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Can a GOLFER drive a ball further than a shotgun slug?

You’ve probably seen the warning labels
on boxes of 22 long rifle ammunition saying that they have a range of 1 mile
some boxes say 1/2 miles and even some say they’re dangerous within 2 miles and
that’s just a tiny 36 to 40 grain projectile traveling around twelve
hundred and 60 feet per second so if a very small projectile can travel that
kind of distance what about a 12-gauge three inch Magnum slug weighing in at
four hundred and thirty seven grains this one out slug has over twelve times
the mass of this tiny 22 bullet and is traveling four hundred and forty feet
per second faster logic tells us that the range of the slug must be three four
maybe five miles well we did find some charts on the internet saying how far a
one-ounce slug will travel though we don’t know
what brand or type of slug that is but this chart says the slug will travel
thirty-seven hundred and fifty feet now this charts a little more specific and
it says no matter what chill linked or charged according to this chart the slug
will travel thirty-seven hundred fifty feet at sea level or five thousand two
hundred fifty feet if you’re at 12,000 feet of elevation where the air is
locked thinner so it looks like somebody actually did some testing because we
have some very specific numbers now if I told you that a golfer can drive a golf
ball further than a 12-gauge Magnum slug you’d probably say I was crazy you got something a little bit different
for you here today we’re gonna see if a man can drive a golf ball further than a
what is this one ounce slug out of a threesome Magnum slug buddy bag
three-inch 1700 feet per second yeah most powerful slug I could find it
locally oK we’ve got a white door at five hundred yards and we’ve got our
range marked off at starting at a hundred yards and every 50 yards beyond
that and we’re gonna start out with a level shot
Lan’s start raising our elevation and see how far we can get it out there
yeah curious if this shooting at level just how far a slug will actually travel
to this is good information because it’s it’s you know because there’s a lot of
misinformation out there was a some documentation that said that up what
I’ll slug would go 30 750 feet over over a thousand yards which is
absolutely I mean that’s that’s why people you know they see cars in the
background they’re three 1/2 miles away why they freaked out over there it’s
because they think slugs travel over a thousand yards well anyway we’re we’re
gonna either prove or disprove that myth yeah I was I want to see how far we can
I mean that door is tiny down there it is tiny and you ever get a chance to
measure out 500 yards you know that’s a long ways 5 football field Danny will be
shooting down this long dusty road that is closed off there’s no people around
trust me and he’ll be aiming at the center of the door which is 500 yards
away if carefully marked off the course using
100 yard markers with orange cones as 50 yard markers between those well not only
be able to observe the initial impact but also see how far the slug will skip
down the road aiming at the center of the door using
zero holdover in other words the slug traveled 270 yards before impacting the
dirt we expected the slug to continue traveling down the road but it didn’t it
got off to the left and impacted at 320 yards before going out of frame we
decided to take another level shot hoping to see the slug skip straight
down the road but again after the initial impact the slug veered sharply
to the left kicking up a cloud of dust at 300 yards and then skipping again to
400 yards before disappearing I’m gonna bring it up about another let’s see 8
feet over the door using 11 feet of holdover we gained about a hundred and
fifty yards but at the cost of accuracy the slug was way off to the left and
remember these slugs only have an effective range of under 100 yards okay using an 18 feet of holdover the slug
only traveled 410 yards so we only gained about 20 yards with that higher
angle in other words we’ve pretty much reached the maximum range these slugs
can possibly travel and just angling the gun up towards the sky even further is
not gonna really yield better results now many people are gonna say that
holding the gun at a 30 to 45 degree angle is gonna yield longer ranges yeah
that definitely works in video games like shell Sh
but it does not account for drag the projectile stays at a constant velocity
and never slows down so in this case yeah they’ll go further since we had no idea where this slug
went we decided that’s a bad idea we wanted to keep control of this
experiment and that’s not how you do it one very simple way to demonstrate
what’s going on is using a water hose the pressure and velocity remain the
same and as we angle it up yeah we do see it increase in range but it’s not
doubling like some people might expect a lot of the energy is just being eaten up
by just the fact that you’re trying to push it higher and higher into the sky
but even this experiment doesn’t really factor in drag very much our shotgun
slugs are going from 1700 feet per second to probably around 400 feet per
second by the time they get out to about 300 yards now this is what I would call
a semi scientific experiment your results might vary we use the most
common type of foster slug you can buy and found the most powerful one we could
find and remember the chart that I showed you at the beginning of the video
stated that any one ounce slug no matter what powder load or shell type is gonna
travel twelve hundred and fifty yards we were unable to reach even half that
distance even when you’re counting how far the slugs were skipping on the
ground so it’s a good idea to know how far your ammunition will actually travel
but it’s also a good idea to give yourself a big margin of safety beyond
that range now it’s no fun at all shooting Magnum slugs from arrest so we
got to get Danny a lot of credit here for his persistence and toughness Thank
You Danny so how does this compare to how far a human can drive a golf ball
well there’s some called long drive competitions where competitors drive
golf balls as far as they can down a what looks like a really long
football field and those folks using just their muscles can drive those golf
balls as far as the shotgun slugs that Danny was slinging down the road but it
doesn’t in there recently in England they were driving golf balls down a
runway and they reached a new world record of 657 yards and yes that guy is
an amputee I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching this video would not
have been possible without our wonderful patreon supporters thank you all I wish
I could hug you all and we’re doing a little experiment here because Youtube
subscriber notification system is so screwed up we’re gonna do an experiment
where we do not notify our subscribers on this video and it’s my theory that
the subscriber notifications or lack of actually hurt a videos performance
believe it or not so do me a favor tell me how you found this video I’d love to
hear it and maybe we can finally figure this craziness out thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Can a GOLFER drive a ball further than a shotgun slug?

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  6. Are they saying it goes 1000 yards being shot at a 45 degree angle? you certainly couldn't get that far aiming directly at the target. it's like throwing something far by hand. aim up for more distance.

  7. soo a little math for anyone who cares 3750 feet isn't even a mile according to the online calculators, 3750 feet = 0.7102273 miles, 1 mile = 5280 feet, so 3.5 miles would be = 18,480 feet i o believe there are few bullets that actually travel that far the .50 calibure rifle round being one of them but i'm pretty sure a shotgun round regardless of type would travel even half that distance and i feel i'm being generous with that estimation, anyway not bashing anyone or anything just giving out some free and yes unsolicited information ;p

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  13. "Mike Austin holds the world record for the longest drive in professional play, driving 515 yards at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1974, blasting it 65 yards past the flag on the par-4 fifth. His golf swing, known as The Mike Austin Swing, is practiced and taught by current golf professionals."
    Sorry. Slug goes farther. Run a real ballistics program.
    Golfers do not drive horizontal. Use the same elevation as a golfer would hit the ball.

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  21. Your experiment Is Wrong for instance the water has an elevated
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