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Can 3 Kids Pass a Handgun Licensing Exam? | Mashable

(gun sounds) You should treat every pistol as if it were loaded. true very true i would assume its not loaded true
you should always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction
true true
yes that is true you should never put your finger on the trigger
until ready to fire at a proper target true
oh my god, this is like, i feel like i am being treated as a moron
true when passing or receiving a pistol to or from
another person, the action should be open and the pistol visually checked to make sure
it is not loaded uh, true what if it is a bad guy? true
true it is illegal to sell a pistol to a person
under 18 years of age true false true what age do you think sell a gun to a person? 100 the law requires a person to report the theft of his or her pistol to police within one
year false true that would be a false
well because you should always report it immediately true or false, a person is permitted to transport
a pistol for a lawful purpose if the owner or occupant of the vehicle is the registered
owner of the firearm and the pistol is unloaded and in a closed case in the trunk of the vehicle.
true false so thats actually true when storing a pistol, for safety reasons
the ammunition should never be stored separately from the pistol
false i don’t know what ammunition means
the bullets true the bullets can be somewhere else, so is that a false?
thats a false the law requires the when presenting a pistol
to police for safety inspection, the pistol is unloaded and encased or equipped with a
trigger locking mechanism i am, wish these were school tests
this is true true
true when storing a pistol it should be unloaded
and placed in a safe place out of the reach of children these are so easy true what? true thats true possession of a pistol while under the influence
of alcohol is unlawful are you kidding me?
yes, that is illegal, thats true so you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol?
yes okay
thats true a person can be held criminally or civilly
liable for wrongfully pointing or discharging a pistol at another person. true false
you don’t think thats illegal? yes
thats true, yeah true the first step in cleaning a pistol is to
make sure it doesn’t have any bullets in it true yeah, so true, I would pick true uh, true dropping a loaded gun will never cause an accidental discharge if the safety is on
do you know what a safety is? true yeah, I think it will never go off uh, true bullets fired at a flat surface will never glance off in an unpredictable direction yes, it’ll probably bounce off false false oh my god, what the hell?
okay here (laughter off screen)

100 thoughts on “Can 3 Kids Pass a Handgun Licensing Exam? | Mashable

  1. trys cocking gun with finger on the trigger and fails miserably oh here, continues to do so but instead points the gun at herself

  2. Ahhh only in America we all know what’s finna be in the news when they in middle school (shootings )

  3. If you follow these rules idk why you would be unsafe, unless you are a criminal in which case idk why you are not in prison if you can't be trusted with a gun…

  4. #7 depends on the state here in fl i dont need a cwp for my car, home or boat, and my guns are always loaded

  5. 10 year old boy
    > passes almost all questions successfully
    >gets a gun
    >immediately pulls the trigger on it


  6. I mean this doesn't surprise me, it's a gun. It's not complicated, it takes only a moron to mess it up. Anyone with simple logic should understand how to handle and treat a gun. But this video is sketch, the way they react to the questions shows a sign of collusion.

  7. 8 & 10? Kids that old fight wars and participate in genocide so they should be able to pass a simple common sense test.

  8. even a child can learn proper gun safety, so why do liberals fear guns so much, in the 40s and 50's as a kid you could join your schools gun club, and they did not have all the gun violence then! no school shootings in the pre 1950 in the US. what changed, answer the communist anti gun movement!

  9. Why is the girl pointing a gun at the camera and then says good bye it’s like she’s going to kill me and I’m going to say good bye to my life

  10. Those kids are so book smart and since their parents were okay with them holding guns they should learn physical gun safety now appropriate to each age of course

  11. I would've passed this too. I'm British, but I was trained in weapon handling because I was in the CCF while at school.

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