullet without even needing to see it.

  25. To try and talk down Deadshot is not a good way to go. He is that accurate because he solves the equation in his head in milliseconds. Hence why he knows exactly how much to adjust his gun between shoots to never miss. Almost. You are comparing him to normal human beings with faults. At least when it comes to shooting.

  26. Are we all forgetting the fact that he has a mini super computer "deadshot" aimbot/aim assist helping him out

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